Looking For A Victim (for lack of a better descriptive)

Started by Violence, June 26, 2011, 09:40:24 PM

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I'm at a loss for a clever or awesome introduction, this time.  How uncharacteristic.  These were two ideas that have been floating around in my head for a couple weeks.  Hopefully somebody else will find something about them equally as interesting, yes?

As always, I encourage people to check my O/O (both the one linked under my picture and the absurdly long one linked in my signature) and if the urge to send me a private message should hit you (even if you're not interested in either of these ideas) go for it.  I always like getting messages from people, provided they are polite messages.

So, what you clicked for.  The Ideas.  Click titles for expansion:

"Remember the Bad Times" NC/Torture/EX/Possible Incest (Prefer F/F, willing M/F) *taken*

Marathon watching seven seasons of Buffy and constantly hoping Spike would get back with Drusilla and be cool again.

For centuries the sisters Alyssandra and Sophia (names and means of immortality up for discussion) left a trail of carnage across the known world.  They were called Pestilance and Plague... the harbingers of terror.  They embodied gluttony and greed and excess.  The sisters danced and raped their way through streets running red with blood, known for being almost as vicious to one another as they were to their victims, and always pushing eachother to be more and more wicked.  By far, though, their favorite game was the corruption... making others perform acts of violence and betrayal against their fellows and loved ones through use of torture and abuse and mental manipulation (perhaps through hypnosis) watching with ecstasy when the targets of their game would realize just what blood was on their hands.

As the years went on, however, those that hunted them (the nature of these hunters also up for discussion)... those that defended the world against them... grew stronger and more capable.  The sisters were forced to play their games more carefully.  They were forced to keep their violations of men and women more secret... their rape victims left broken in allies.  Eventually the isolation and lack of abundant playthings pushed the girls into playing with one another more and more frequently.  The abuse of one another eventually driving a wedge between the two that seperated them.

Sophia went her own way.  Telling herself that she'd just outgrown the kind of sadism that she and her sister had embodied for so many centuries.  Or maybe she was just too afraid of the hunters?  In time she let her relliance on the laws of the men who had once been her victims lead her into becoming something almost like a force for good.  Sophia began using her immense power to hunt her own kind, still occasionally relishing it just as much as she did when she travelled with her sister but she could only be called a traitor so many times before it started to dull her heart's joy for the slaughter of her kin.

It has been two hundred years since Sophia saw Alyssandra... until one day, her sister arrives in her home, soaked by the autumn rain.  Their kind are so few now, and the hunters grow stronger every year.  But there is still a chance for safety, still a chance for survival, "Would you betray me, too, precious sister?" she asks with the dark love they used to share still warm in her eyes.  At first Alyssandra seems to want only the protection of her traitor sister... but when Sophia wakes up tied down with her sister's body over her the truth becomes clear.  Alyssandra has come to play a game.  Pestilence wants Plague to come back to her...

(the idea of this story is that the "modern" time of the story would occasionally be interrupted or conjoined with flashbacks of their "glory days".  I would prefer to play the role described as Alyssandra, but I could be talked into playing Sophia, as well.)

"Run and Catch" NC/Torture/A World Outside Her Control/Private (Girl's) School Setting (Preferably F/F, but as always, I could be talked into M/F) ~still wanted muchly~
Elements of I Spit On Your Grave with a series of rape scenes in a doujinshi I was reading.

Amongst the students, Samantha is known as something of an unquestioned Queen of the school.  No one is quite sure why her gang of delinquants get away with the almost flagrant violation of rules they display.  None of the faculty talk about it, but Samantha is known as the 'go-to' girl if anyone needs drugs, sex with one of 'her girls' or any other paraphenalia smuggled into the school.  Of course there are rumors about how she gets away with all of it.  But until Gwen arrived on campus, nobody had enough courage to really investigate it at all.  Gwen becomes enthralled by the power Samantha seems to hold over the campus, and anxiously wants to become a part of her circle.

Gwen smuggles drugs for Samantha, volunteers as a prostitute, cheats on tests for her.  Slowly over time she starts to even earn Samantha's affection, the "Queen" declaring Gwen her "Princess" and openly treating her like a girlfriend... a treatment that in private isn't all it's cracked up to be.  Samantha proves to be something of an abusive lover, relishing sadomasochistic affection with Gwen more degrading than anything she had to endure as a whore.  When Gwen tries to pull back and set their relationship back to how it used to be... the "Queen" is forced to teach her lover a lesson.  What starts as small beatings and assaults by girls that were once Gwen's friends eventually turns into a series of violent rapes as Gwen is forced to run a psychological maze in a school where nobody is willing to offer her any help.  Eventually Gwen will realize that the only way for her to be safe is to take the power away from Samantha... the Princess must ascend the throne.  When the Queen is dead... long live the Queen...

(Anytime a role is described as "samantha" that's the role that I want.  Even though, eventually, in this one Samantha becomes the victim as well and the tables are turned on her.  I would probably prefer to start this one early in their meeting, maybe even when Gwen is just getting obsessed with the power Samantha seems to have.)

Thank you for taking the time to read, regardless.

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