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Author Topic: Ehvi's feeling frisky....NEW IDEAS UPDATED  (Read 756 times)

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Ehvi's feeling frisky....NEW IDEAS UPDATED
« on: June 28, 2011, 09:58:35 PM »
SO!  I have a few spots open since a couple of my games (both forum and otherwise) have been put on hold. 

What Happens in Vegas...

Laelah goes on a week's vacation to Vegas that was supposed to be her honeymoon, only she'd left her groom standing at the altar.  With the intention of breaking away and changing her life, she ends up letting it get out of hand and loses EVERYTHING.  So while crying her eyes out at the complimentary bar, she meets a man who makes her an offer.  He offers to give her all the money she lost back if she comes to a closed high stakes poker game with him.  Of course, she won't be playing cards, she will be servicing the players. 

I am looking for my partner to be VERY dominant, but not cruel.  There is a huge difference.  Anyway, what services my character will provide are to be discussed prior to play.  Not saying I want to plan this all out, but I like to kind of make things catered to my partner as well as myself, its only fair that both parties enjoy the roleplay.

Hard Lessons...

Kiley is a freshman in college, and its her first time ever being so far from home.  Its not going so well, so far.  Her grades aren't so great, her roomies hate her, and she is trying to find work to supplement her grants and scholarships because she never realized it would be so hard to survive on such a small amount of money.  It is indeed a hard lesson to learn for someone so young.

Need a much older (40 - 50) male professor who is willing to pay her for helping out in the classroom and his office, but then it turns into something sexual.  Non-con is fine by me.  I'd actually prefer it to be forced at first.  I'd like lots and lots of kink here, bondage, spankings, etc.  The kinkier the better.   Anyone got any idea how to teach a suburbs brat a really good hard lesson???

Love and Romance...

Yes, even the kink fest queen loves to play out the love thing.  If you're interested, PM me with a scenario and we can go from there.  I want to see how creative my potential lover can be.   I don't like planning it too much ya know?  Love cannot be so...caged.\

PLEASE...PM Don't post, its easier for me to respond by PM
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Offline EhviannaTopic starter

Re: Ehvi's feeling frisky....
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2011, 11:45:17 PM »
New Idea!!!

So I am a dark and twisted kinda girl and well, I am looking for something very dark and twisted. 

The Royal Treatment

There is a very obscure Duke who lives in a castle far far away.  He'd been exiled for many years, until the King died, and then was finally allowed to return, mostly because everyone had forgotten about the whole ordeal.  They'd called him the Duke of Vile, the Bloody Duke, Duke of Darkness, and many other rather terrible names in the meantime.  When this particular gent was 18, he'd been caught out for some rather awful things...torturing his servants, innocent captives that just happened upon him, and of course, those he would lure to his home with good looks and charm and naturally, money.  But he'd gone too far when he'd captured the daughter of a local Nobleman, and the trail led the authorities straight to him.  He'd been jailed for a while, then exiled, because he'd been playing with the minds of the guards at the prison, as well as his fellow prisoners, causing havoc on such a grand scale...they just couldn't hold him any longer.  So exile had been the answer.  But now, at the age of 35 he is back, back in his old home, and doing his best to show how rehabilitated he truly is, and how much better he is now that he has left all of that behind.  And the people are beginning to believe it.  But a journalist comes to his home to interview him for the newspaper, and when he arrives by coach...out steps his beautiful young daughter he'd brought along for the experience and travel.  The Duke is tempted by her, and his old habits seem to come back...but can he hide it from her father?  Can he succeed in his will?  Can he do so well enough to hide it from her father long enough to secure her for his own dark desires?    ((Pretty much anything goes here...I want dark, I want twisted, I want evil and vile...come on...scare me.  PM me to discuss this...I dare you))


Imagine a lifetime of togetherness, with the one person you love most in the world...and then add eternity in the equation.  Long ago, a young couple was nearly divided when the young man was attacked by a vampire and then turned while he was off at war.  He returned to his sweetheart, whom he'd promised to marry upon his return, but had no idea what would happen when she would find out his secret.  She decided that she wanted to join him for eternity, and so he turned her as well.  And everything was going so very well for hundreds of years.   They'd lived out their lives in many times, cultures and places, but as time drove on...they got bored.  Regular everyday counseling isn't going to help them, they are certain, and so they decide to spice up their eternity by pushing the limits of their relationship, doing the most devious and horrible things to each other in the hopes that they can rekindle their sex life as well as their desire to be together.  This should be an adventure, an exploration of each other that should not progress too fast.  There won't be many rules, so its going to require a great deal of creativity...because we shall have to think as if we are immortals who have done and seen just about everything NORMAL.  This should be a great deal of fun!  But dark and twisted and just plain out of the box crazy at the same time.
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