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Author Topic: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )  (Read 10732 times)

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Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #25 on: June 29, 2011, 11:47:26 PM »
Upon hearing about the room Marty grinned, she'd read his mind yet again.  All the stress of the night suddenly weighed very heavy on him.  "Thanks doll, you're the bee's knees". Marty tipped his hat to Eve.  Looked over at Tyler as he savored his pizza, "Nice meeting you Tyler, I'm going to get a wiggle on but I'll probably see you later." 

  Marty quickly made his way to his room eager to rest, his limbs growing more weary with every step.  That is until he opened the door, it was like a luxury sweet at the Sherman.  He just stared drinking in the image, now THIS was living.  Hell if whoever ran this place was looking for a torpedo, he might just have to jump ship and join his organization.  That's when he saw it, the bottle of soft green liquid........absinthe, Eve knew her stuff, he'd get to that later.

  Marty quickly undressed stripping off the pinstriped zoot suit and laying it carefully over one of the chairs.  Moving over to the bathroom he noticed the toiletries laid out for his use and let out a low whistle.  "I could get used to this" he said happily as he sank into the tub, the hot water soaking away the pain in his muscles.  He must have been there for a good hour just soaking before getting up. He toweled himself off, shaved, and then fixed his hair, he felt worlds better.

  Marty exited the bedroom wearing the plush robe Eve had left for him, now to relax.  He sat down at the table and took hold of the crystal decanter containing the green liquid, he expertly poured it into one of the special glasses left there filling the vaguely heart shaped lower portion.  He placed the decanter back on the table and took hold of one of the silver absinthe spoons, laying the slotted flat spoon over the glass he picked up one of the sugar cubes with his fingers and carefully placed it on top of the spoon.  Now for the other decanter the one with the water.  He gently drizzled the water over the sugar cube and watched with satisfaction as it slowly dissolved into the drink, the liquid turning cloudy and white as the glass slowly filled.  Yea he was going to like it here.

Offline effervescent

Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #26 on: June 29, 2011, 11:58:58 PM »

Her legs were burning like fire. She tripped over as she felt her heel break beneath her foot. A jolt of pain shot through her leg. She never thought her life would come to this, one tease too many. Men were used to getting what they wanted, and dear Liz was almost willing to do anything in order to achieve her goals. Michael though, was not a man of importance and was drunk and reeked of  cigarettes. She thought it would be fun to flirt with him and dance. When he offered her a ride home she knew it would be best since it was late and she didn’t want to walk home drunk. It proved to be a mistake though when he pulled the car over. He didn’t know though that she threw a mean punch and Michael was not one who liked the woman to get the upper hand. So there she was running. Running for dear life, because she knew that someone like her ending up dead would just be an ‘unfortunate tragedy that everyone saw coming.’

The fog seemed to come out of nowhere. Nearly blinding her vision, she never thought fog could come out of nowhere. It was almost magic, and she found herself slightly comforted. If she could barely see, then he couldn’t find her. She closed her eyes tightly trying ease the nausea she felt. When she opened them the fog cleared up and she saw a run down looking cabin that read Trading in black letters. The place seemed welcoming enough, anything was better then turning around.

When she walked inside she suddenly felt better. The place took her by surprise. The warmth and the smell of muffins, it’s been so long since she had a chocolate chip muffin. She felt that this place was surreal, but she felt like she belonged there. That this was the one place in the world that she needed to be.

Offline kobrakid92

Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #27 on: June 30, 2011, 12:44:31 AM »
He watched Marty leave out of the corner of his eye. Once he was out of the room Tyler turned his attention to his second slice of pizza. He slowly ate the second slice then slid the plate forward a bit. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a crumpled up ten dollar bill. He carefully un-crumpled it and checked it for rips or tears. Seeing there was none he lay the wrinkled ten on the counter to pay for the pizza and coffee. He finished his coffee then slid the cup away from him. He heard a noise coming from the door behind him. He turned around to see a girl that was dressed differently than the other three characters he'd seen so far. He turned back around to face the counter and tried to keep cool with the coffee cleaning his system. "Must be halloween or somethin." said Tyler under his breath. After a minute or so he looked up at Eve. "Thanks again for the pizza. Do you know how to get to Coney Island from here?" asked Tyler.

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Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #28 on: June 30, 2011, 01:57:09 AM »

Asmar meet the woman at the door and bowed his head ..." Not to worry my dear are safe within these walls . I assure you . " as his one hand come from around his back he had shoes that were identical to the ones she had on .Well except the heel was not broken ... " I believe you are in need of these . " as his voice was calming . He remained bowed till she took the shoes before he stood upright again .

" Welcome to the Trading Post ....may you find your hearts desire here ....please take a seat near the fire and make yourself presentable . My name is Asmar ....and my lovely counterpart is Eve . " He gave the woman as much space as she needed and allowed for her to soak the situation in .  She had the thought of wanting chocolate chip muffins and would find a basket of them on the stand next to the chair she was directed to . " I shall get you a cup of coffee ...or would you prefer a warm cup of tea with a touch of cream ?"

His one hand shut the front door .....assisting the woman if needed to the chair of course for he was every inch a perfect gentleman . His movements very graceful for a man and it seemed like he almost floated over the floor but that could not be the case ...he was just very swift and silent . His footsteps light . " Oh I am forgetting my place ..." as he knelt down then on one knee and leaned forward some . Taking his hand as he placed it behind the heel of her one foot ...fingers moving to undo the shoe .

His hands worked a soft massage to the heel and worked its way up to the toes ...he spoke not another word just went about his business . His touch however seemed to  have a warming effect that drew out the soreness . Moving then to the other shoe and repeating the process ..his eyes stayed on his work . Then he took the new shoes and placed them onto her feet refastening them . Soon he was standing before her again " I shall return with your beverage .."

Then the man made his way back towards the front counter to retrieve what had been asked for ...smiling at Eve as she was busy answering the question on how to get to Coney Island . Smirking to himself a little as the man was slowly sobering up hopefully he would come to a good understanding of where he was it was unfortunate when they lost their guests . It happened though as they walked out the door without finalizing the business to be had in the place . Wondering around for days or even years in the Fog lost in time terrible waste of energy if you asked him but he was just a humble servant here .

" Evening Sir hope your pizza was filling . "  giving a bow of his head .
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Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #29 on: June 30, 2011, 02:18:48 AM »
"Thanks doll, you're the bee's knees"

 Eve giggled ...." Indeed  I am darling ...."  as she lifted up onto her tip toes ..the woman's eyes sparkled as she watched the man leave to head back towards his room . " Enjoy the hot bath deserve it . " moving her hands behind her back as her attentions now were concentrating on the rocker boy that seemed to be very into that pizza at the moment .

 Before she could really begin the conversation seemed another had moved through the door . She was never going to get anything done if they kept arriving faster than she could get them all settled in . When Asmar appeared though that set her mind at ease . Always wonderful to have a bit of help with things .

"Must be halloween or somethin." said Tyler under his breath. After a minute or so he looked up at Eve. "Thanks again for the pizza. Do you know how to get to Coney Island from here?" asked Tyler.

Eve smiled ...." No Tyler ...Halloween is a wonderful holiday though . The idea of dressing up in various costumes and going door to door for treats does sound like awesome fun . "  as she leaned on the counter and picked up the bill taking a once over of it .  She was taking her time ... " You see sweetheart have entered a place that has no essence of time really . So the guest that arrive here have come from many stations along that realm for the most part . We have a feudal warrior ....and Marty well he is from the age of prohibition or maybe you would know it as the roaring 20's . " she would give a moment for all that to sink in .

Then she would continue some ...." I personally have never been to Coney Island ....but I assure you that once you have determined what it is you desire most you shall be returned to that place . For you see have been selected for the opportunity to fix what you believe might be wrong in your life . One needs to enter the agreement in a whoel mind though without rush ...." 

Asmar ...moved towards them .... "Not to worry though Tyler ....I shall prepare a room for you to sleep it off and ponder the question. " as she reached out to take his plate . Refreshing his coffee some as she prepared to answer any other question he might come up with . 

Offline kobrakid92

Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #30 on: June 30, 2011, 02:32:51 AM »
"Uh huh." said Tyler. He took a deep breath, trying to comprehend what he was just told. He didn't understand the whole concept of people coming here from reality. He shook his head some and convinced himself that he was still under the effects of some strong alcohol he had drank earlier that night. "I'm asleep on the side of the road. Passed out from partying too hard. None of this is real." he kept telling himself. He looked over at the man that mentioned a room and nodded. "Thanks. I guess." said Tyler. Sleep had to be the way out. Somehow sleeping would give him the shock he needed to wake up from this strange dream. "Do people come here by choice or are they forced? What if someone thinks that there's nothing wrong with their lives?"asked Tyler trying to gain some understanding of this fantasy world.

Online Knightfox

Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #31 on: June 30, 2011, 03:28:26 AM »
Even with the water covering his ears, he heard the gentle tapping on the wood frame of the panel door, and although the sounds of her words were muffled and indistinct, in his mind he heard her quite clearly, as if she were stood next to him.  He smiled to himself, now at ease with the mysteriousness of this place.  Not once had he felt threatened or endangered since walking into the tavern, and this woman, this Eve, would certainly rival even the most accomplished geisha.  He wondered what she meant by 'chat later', curious to find out what they would discuss.

Meanwhile, the bath was working it's own magic.  The salts that had been sprinkled in the water, added to the heat, were performing miracles on his weary frame.  Old Injuries, long endured seemed to ease, knotted muscles unwound, the smaller nicks and cuts he had sustained in his last encounter seemed to shrink and disappear before his eyes.  Slowly, every ache, every nerve seemed to ease, soften.  His breaths became longer, deeper.  And for a while, he drifted off. 

His brief slumber did not last, a loud crack from the fire as one of the burning logs spat out a glowing ember brought him quickly to his senses, the water in the bath splashing as his hands gripped the sides suddenly.  Relaxing again once he remembered where he was, Kitsune took up the large bar of soap from a tray nearby and slowly worked it into his fur, quickly creating a soapy lather all over his body.  He stood in the bath, the water dripping from his short, reddy brown fur, rubbing the soap into his tail.  He was soon a foam covered fox, and lowered himself back into the still hot water to rinse the glinting suds away.  His fur squeaked gently as he did so, looking glossy for the first time in months.

Once he had rinsed the last bubble from himself, he lifted out of the large metal tub and stepped onto the soft matted floor.  Taking a large fluffy towel from several piled against the wall, he then spent some time rubbing it vigorously over his body, working all the wetness out of him.  A quick glance at the colour of the bathwater told him exactly how much he'd needed that.  Wrapping the towel around his midriff, Kitsune padded through the impressively large room to a table close to the fire.  A decanter sat there, with cups, and he poured himself a generous measure of sake whilst he warmed himself near the flames, careful not to let the pops and cracks of the escaping motes of burning wood jump into his fur.

Taking a mouthful of his drink and letting it slide slowly down his throat, he turned toward the large bed. A circular affair, thick cushions and crisp white sheets adorning it.  Setting down his glass, he walked over and lay himself down, resting on his back, his body melting into the softness of the thing.  Surely not even the Emperor himself knew such luxury! Bending his arms, clasping his hands behind his head, he breathed deeply, soaking in the opulence of his situation, and wondering what was to happen next.

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Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #32 on: June 30, 2011, 10:00:36 AM »

 Eve smiled and moved out from behind the bar as she had another room to prepare ...she tapped Tyler's arm as Asmar spoke to him . Then headed back out of sight  as she opened another door and entered into the room ...first moving to make sure the bed was perfect . Course the scene viewed out the window would be whatever the occipant expected in this case she imagined Coney Island . As it changed before her eyes and she smiled . " So that is what the place looks like ....very nice ...thank-you master . "  she spoke softly into the room .

The hues were dark chocolate brown with interesting art pieces that added the bright colors here and there ...the bath a jacuzzi style and the fireplace was bit more modern with the cool flickering of different colored flames . The best part of this room was the grand piano ....and the small sound proof room .  Guitars were mounted on the walls and it was very comforting atmosphere for those with a musical talent . A coffee pot was set to brew ...and various cookies and sweets were on a platter to offer the sugar required to raise the energy level . Least in the morning the young man would not have a hangover to deal with .

As with the others Eve filled the jacuzzi tub ....and turned on the jets , setting up the towels and that which would be required for his stay .

"Do people come here by choice or are they forced? What if someone thinks that there's nothing wrong with their lives?"asked Tyler trying to gain some understanding of this fantasy world.

Asmar bow his head ..." Wonderful question Sir ...they are selected by a higher power . Most seem to be at a crossroads in their life where little hope of changing things is available . Running from a situation or just about to walk into one that has dire consequences . This is an opportunity to change that ....and indeed one does have the choice to turn down what is offered long as they know what they desire first before leaving here . Time is given in comfort to contemplate that . " 

Reaching over the man refilled his coffee ..." It is a difficult concept to grasp ...but indeed the Trading Post has existed since the beginning of time . Sleep well my young friend and enjoy the room provided for you . "  once again lowering his head to give the lad a bit  of respect before moving back to the sweet lady in distress . Her plight prior to coming here infuriated him , how dare a man step out of the role of being a gentleman .

Offline effervescent

Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #33 on: June 30, 2011, 01:01:35 PM »

She could not believe the wonder and splendor of this place. Then a man approached her, honestly he intimidated her a little bit. His eyes were as dark as the night skies, but the stars seemed to glisten in them. His smile was a bit crooked, but something inside of her told her that he could be trusted. Then he did the one thing girls love, giving her a shoe. She was ecstatic, because she used half a paycheck for them. Nothing better then heels to make your calves shapely.

“Coffee black please.” She said to him as he removed her shoes and put them back on. Full service here, exactly what she needed. That’s when she noticed the muffins, and she barely realized that he disappeared to help someone else. “Oh this is Heaven.” She whispered to herself as she took a bite of the muffin. It was delicious and melted in her mouth. It tasted exactly like the muffins her mother used to make for her before her father died. A girl could get used to this.

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Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #34 on: July 01, 2011, 05:17:52 AM »
His thoughts drifted as he lay on the impossibly comfortable bed, his body relishing the feel of clean sheets against his now soft fur.  The sake had warmed him further, every inch of him now clean, calm, well fed and relaxed.  However, the gentle peace that had settled over him did not last long.  Images floated through his mind as he reminded himself of the reason he was on this path.  A sudden, fierce rage rose within him, causing his lips to lift in a near growl, baring the glinting teeth behind them.  The band of weasels had delayed him further, and although this place was a welcome, if not needed, distraction, he knew he would not stay long.  The force that drove him on still beat strongly within him, his rage, and his guilt, feeding it.  Faces drifted past his minds eye, familiar and welcome.  Each one sending a pang of loss through him.  It was time.  The debt was long overdue, and it was to be repaid, very soon.

Kitsune had not always been samurai.  His life as a cub was full of happiness and carefree days, his family close and caring.  His father, a farmer in the paddy fields, was strong, honourable and kind.  The love he showed Kitsune's mother was true and pure, unfettered by the expectations of behaviour and society.  He did not expect her to wait on him as most other women in his village did on their husbands.  He helped in the house, even after long days in the fields, feet sore and blistered from standing in water all day, despite the protection his pads and fur gave him.  And he encouraged this behaviour in his son, teaching him the values of respect and honour, but without the assumption that women were to be taken for granted.

It had been a day like any other, his father leaving the ramshackle bamboo hut they called home before dawn, lovingly cared for and kept clean by his mother.  The fields were not far from the village, and Kitsune often played within sight of his father as he worked, using branches from the nearby trees to challenge his friends to battles.  Their village was one of many under the protection and ownership of a popular but weak Lord, and his Samurai would often be seen riding through on their way to or from his castle.  That day, thrusting and parrying with his wooden 'katana', Kitsune was puzzled by the arrival of large clouds on the horizon.  They were neither white nor grey, and they seemed to cling to the ground, drifting with some speed.  As the clouds drew nearer, he realised they were following the dirt track that lead towards the castle just a days walk away.  The sound then reached his ears, quietly at first and then, as it drew nearer, the rising sound of thunder.  And there, in the brown dust of the billowing cloud he saw.  Hundreds of Samurai on horseback, but not clothed in armour he recognised. 

Sudden screams from the far side of the village, the quick movements of foxes flitting between huts and trees, and then his father ran past him, water and mud trailing behind him, snatching him up as if he were a bag of flour and running to their home.  As they neared, he saw his mother's face, pale, scared and wondered what it was that was making her so frightened.  Passing him to her, his father rushed inside to return moments later with something he rarely saw, as it was a hidden thing, a secret thing.  He had found it once, and had been scolded severely for doing so.  His father had said something about it being outlawed or forbidden, and that bad things would happen to him should anyone know he had it in his possession.  This length of black ebony, seemingly no break in it's surface was now in his father's hands.  With one swift movement, he drew a shining length of steel from within it's sheath, the sun catching on it's surface, making Kitsune squint.

"Take him, hide, run to the caves!", his father almost whispered to his mother, her eyes wide.  He could feel her shaking as her arms gripped him tightly.  He wrapped his free arm around her, brought her close and kissed her, a long, lingering kiss, his mother gripping the cloth of his shirt tightly as he did so.  And as he pulled away from her, she would not let go, her fingers wrapped in the folds.

"No, no, Hideko, no! Don't! I don't want to lose you!", her voice filled with sobs, loss, knowing well that her words would go unheeded.

He turned, gave her a calm, peaceful look, a gentle smile,

"I will always be with you Nanami, wherever you are", and with those words, he threw his scabbard to the floor and, with a few of the other men of the village who had also armed themselves, ran toward the storm of horses that approached.
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Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #35 on: July 03, 2011, 08:33:58 AM »
Running away or about to walk into something. The way Tyler understood it, that's what brought him here. As he sat there sipping at his coffee he did his best to replay the last few years of his life over in his head. From when his parents disowned him and he left up till last night. Memories long forgotten began to rush to the front of his mind as he tried to find the reason he was here. "I'm not running from anything. What could I possibly be walking into? All I was doing was trying to get home?" Tyler said to himself. None of it made any sense to him. He had trouble believing in the so called higher power as religion was a waste of time and a lie to him. The more he thought about it, the less he understood the whole thing. He quickly shook his head and looked down at his hand to see it gripped tightly around the coffee cup about to shatter it. He quickly released his almost death grip on the cup and breathed slowly. Now was not the time nor the place to unleash his rage.

He pushed the cup away from him and got up from his seat and stretched some. He turned and looked back at the newest arrival who looked to be out of place just like everyone else. He walked pass the two and over to a window and looked outside into the fog. Apparently he had the chance to get what he always wanted by staying. But what if he didn't know what he wanted, could he then simply up and leave? It was all a mystery to him, a mystery that made him on edge.

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Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #36 on: July 05, 2011, 10:43:27 AM »

 Asmar smiled as he could see the wheels turning in Tyler's head indeed it was a pondering situation and he seemingly had been given enough information for now to start his way down memory lane . Some took longer than others and sometimes the light bulb just went off in their head and the knowledge of what they most desired to change appeared to them . 

With a cup of coffee in his hand the older man made his way over towards the dark haired beauty that had such a horrid experience  before coming here . " Your coffee my dear ...."  motioning to a chair across the way ...." Mind if I sit and enjoy a bit of conversation with you my lady ?" He would wait of course for the invitation to be granted . Watching as Tyler moved to look out the window into the thick fog that surrounded the place . Part of him was hoping the boy didn't wonder back out into the fog but alias no one would stop the man .

Smiling back at the lady ...." I assure you this is not heaven my dear ....just a side stop along the way that offers a gift and ticket back to the world from which they came . Sometimes you see individuals are selected to be given a second chance and you have had enough turmoil in your life so what you truly desire above all else ...we shall grant you . " as he folded his hands and placed them on his lap .

Eve returned from the back room ....having prepared the bedchambers for Tyler . The woman moved to  his side as he was leaned up against the window it seemed looking out into the fog . " Looking for answers in the fog ...Tyler ?"   as the woman reached up and placed a hand on his arm . " I assure you they are not there more inside you at the moment . It is natural to wonder and debate things and we have no issues with those wishing to take their time to make that ultimate discussion. "  as she let her hand roll down his arm the woman's voice soft and calming . 

She would step back to give the man some room ...." I have prepared you a room contemplate things and rest for the night , whenever you are ready . " as she would bow once again giving the young man his space to consider the options that had been laid before him . 

Offline kobrakid92

Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #37 on: July 06, 2011, 10:00:09 AM »
Feeling Eve's hand on his arm made him jump a little. Something about her voice made him calm. He was still unsure about this whole thing. As he stared into the fog trying to figure it out he felt her hand roll down his arm. Her mentioning of a room brought some ease to his mind. Surely some sleep would help out if not wake him up from this. He stood at the window for a few more minutes after Eve walked away. He then walked into the back to where his room was. The sight of it was unbelievable. The bed was a bit nice for his taste but there's nothing wrong with sleeping good every once in a while. While the decor of the room was amazing what really caught his attention was the view out the window. He walked over to his and placed his hand on the window and stared into the Coney Island neighborhood. "Home. I must be dreaming now. I'm sure that after I sleep I'll wake up somewhere with this view." he told himself.

He had to pull himself away from the window as the view was starting to make him a little homesick. He went to the bathroom and set his eyes on the jacuzzi. Deciding that he needed to relax he walked over to it and turned on the jets. He slowly removed his clothes then climbed into the jacuzzi and relaxed. As he sat there feeling the water coat his body more memories began to rush forward again. He remembered how in school he was a prodigy. He excelled in music his reading and writing classes. He remembered that he wanted to be an author or musician when he grew up but his parents wanted him to be a businessman or a lawyer. That just didn't sit right with him and him and his parents would argue about it all the time. So much anger built up then he discovered punk. With its music he was able to express himself and enjoy music.

The next thing that rushed to mind was the last time he saw his parents. They were having yet again another argument except this one led to him leaving. "You're going to go to college and get a successful job. I don't care what you say that's final!" yelled his father. "No I'm not. Its my life, not yours. I make my own decisions. I don't care what you want me to do. Get over it!" Tyler yelled back. "Well if that's the way its gonna be then you can just leave. I mean look at you, ripped jeans and shirts, that mohawk, you're a mess.!" yelled his father. "Fine I will. You angry old pathetic waste of space!" yelled Tyler as he slammed the door to his house shut. He expected them to call the cops but they never did. He never went back to school and lived on the street until he made a few friends in the punk scene and got his life back together. He never saw his parents again.

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Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #38 on: July 06, 2011, 03:31:12 PM »

He came back with the coffee that smelt delicious. She took a sip, it was a dark roast, her favorite. She didn’t understand how all of this was possible. She never believed in a world of magic, and that’s when she knew that she must be dreaming or maybe she was dead and this was purgatory.  She listened to him explain but she still did not full understand. A part of her did not care to understand. What did this man want in return though. In life she learned that you did not get something for nothing. She crossed her long slender legs and looked into his eyes, those dark eyes that seemed to hold years of wisdom.
She did not want to look a gift horse in the mouth. She knew that she was a guest here and that she should just smile and be grateful for just being able to stay here. She pursed her lips together and then gave him a small smile. A few questions wouldn’t hurt anything. After all he did say he want to sit here and have a conversation, so why not have a conversation with a few questions?

“Yes, I know that this is not heaven…but from my view it’s just is. So, how much does staying here a night cost?” She asked while she fingered the strap of her green purse. She didn’t make much at her job, she probably only had about five dollars on her. To be waited on hand and foot is probably going to cost a lot more than 5 dollars. She needed to stay here though. This place felt like it was where she needed to be. She felt like she was going to get everything she wanted here and from what he was saying it sounded like she would.

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Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #39 on: July 06, 2011, 10:30:01 PM »

 Asmar smiled as the woman asked a question and seemed to be looking in her purse to see how much money she had on her . " Oh my dear ...your in luck for hospitality is free here . In fact you may stay as long as needed to regroup yourself and determine what it is you most desire to have before leaving . There is no rush in these things for you shall only be receiving one chance at getting it right . Those are the rules set down way before the concept of time . I am just a servant here to ensure things run as smoothly as possible . " 

Looking over to Eve as he lifted his hand ....and seemed to twirl a finger . Eve from across the way nodded and moved into the back room to prepare another room . They were going to have quite a guest list in the morning for breakfast at this rate . A small giggle escaped as she skipped back and opened up another door. Closing her eyes as she tried to imagine what would be most appreciated by the respectable woman in the front room . When she opened them she was amazed to find steps that lead downwards into a beautiful paradise. The bed on the other side of the steps matched the same decor with the strips and large pink pillows , even had a draped canopy that made it private .

Eve giggled ..." Oh my this is lovely ...." skipping into the bathing chambers she stopped when she laid eyes on the pink tub. Hopefully the woman will indeed enjoy this noting the beautiful dress that was laid out on the chair . It did seem the one she had on was ripped a little . Poor girl she sighed and moved to prepare the bath . Everything made just as perfect ...even a fine bottle of wine put on ice with a bit of fancy chocolates on a plate .

Soon she would return then ...having allowed time for Asmar and the girl to chat if need be ...interrupting.  " Forgive me ....but your room is ready . " doing a small curtsy as she would then also retire for the night . Asmar would be able to direct the woman to her room if need be .

The next morning the smells of bacon frying ....would make its way throughout the building . A nice buffet was set up for breakfast ....with scrambled eggs , homemade biscuits and gravy ,  bacon , sausage , pancakes with a couple kinds of syrup even those with a bit of fruit in it and of course pastries for the sweet tooth . Asmar would be behind the bar to offer Tea to any who required it .

Eve entered the bed chambers of Kitsune with a tray of breakfast for the man . She was singing in his native language as she moved to the small table and began to set everything up for him . Having decided to join the man this morning . She lowered herself onto a pillow and waited for him to arrive though she was dressed the same as the night before .

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Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
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Once he was done bathing he climbed out of the tub and dried off. Once he was dry he put his boxers and pants back on and put his shirt on the bed. He walked over to the grand piano and sat down on the bench and places his fingers on the keys. He sat and thought about what to play and remembered the basics he had learned in his music class. He played a few simple chords such as G, C, A, and so on until he remembered the first song he learned to play on piano. He thought back to The Beatles song "Let It Be" and tried to remember how it went. It took him a few tries to remember how it went but he finally got it right and began to play the piano part of the song. As he played he hummed the words for the song. Once he finished the song he decided it was time to sleep and hopefully end this dream. He went over to his bed and pulled back the blankets and sheet then crawled into bed. He pulled the covers over him and fell asleep almost instantly.

He awoke to the smell of bacon filling the room. Thinking that he was in his apartment in Coney Island, he sat up and stretched and rubbed his eyes. "Some dream that was." he told himself. He then remembered his roommates John and Stacy. "Wait. John and Stacy don't cook." he said as he slowly opened his eyes. He looked around the room to see that it was the room that Eve had prepared for him the night before. "Damn it." he said in a sad tone. He slowly crawled out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. He looked at himself in the mirror and his stomach took a turn for the worse. He immediately knelt over the toilet and threw up. Once he finished he chuckled some. "A bit late aren't we." he told himself. Not even five seconds after speaking he threw up again and continued for the next ten minutes. Once he was done he flushed and went back out into his room and saw the coffee pot. He drank a few cups to get the taste of vomit out of his mouth.

Once he felt better he went and put his shirt and shoes on then went out into the main room of the trading post. The sight of the food made his stomach churn. He groaned slightly and looked away. He sat down at the bar where Asmar was at and put his head down on his arms. "Coffee please." said Tyler. He was happy that he didn't have a hangover to add to his morning.

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The soft lilting voice sang a tune familiar to him, something from his childhood he was sure.  But wait. I am asleep?  Opening his eyes, Kitsune found himself still laid on the bed, the towel from the night before still wrapped around him. The sake, and his tiredness, must have crept up on him and stolen him away, the land of dreams wanting his company.  As he slowly became aware of his surroundings, his ears pricked, followed by a twitch of his nose.  He could hear her breath, silent to most others, but clearly heard by Kitsune's sharp hearing, and the smell of her, her scent.  He rolled over on his side to find her laid there, propped on a pillow.  He would be abashed normally, but this place, this woman who had disarmed him completely.  And yet more smells, this time coming from a delicious arrangement of foods on the small table by the window.

"Good morning my lady", he said, sitting up.  "You are well?  I have to both thank and congratulate you for all your hard work. This place truly is a wonder to behold". Bowing his head, he then wondered why this strange, yet oddly beautiful woman lay next to him, what had he done to deserve such an honour?

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Elizabeth woke up and was happy to see that all of this wasn’t a dream. A part of her was afraid that when she awoke that she would find herself back in her plain and drab bedroom. Instead she awoke to her dream room. Huge king sized canopy bed with the softest green sheets. A dark brown leather couch long enough for her to lay on. A bear skin rug on the floor, something she always wanted, but could never afford, and a cedar bookshelf filled with her favorite authors. Elizabeth loved to read. She ran her fingers over the spine of the books with a small smile on her pink lips. She went over to the bathroom which was equally as elaborate as her bedroom and she brushed her teeth and brushed out her hair.

She headed out towards the smell of bacon and coffee. “Can I please have a coffee with two sugars and cream, and can I also have a few slices of delicious bacon that I am smelling.” She said with a laugh. “Also wouldn’t mind having a few pancakes with maple syrup if you please.” There was one thing about Elizabeth, she definitely had an appetite when she first woke up. She always believed in the importance of having a good breakfast.

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He sat down at the bar where Asmar was at and put his head down on his arms. "Coffee please." said Tyler.

Asmar had to chuckle ...not that he was taking any great pleasure in the young man's discomfort but the tone of complete heartfelt despair with those actions and the hope that fresh coffee would rectify things ...well , it touched the man .  " Indeed my man ....there are mornings when the clinging to a cup of java to hold ones life together is needed . My apology for the chuckle it was more with you in understanding than anything else . " as he poured the boy a nice large cup of the freshly brewed coffee .... " Cream , sugar ....or do you prefer the hearty taste of the rich brew in it's solitude state." 

Before Tyler could answer another breath of fresh air filled the room as the woman from the night earlier arrived dressed for breakfast , sleep it seemed had done wonders.

“Can I please have a coffee with two sugars and cream, and can I also have a few slices of delicious bacon that I am smelling.” She said with a laugh. “Also wouldn’t mind having a few pancakes with maple syrup if you please.”

Indeed the woman seemed cheerful and with a working knowledge of what pleased her he bowed his head . " Of course my dear ....though might wish to sit a bit down from our good man Tyler here as I am not sure the lad is feeling the warmth of the day just yet . " giving her a wink as he filled another coffee cup ..adding a little cream with two sugar cubes as asked for . Then he would slip out from behind the bar and head over to the buffet to gather the two flapjacks asked for smothering them in fresh butter and syrup and a nice portion of bacon on the side .

Soon the man was back sitting the plate before her ...." Enjoy seems the coming of the dawn has lifted your spirits my lady. " 

"Good morning my lady", he said, sitting up.  "You are well?  I have to both thank and congratulate you for all your hard work. This place truly is a wonder to behold".

Eve giggled some as she lifted a cup of tea to her lips and sipped it ...she even blushed some as this strange creature had such a knack for expression. " Oh tis your wonderful creative mind no less that has aided in the gifts given in this place . I do ask forgiveness for intruding on your private time ...but you intrigue me and my curiosity has gotten the better of this humble servant . "  sipping the tea to let some time pass before she continued .

" I wonder ...Kitsune about the steps in life you have chosen , the one thing we are not permitted to do is change the course of time prior to the moment of your arrival . Meaning ...we can not grant something in the past to of not taken place . For you see everything that has happened to you and those around you have intermingled to make you whom you currently are . I sense a burning fire inside of you that fuels your determination but yet it also sets your path to your own destruction. What amazes me is ...that I sense you know this but yet continue forward . Why ?"  moving to enjoy a bit of food as she listens to his reply using the chop sticks quite well to add the perfect amount of spice to make the meal most enjoyable .

The woman may of even moaned at the taste of the sweet bean mixture inside the dumpling as it warmed her very soul .


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Marty woke up with a languid yawn. He'd had the craziest dream. Jimmy had gone and stolen a whole truckload of gin from Giuseppe Masseria's boys and well like everything Jimmy did it ended up bad. Full on tommy gun bad. He remembered a woman in a bell dancer outfit and a guy in a fox costume? Oh wait, the absynthe he thought remembering the heady spirits, that must be it. He got up a took stock of his surroundings, to call them posh would have been an understatement. He must Have done something right to have ended up with digs like these. That's when he noticed the distinctive aroma of fresh bacon, a smell that immediately sent his stomach to rumbling. He quickly made his way to the bathroom and availed himself of the toiletries there. He didn't want to disrespect whoever was paying for this by looking disheveled. He showered, shaved, and slicked back his coal black hair before slipping into the freshly pressed suit that was waiting for him. "Now let's see what smells so good" he said to himself as he exited his room. Following the hallway he came to the common area. He nodded at the boy in the jeans hunched over his coffee and felt the pangs of sympathy, he'd been there before hangovers were a bitch. A few seats down was a young woman. Judging by her clothes she had to be with someone with money, maybe even his unknown host. Strange he couldn't remember who that was...oh well Marty was sure it would come to him eventually. He did tip his hat at the young lady, no reason to be rude after all then turned to the attendant. "Bacon and eggs, sunny side up if you will, I'd be much obliged."
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Tyler shook his head at the offering at any additions to the coffee. The bitterness of black coffee fought of the drowsiness of sleep and woke him up faster. The whole not feeling good issue he knew would pass with time. Tyler just wasn't really a morning person to begin with. He ignored Asmar's chuckle and took the cup of coffee before him. "No problem." he managed to say. He sipped at the hot coffee until he fully came to. Once he finished the cup he looked around to see the woman from the night before and the suit named Marty. He thought back to the previous day and remembered the fox looking person and wondered where he was. He shrugged figuring he was still asleep.

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He smiled at the question she posed.  Of course, to anyone who had not travelled the same path as he, his motives would seem strange, his headlong descent into chaos seemingly a futile attempt at petty revenge.  But it was much more than that.

"My lady, I do not expect you to understand.  I am samurai.  Our duty is our reason for being.  Without it we are nothing.  I do not do the bidding of my master on this journey, the duty I have sworn to keep is mine own, and nought but my death will prevent me from paying back the debt I owe, no matter the odds."

He reached to the heat of the pot, pouring himself some of the dark coloured liquid, his senses filled with its aroma, as well as the sweet blossom that seemed to float in the air whenever she appeared.  Bringing the cup to his lips with both hands, he drank of the scalding fluid, warmth and flavour flooding his mouth and throat.  The tea lifted him, permeating his core, and he turned back to the vision laid before him, smiling gently to himself at the soft noises escaping her throat as she ate from the tray of food she had provided.

"And you are mistaken if you feel you are intruding, your company is a most......pleasant distraction.  I do not remember a time when I have been the guest of a host more gracious or hospitable as you, or one so beautiful, if you'll excuse my bluntness," this last part said with a slight bow.  He did not wish to offend the woman, but seemed happy to share this moment with her.  Female company of any kind was rare, and his instinct told him that this was an experience unlikely to happen to him again.

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 Asmar turned and noticed that Marty had come to join them ....and the man had dressed up nicely that was indeed noticed as he looked the alpha man up and down . " Well I must say ...Marty are indeed a man that has the ability to draw the respect out of a room . The choice of wardrobe just amplifies that my man indeed you seem to have a command about you . " making a few noises as he shook his head meaning his compliment to be taken well .

" An order of bacon and eggs sunny side up ...on the way .."  pouring him a good cup of java as well .... " Sit take a load off ..." as he tapped the bar area and then moved out around it to get the plate of grub for the well dressed up and coming mafia man of the hour.  Asmar loved his type to be honest the thrill of the take all attitude with a commitment to have two lives one to show the public , the other behind closed doors . What dastardly deeds this one might achieve when he returns back into the world a self made man of the hour the grin widened . Asmar loved the building of a true head of the family and changing the course of things . Monkey wrenches were so much fun to toss out into the timeline anyways .

The man almost skipped if a man does such things ...maybe it was just a feeling that was created as he went to work making the man's plate ...adding some toast to the order as well .  Soon he would return and serve it with a slight bow at the waist . " You meal Sir .."

Moving then to re-fill any coffee cup that needed it ...

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Her spirits definitely were lifted. She really wanted to stay in this place forever, even though she knew that wasn’t possible. She had a real life to go back too, a life where people were probably missing her. She didn’t want to think about that though. She desperately needed this mini vacation, and she was definitely planning on enjoying every second of it.

“Thank you.” She said as she took a sip of her coffee that was made to perfection. She took a moment to look around the room and the other people in it. They looked so different from her, dressed differently. She wondered where they were from, but they quite honestly kind of intimidated her. She knew that this was a safe place though. She felt that nothing could go wrong here.

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Archie hurled himself the last five feet to the foxhole, airborne for a full beat, as enemy fire zipped by the  right side of his face, almost bristling the four day growth on his cheek,  till gravity weighed him back down to earth and he hit the crevice of the six foot deep foxhole with a teeth rattling thud. The rapid tat a tat tat of the machine gun fire now blessedly over head and out of range hailed over him with the same single minded veracity that a lioness has as she goes in for the kill of an infant wildebeest, there is no pity in the hunt, only a mission. The Captain crouched to make himself as small as the atoms he was comprised of would allow and then tried to drag oxygen through his nostrils soundlessly, though he was sure the Jerrys could hear the thunderous pounding of his petrified heart, even through the heavy layers of his army issue uniform and the insulation of muddy earthen walls around him.

The summer showers had been relentless, even now, as a band of murderous Nazi's tried to snuff the Captain and Privates Pierce, Jacobson, Valenti and Harding out of existence, the rain poured down pitilessly and neutral to the discomfort of allies and enemies alike in natures obligation to wash the earth of its grim.

Here, in this living hell Archie had been suspended in for the past twenty four days, there was no right or wrong, up was down and down was up, the mission was survival, no matter what anyone told you. Assignments were doled out, which usually involved going from point A to point B any damn way you could without getting your head blown off.  The country side was littered with snipers, land minds and disenfranchised squads of Germans trying to maintain a strong hold or flee a battle they had already lost.  The air was thick with terror, a shroud that tore at the sanity of every soldier allied and enemy alike.

Vacant sable colored eyes stared at the Captain who was frozen as he gaped back with a horrified cornflower blue gaze of his own at the dead private sharing his hiding place.  The soldier sharing safety with Archie was just a boy, a smattering of fawn colored peach fuzz grazed his chin and upper lip and no more and now with a hole in his chest the size of the Captain's fist, the boy was dead for all eternity.  The sallow hue of death covered the boy only vaguely, he'd likely only been dead a few hours.  According to Mr. Roosevelt and Congress, at eighteen, you were more than fit to die for your country. God bless America.  Archie was pondering the irony of how he'd missed the corpse of his brother in arms when he plunged to safety, when he realized that the machine gun that had been terrorizing him and his men was now silent.  Deathly quiet.  The rain was the only ambient sound about them, as though even the birds themselves had been hushed by the assault on their sanctuary.

He waited. One minute, then two, two turned into ten and ten to twenty as time slipped by as the solitude engulfed the Captain and soothed him all at the same time. Archie reached distractedly with his fingers for the locket that had dangled from a chain around his neck till the absence reminded him that cruelty of chance and war had snatched it from his possession some weeks before.  He pushed the pang of emptiness from his thoughts and cleared his mind of his fear and instead welcomed a much needed reverie of his wife, Faith. He summoned her from the place she occupied in his heart and mind, wrapping the memory of her around him, calming him, as only she could. His Faith.  Archie might have stayed there for days, remembering his life as it once was, if the halo of fog hadn't crept over the opening of his hiding place and seemed to beckon him from his hideaway.

The Captain pulled himself quietly from the dugout only to be encased by the fog. The ominous silence continued and enveloped him even further.  He could see nothing more than a few inches from his face, the fog thick and opaque to view, if any of his men were alive out there, the German's could be too, so he exercised caution, remembering Faith's last words to him, as he so often did, still echoing in his ears, “Just come home to me, Archie.”  He made a measured and quiet progress toward a break in the haze, it was like a portal from the mist.  As he stepped through he found himself standing in front of a ramshackle building that read TRADING in bold black letters on the awning over the porch that led to the weathered planked front door. Pushing his helmet back off his forehead, Archie pivoted his weary body to find the murky haze still behind him and then returned his curiosity to the tattered building before him.  He was dreaming, that's all it was, he reasoned, he was certain of it.  A faint smile played at the corner of his lips, sleep was often the only escape from the torture of war, if his mind had conjured this place up for him to have a respite from the day, so be it. And with that thought, Archie stepped onto the porch, his muddy tank boots testing the fitness of the boards under his feet with a creaking whine, and grabbed the smooth brass handle of the door with his dirty right hand and twisted, pushing the door ajar tentatively, he stepped over the threshold of what he was sure was nothing more than a pleasant slumbering hallucination.

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