Anyone up for a One on One?

Started by Chameleon, September 20, 2007, 09:59:57 PM

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Alright, once more, this is another one of my gender bending games.  If this disturbs you, please read no further!  If it doesn’t please, continue, and perhaps I’ll spark your interest...  Hopefully not your disgust. 

Alright, the game starts out with two friends  Just out of high school.  They’ve decided to go traveling find themselves, and unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you see it.  The two of them, are the subject of a rather strange curse, because they mistakenly disturbed a Fae circle.  One of them, will, slowly transforms into the woman of the other’s dreams!  Literally, every night, when they sleep, a part of the transformee will be changed, as the other dreams of their ideal version of the body part. 

So for example, one night, the first friend has a dream about a lovely set of feminine hands...  And the next day, the transforming character wakes up with them . 

Really, I don’t forsee this game as a sex romp...  And for a while, sex won’t really be an option.  Later on though, things will change...  Literally and that might open up.  Most of the story we’ll be about how the two cope with the changes.  This will be a slightly more romantic game then most, and there won’t be any non-con situations. 

Now, I would only be interested in playing this game, as the character going through the change.  I’ll happily take a male or a female playing a male as my co-writer.  My partner must also be able to tollerate my somewhat erratic posting schedule.


Your posting, at least :) I'd like to try