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September 28, 2023, 03:11:42 am

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Author Topic: Single Female Adventurer seeks GM for Intrigue, Action and More - NC-E/Bon/Un  (Read 849 times)

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Offline MeliaiTopic starter

Wow okay I got a lot more response to this that I was expecting! Thanks for all the PMs folks, I'm going to finish sorting through everything and get back to you tomorrow.

Haha, I think that's the cheesiest title I've ever given a thread...

Anyway, hi! Thanks for checking in, as you probably gathered from the subject I'm looking for a GM (or DM) to run a game for me. I've been craving a fun, oldschool  fantasy adventure type game with a heaping helping of sex tossed in. Just so I don't waste any more of your time than needed, here's a brief rundown of what I'm looking for. If you're interested please PM me!

SEEKING: A GM to run a campaign for one or two female PCs played by me. I'm completely fine playing opposite any gender, though preferably there would be a mix of male and female NPCs.

SETTING: Classic fantasy; elves, orcs, magic, monsters, the whole shebang. I like homebrew settings since we can basically throw in whatever we feel like, but if you'd prefer to work with something pre-established that's fine too  :-)

SYSTEM: I would really really like this to be a system game, preferably Pathfinder (though I'm familiar with D&D 3.x and 4 as well and if you're patient I'm willing to learn anything I can get my hands on), but you might be able to talk me into a freeform game if our interests mesh really well. I've only played one Gestalt game before, but it was fun and might be handy for getting all those pesky skills covered with only a 1 or two PC party.

SEXY THINGS: For a full run down of my odd, eclectic tastes you should check out my Ons and Offs but some of the big ones are Non-con, D/s, and exhibitionism.

For your convenience, here's the bulleted list from my O/O page tucked safely away under this spoiler tag

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Dark plots
Dynamic stories
Monsters and aliens
Non-human lovers (demons, aliens, tentacle monsters...)
Multiple penetration
Tall, aggressive men
Powerful Dom(me)s
Fast, rough sex
Spanking, light whipping
Dirty talk
Stockings and garter belts
Uniforms (french maid, nurse, school girl, etc)
Interracial Couples
Forced Exhibitionism
Public Humiliation
Dark, twisted romance
Being caught misbehaving
Outdoor sex (especially rain!)
Photography and video taping
Ripped clothing

Gore* and vore
Scat, water sports, vomit
Vanilla romance *

*BSDM - I'm mostly interested in the power play and general themes of BSDM, super formal relationships and rules and such aren't all that interesting to me unless they're woven into a larger storyline somehow.

*NonConsensual/Reluctance/Rape - I love NonCon, but strictly in the fantasy type where the victim ends up enjoying it (at least physically). I'm not interested in realistic, emotionally devastating NonCon situations.

*Gore - extreme violence only bothers me in sex scenes. If we're at war and you're graphically cutting down NPCs that's fine.

*Vanilla romance - fluffy cute vanilla romance stuff is only an off if it's the focus of the game. A sweet romantic relationship amidst a storyline focusing on something else is fine.

I'm pretty open minded, so as long as something isn't on my offs list feel free to ask about it :-)

STORY: My brain is an overclocked plotbunny farm, so I've got a ton of little seeds scattered around that we can use, but I'd prefer to work something out together with my dashing GM ;D The spoiler up there and my O/O page contains a lot of the general themes I enjoy, but of course GMing is hard work and I'm very eager to make sure you're enjoying the story as well. If there are any particular themes or pairings you've been wanting to explore let me know!

POSTING length & frequency: I'm pretty flexible on both these accounts. I try and post as often as possible but my schedule is a little unpredictable, and I understand my writing partner is quite likely in the same boat as well. I consider myself to be a moderately skilled writer, but I prefer posts that don't go on too long – generally 1-4 paragraphs is sufficient, depending on what's going on in the game. I've noticed that I tend to subconsciously mimic the length of my partners' posts quite often, and I struggle when things get really lengthy.
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