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Author Topic: The oddest ideas manifest when you're home alone....  (Read 568 times)

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Offline GalMosesTopic starter

The oddest ideas manifest when you're home alone....
« on: June 29, 2011, 08:20:20 PM »
So what was I doing for past few minutes? Nothing! That's what! Funny thing about that is when you're doing nothing at home, SOMETHING comes out of that NOTHING and that certain SOMETHING ends up on a public forum!

Anyway, I've been reading all the other requests and would like to say "Good job" to everyone else. Interesting ideas. Reading them had made me decide to come out and share my...stranger ones with you all. lolz

So yeah...pairings....who doesn't love them, right? Im not really looking for people to recruit, because I HIGHLY doubt anyone would be interested at all.
However, I had a BLAST just from writing these down. My imagination is a little on the dark, edgy and strange side that not many people may be into. Well, that's totally fine, mainly because if by some chance, a super fun RPer decides to to show up and share my interests..well...the planet will explode! LOL

Anyway, enjoy!

Pairing one:
Character A) Library Intern by day, exorcist in training by night. The name is undecided. I'll just call her "STUDENT" for now.
Character B) Intern excorcist's mentor. I'll just call him "MENTOR" for now.

Setting: Over the few decades, demons and human beings have gradually come to share the same world. Laws and agreements have been made to adpapt to this change, one of the primary ones being that demon excorsism is now a legal occupation under the newly formed jurisdictions.

After missing her own graduation to live with her sick grandfather, finding a job had been difficult for STUDENT. The mortage only sees another sharp rise by the end of each month, and going to college soon become out of the question.
During a night shift at a local library, STUDENT meets with an out-of-work excorcist, MENTOR. From here, it is explained how MENTOR had developed a distaste for the shady business of demon exorcisms, and is now funding his own, seperate excorcism firm. For reasons that I currently cannot think of(because I'm lazy and have other things to do) MENTOR somehow discovers potential in STUDENT and decides to recruit her with a handsome, weekly wage, as his fellow exorcist in training.

As weeks past, STUDENT and MENTOR began working together, exorcising demons and what have you, until one night, they get a call from another client: an old lady who is in dire need of thier assistance.
Once STUDENT and MENTOR arrive at the old woman's house, she explains how her son is acting strangely. According to the lady, as far as she can remember, her son had been a peace loving man. However, recently, police reports say that her son has been accused of rape and harrassment.
The grandmother suspects that her son is being possessed by a rampant demon.

Fast foward to the next night when STUDENT and MENTOR finally catches up with the strangely erratic son, and excorcises the demon out of him.

On returning home, STUDENT notices MENTOR acting strangely as well. Suddenly, STUDENT realizes that MENTOR is now possesed by the very same demon they had exorcised out of that man, earlier!

The twist here is that MENTOR, who is twice as old as his pupil, STUDENT, is now filled with the same raunchy desires as the demon who is possessing him. So yeah....

Pairing two:
a)Dead, zombie pedophile librarian...yeah
b)Female bookworm.....yeah lmao

It all started on a happy, saturday morning, there was a librarian who was convicted for pedphilia!
The case was sent to trail, and ended with an acquittal.
So, like any criminal who escaped the iron grip of the law, the librarian DOES IT AGAIN!
This time, the court compiled enough evidence to send him to jail. Not only that, but the court had also managed to dig up more criminal recrods, showing his past involvment in murder and other acts of rape. Add this all together, and you get a LIFETIME sentence in jail.

Fast foward to the present day, where the RP starts, I guess, some rotten kids from college/High School walk into the library. Being the snot nosed brats that they are, as suspected, they trash the place and act like little runts.
Out of the group of kids, there was this one particular female bookworm, who stayed after hours, still studying for some big test or whatever. Once she realizes that she should've got her ass home hours ago, she packed her things and tries find her way out.
Unfortunatly, she gets LOST in another section of the building, particularly, another section of the library that pertained to medieval history and torture.
Little did she know that the dead corpse of the convicted pedophile lurks around the library at night....

As of now, Im not sure what will happen from there, though. Its a toss up. Any help would be appreciated.

Pairing three:
A)Military general's, innocent, blue eyed daughter
B) Dirty, scumbag prisoner in cuffs

Pairings are awesome....

Setting: Military camp located...somewhere...I'm not sure. Someboy can help me with this, too.

As for the story..

A military general, in his 50s, and who had earned his stripes from previous wars during his time of service, was called into action to moderate a recent operation where several enemy soldiers were caught and are being held captive for questioning.

The general had brought his only daughter along, but only to satisfy his concerned wife, who had often complained about him abandoning his fmaily in favor of military service; an addiction that his wife cites as his husband trying to relive his earlier, glory days on the battlefield.

During the trip, his daughter wanders around the cells and meets one of the prisoners, a dirty blonded, raspy voiced, male, beaten and covered in grit. Seeing how innocent she is, the prisoner tries to convince her to hand him the keys to freedom. He attempts this by trying to nice, warm and friendly, a huge contrast from every other prisoner behind bars, at the time.

Eventually, this little odd relationship turns into the daughter being oddly attracted to the prisoner for reasons I'm not sure as yet. lolz
The twist is that the general had always thought of his daughter as a one of the only things pure in the vile, ugly face of war.
Yet, behind his back, she is slowly indulging herself with the prisoner, namely one of the ones who breaks her into this new, secret lifestyle.

I think this one is the most exciting. She's going behind her father's back and even trying to avoid being noticed by the guards, sneaking around the cells, cabins and lodges. If the general was to ever find out...I don't know what will happen. lolz

Anyway, you are free to drop comments or NOT drop comments if you want/don't want to.
If, for some reason, that anyone sees any of the above ideas as a pontential RP and think they can handle a role...well....thats fine too.

I might think of more...

Offline schnookums

Re: The oddest ideas manifest when you're home alone....
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2011, 10:06:22 PM »
Heh, a bit trite to say, but I do like both the first and the second ideas, they seem to have a good amount of potential (although that might be my own weirdness talking)

Offline GalMosesTopic starter

Re: The oddest ideas manifest when you're home alone....
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2011, 12:09:26 PM »
Hahaha, that's actually interesting to see. I had a feeling that I'd only get one person who might share my twisted imagination. lmao
I might drop some more ideas soon just for the fun of it. Hang on.

Offline schnookums

Re: The oddest ideas manifest when you're home alone....
« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2011, 06:41:13 PM »
Hey, one person's twisted is another person's normal. I wouldn't mind discussing ideas with ya if you're interested.

Offline GalMosesTopic starter

Re: The oddest ideas manifest when you're home alone....
« Reply #4 on: June 30, 2011, 08:10:20 PM »
Thanks. You guys are awesome! I thought my stories would be too hard to understand because I was in a rush while typing them. Had to go do a show in NYC and all. Whatever.
But yeah, my ideas are pretty infantile still. They need fleshing out. Appreciate you checking them out though. Still, I'll definatly consider you guys once I feel confident enough.

I'll just add more and hopefully my new ideas are better. lmao
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