New Cravings, looking for creative female

Started by Batsose, June 27, 2011, 06:07:59 PM

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TAKEN Bad girl at Sea.

I am looking for female who is creative to co-create this story.

An older man and his wife planned this vacation to rent a sail boat and go sailing trip in the Bahamas for a while.  The couple have been recently married and his new wife has a young daughter from a previous marriage who goes to college.  The young women is sort of a bad girl and it is the hopes of her mother that she brings her on the trip to help try and reform her.  Some where along the journey the man and the young women are found alone and he catches her stealing from her mother.  What starts out as a simple punishment turns into a deviant sexual escapade.  Afterward he feels guilty and bad, but he likes it as does she.  They pursue their desires behind her mother's back.  I am thinking that this is a short story and I am open to any kind of endings.
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