Some of Innerant's ideas, new and old!

Started by Inerrant Lust, June 28, 2011, 05:01:58 AM

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Inerrant Lust

Incest! Twincest?
I always wanted to try the submissive younger brother trying to hide his unavoidable sexual attraction to his older sister... Or his mom. Or both. Three is better than two, afterall. Heck even a male/female pair of twins. I'm still vague on the concept, hence all the different ideas. Although male/male seems to be difficult for me to really carry for very long. =3

Futa on Male! Or... Male on Futa?
You know? I just realized I've never RPed as a futanari femme before. I'm not sure if I've ever RPed with one as a character... Anyways, I want to try it out! Might as well try it playing as a male character, too. Well, I've just had the idea recently of a couple, likely young and inexperienced, late high school age and such. Leaning towards a romance.

But well, the girl's not really a girl... At least not all the way.

Now, I'm not sure about the specifics of the scenario in particular... some things come to mind;

Assertive futa/passive male
Passive futa/assertive male (Not sure how well I could pull this one off.)
Middleground (Both want it, but she's putting it off for obvious reasons and he's not pushing too hard for it.)

Now the girl could be hiding the fact all the way until they have sex, or she could tell him about it sooner in a candid moment of truth wherein she gambles on the chance that he accepts her for who she is. Of course, he will... but she doesn't know that. Nor may it be instantaneous acceptance, I'm not really sure yet.

Hot for Teacher

QuoteA high school teacher fresh out of college is frustrated with her sex life... Sure, she could go to the bar and find herself a hot stud any day of the week. And alot of them knew what they were doing... But it was just so routine. No matter how good she was, they'd just move on to the next pair of inviting legs and forget all about her...

No, for once she wanted to be special to someone. Someone who will never forget her. Someone who will appreciate just how damned lucky they are! Oh, she knew what was being said about her at the school. But the jocks and popular guys reminded her so much of the men she'd see at the club scene. Even with their envied girlfriends, these guys dreamed a woman like her... She could tell.

But even they would forget about her in time... After they went through a few dozen more women, she'd be forgotten. But the other boys in her senior class... the awkward, the shy, the nerdy, the unpopular. She knew enough of them in her own life to be sympathetic. Most of them would sleep with less girls in a lifetime than those jocks brought in a year.

Thinking of playing the teacher and subverting the whole 'blonde w/ glasses' archetype of the sexy teacher. You don't see enough black female on white male pairings... ;-)

Inclined for m/f, m+/f, f+ (other students in her class)/m+.... I don't mind it being just about everything under the sun, whether it's a one-on-one tutoring session or 'group discussion.' :P Her reasoning would be slightly different, though. For the males, she wants to rock their world and make 'em remember her for the rest of their lives. If there's females, she wants to help them be like her and overcome their inhibitions. If a girl likes another boy in the class, she'll attempt to 'facilitate' such a pairing... even if that guy is one of the jocks she has no interest in. :P

But I'm fine if you want to play just one character or half the class. ;-)

For Science

QuoteHello and welcome to the Siphon Science Enrichment Center. [An image flickers onto the screen, that of a vortex-like symbol] We hope your brief detention in the readiness vault has been a pleasant one. Your specimen has been processed and we are now ready to begin the test proper.

Preliminary testing of your specimen has revealed that the count of your Ovarian Reserve is in the ninety-ninth Percentile, making you an excellent candidate for testing at the Siphon Science Enrichment Center. Good job! [A thumb's up appears on the screen.]

Before we begin, however, keep in mind that although fun and learning are the primary goals of all enrichment center activities, the test subject's health remains a top priority. After all, prior testing has revealed that in over ninety-nine point nine nine four nine nine nine nine percent of instances, deceased test subjects are unable to viably sustain an unborn lifeform of any sort.

Therefore, the Siphon Science Enrichment Center strongly recommends that you refrain from resisting test procedures during your stay at the Siphon Science Enrichment Center. [The image of a 'ladies restroom' female with hands and legs bound in rope appears.]

This may expose the test subject to grave injury or worse, interfere with a possible successful conception! [A frowny face appears on the screen.]

If at any time while not undergoing regulated testing... if you encounter a sample of augmented animal, alien, unaugmented animal, genetically engineered, or biochemically engineered DNA, [A white cream-like puddle appears on the screen] then this is a perfect opportunity to conduct your own testing! [A hand appears, with two fingers pressed into the puddle]

While testing under regulated and observable circumstances is always preferred to such base and unscientific procedures... any opportunity to test, even under ad-hoc circumstances, should not be passed up. After such an encounter, Please remember to immediatly report to the nearest fertility testing apparatus for examination.

One last thing, if at time during your stay at the Siphon Science Enrichment Center, you experience morning sickness, excessive tiredness, cravings, frequent urination, irregular menstruation, a large growth in the abdomen, a 'kicking' sensation in the large growth, or a lifeform emerging from any one of your orifices... please report to the nearest fertility testing apparatus for examination.

While there would be alot of attempted impregnation going on this one, there may not be a lot of actual pregnancy going on.... Also probably going to be pretty extreme. ^_^

To be honest... Haven't really thought out this one in detail. It's basically a sexy version of Portal. Instead of testing the portal gun, it is a facility designed for testing interspecies romance. ...Maybe.

It might not have beasties or monsters at all, but cyborgs and the like. Who knows?