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July 27, 2017, 03:54:16 AM
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Author Topic: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )  (Read 10787 times)

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The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« on: June 18, 2011, 07:10:57 AM »

The Trading Post exists in a realm that time has basically forgotten and is not held by the restraint of it ...those that find themselves standing outside this building may have stepped back into the past , others into the future . A slight confusion might exist at first in the minds of those that had been transported here . Some wake up in a slight fog and the only building in sight seems to be the Trading post . For those that move to explore the outer reaches they do so only to come full circle back to the very same store front that beckons their mind to enter in. Others seem to just have stepped out of a situation they were in and appear here out of the fog ...either way they are on foot dressed in the same clothes they were in and nothing with them except  what they were carrying.

The proprietor is rather unknown really but each is greeted by an individual that one knows down deep that something  magical exists about them.  Odd the store is called a trading post for inside a cozy fireplace with a seating arrangement exists for those to take a load off to rest. The smells of the kitchen always seemingly to greet the newcomer and the exact thing they crave seems to always be on the menu to sooth any hunger that might arise . For those with a bit of trouble in deciding what it is they have come here for exactly a room is made ready for their extended stay in the back .

However , once an individual determines what it is that they truly desire is ...the item appears in the shop with their name on it . Sometimes it is a potion to drink , a box of chocolates , a beautiful stone that only needs rubbed or an item to wear back into the realm in which they came from . For everyone it is a little different for what is traded in exchange requires a bit of thought and each is explained to some degree , course return visits are rare but sometimes do happen .

Pity that one can not realize what it is they truly desire the first time round and as with all things in life the stakes of getting it now raise . To date no one has been turned away or left empty handed ...though there is the option to decline the gift offered and be returned as we say no harm , no foul without a remembrance of the place .

Please keep in mind this section is PG13 ....and all text should conform to that level.

This game is open to all new applicants and members may start by posting your entrance here , giving a little detail of where you came from and maybe a touch of the circumstances that brought you here . Add a picture of your character if you like and or give a descriptive detail so all playing can get a feel for them.

A Trading Post OOC put up where one can ask questions since this is open to applicants and members alike to enjoy. You may post a character profile in there and or discuss things with others playing the game at the same time.

NOTE : Your Welcome to enter the trading post as your own id persona .....for example I could enter as Sasha , or her evil twin .

Character Profile : ( Not required but does make things easier )

Character Name :
Character Age :
Time period Character came from: (Middle Ages, Victorian, Wild West, Roaring 20's, the 60's, 80's, Modern, Future-year ......a few examples anyways)

What the character desires : ( This will need to be filled in if your a new applicant , if a member you do have the option of sending this to me in a private pm or filling this out .  If you like to hold up on filling it out due to your character not quite knowing that is fine as well . It can be added later - I aim to please anyways )

Character Appearance :  ( Can add a picture if you like , Otherwise paint me a picture and bring the character to life .)

Character Vibe/ Personality : ( How do others perceive him , what is apparent - how does he or she act on the outside . Give a few descriptive words to sum him up .  Example ,  Rough - Loner , Aged ...with eyes dark as night that bore into you . )
Character Background : ( Give a little detail of this character's past , a brief overview snapshot is all that is needed )

As the Game Progresses ....

You maybe required to roll the dice ...for which we will be using the [ Dice Bot] at the top of the screen . Details will be given at the bottom of the proprietors post when this needs to occur . If you have any troubles - please post in the Trading Post OOC ...and we will get right on aiding you.  Here is a wonderful tutorial that works through the ins and outs of using the roller .
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Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2011, 07:10:38 AM »
Eve awaiting the next arrival .......

The day was winding down as all those that had arrived seemed to of been serviced in a manner of speaking anyways . Though the lull in activity never seemed to last very long , Eve just wondered what interesting character was due to arrive next . Over the centuries there had been many that she found interesting and special though few returned and she was unable to leave this place to find out how they had fared out in their earthly situation. Sometimes the woman daydreamed of returning to the carnal realm of things but alias to which era would be the most satisfactory was a matter of debate.

With a heavy sigh ...she wiped down the front counter and tossed the cloth into the air as it changed into beautiful butterflies that fluttered and beat their wings creating a song in the air . With a twirl and a light step she joined them in their merry dance about the place ...changing the atmosphere into one of joy and happiness. As she twirled about the lace and satin scarves of her outfit lifted up and fanned out . The woman began to hum and magic filled the place . Seemingly content to amuse herself until the next visitor would arrive and she could be useful again .

When the door would open ...the next visitor would find her just this way , dancing about the place and be touched by the overabundance of joy that seemed to fill the place .
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Offline johnny5

Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2011, 04:39:06 AM »
"Damn it" he thought to himself his heart pounding in his chest as he ran from the hail of tommy gun fire. "At least they were after Jimmy and not me" he thought to himself. Jimmy was always doing something stupid, pissing off everyone and anyone he could,and now it was biting both of them in the ass. Marty tore around the corner and charged down the dank unlit alleyway, darkness was good, he just needed a little distance, and fog yes there was fog even better.  His lungs felt like they were about to burst as he ran out the other end of the alley, he hadn't been paying attention to his surroundings, so intent was he on survival.  he stopped and bent over his hands on his knees for support, his breaths came in ragged gasps, "must've lost them" he thought to himself as he slowly caught his breath.  The fog of fear and adrenaline that had been clouding his brain slowly lifted as he took a look at his surroundings....."what the hell" he said under his breath, the city was gone. He turned slowly in disbelief, no, it was true, just the blasted fog and that old timey trading post, like something out of the moving pictures.  Shrugging his shoulders he made his way towards the trading post, "I've always got my switchblade if things turn ugly" he thought as he approached the old wooden door.  He could here a soft strange tune emanating from beyond the door, it was unlike anything he'd ever heard before and filled him with a strange kind of peace.  Opening the door he stopped dead in his tracks at what he saw, he'd heard of belly dancers, figured they couldn't be much different than the flappers he romanced on a regular basis.  He couldn't have been more wrong, the figure before him moved with an unearthly grace, the flowing gossamer material of her outfit accentuating and enhancing the fluidity of her movements, he'd never in his life seen anything more beautiful.  Marty slowly entered the trading post, his eyes drinking in the image before him.

Offline Knightfox

Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #3 on: June 25, 2011, 07:14:12 AM »
The soft thud as his opponents head landed on the soft earth by his feet told him that his last blow had had the desired effect. Turning slowly, he saw the rest of the weasels body fall, the scarlet fountain from it's neck spotting the grass around it, the torrent quickly subsiding as the remaining liquid drained from it.  Dropping to a crouch, his senses reaching out, his ears twisting and turning to the barest noise, he watched and waited.  The bandits had struck suddenly and without warning, the fog that had settled on this trail giving them near perfect cover, the high bamboo growing either side not aiding visibility.  He was sure he had dispatched them all, but had learnt at an early age to never assume the test was over.  He had the scars to remind him of the over eagerness of his youth.

After waiting for what seemed an eternity, he finally satisfied himself that the only noises were that of the bamboo, creaking slightly in the gentle breeze.  He rose slowly, carefully wiping the glinting blade of his katana on the robes of his fallen attacker, making sure to leave no stain on the gleaming blade.  A swift, well practiced movement, and it was sheathed once again.  And then the ritual of searching the corpses slain at his hand.  More death, more blood.  Would it ever end?  The jangle of a few coins in a purse lifted his spirits a little. Perhaps he would eat today. 

Having emptied the pockets of his adversaries, Kitsune took his bearings from the low sun and continued on his way, the path to Kyoto lay ahead of him, and he had business there.  An old debt, long overdue.  But he was hopeful that his journey would take him close enough to a tavern, and the promise of a hot meal and perhaps a little sake put a little more enthusiasm in his stride. 

Was it his imagination or had the fog got thicker whilst he was searching the fallen?  Each step seemed to bring the shroud of damp air closer around him, the bamboo seeming to fade further away.  So thick that he slowed to be sure of his footing.  And then, in the distance, a clearing.  The colour of the timber was a surprising contrast to the verdant green of the bamboo he had been walking through, and the design of the structure now in front of him was unfamiliar.  The objects that adorned the front of the building were also strange, shapes and purpose a mystery.  His hand rested on the hilt of his blade, his ears straining, he sniffed silently, hoping to pick up some kind of scent.  Smoke? But he could see no fire, an acrid taste in the back of his throat, strangely similar to the smell left behind after the fireworks he used to enjoy at home as a young cub.  He approached the door, stepping softly so as not to let the wooden boards betray his prescence, turning the handle as slowly as he dared and slipping inside.

The sight before him both confused and amazed. His next breath caught in his throat, his blade hand gripping the handle of his katana tightly, yet not unsheathing his keen blade.  A strange thing on two legs, dressed in unusual clothing, a hat upon it's head was stood transfixed, staring in one direction.  Once Kitsune followed his gaze, he then understood the astonished expression on it's face as his own eyes were bedazzled with colour and movement. Soft fabrics, the flash of skin and an unheard song in his heart as he looked at the female form in front of him.  The grip on his blade fell slack, a wonderful sense of peace and calm overwhelmed him, and as he stood rooted to the spot, he wondered what magic filled this place.

Offline SashaTopic starter

Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #4 on: June 25, 2011, 08:45:28 PM »

 Eve turned round the woman's hips moving her voice lifted up into the room such a lovely melody as her hands moved up into the air , wrist rubbing against each other . The light blue orbs that fluttered came to a slow movement and then dwindled into nothing as did the illuminating butterflies as the trouble boy entered the room . Eve continued to dance though ...the only change was a lowering of the one arm as her hand rolled the fingers invitingly . " Come join me safe in here for now my friend . " Slowly she danced towards him and turned seemingly not to care whether he in turn joined in with the dance or not . " Welcome to the Trading post ...the place to rest for a bit and find that what it is your heart desires most can call me Eve . "  her voice was enchanted of course and soothingly reassuring she returned to humming .

Of course another had stepped through the door this one a warrior of a period of time way before the other ...and Eve couldn't help but smile . Lowering her head as her hands came together as if praying ...the woman's body bent . As she spoke in the newcomer's native tongue they would roll into the air so that the Trouble boy would also indeed understand the conversation . " Welcome ...mighty warrior ....I see you made your way through the fog to our humble door . Please come in and rest ....what thou has cometh from will still be there upon your return . You have been granted the opportunity to obtain a most precious gift of your choosing ...that which you desire above all else . " she held her head turned down pose for a few moments and then lifted upwards after speaking .

Seemed the slight lull of earlier ...was just a small break for the wicked . Looking from one to the other .... " You may call me Eve ...." moving her hand then towards the trouble boy as she rolled it slightly to indicate he should indeed introduce himself to the mighty warrior that just stepped through the door . What an interesting pair to arrive at the same time , some things were amusing anyways .

Offline johnny5

Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #5 on: June 25, 2011, 10:10:15 PM »
Marty responded to the gesture slowly, looking over in the direction that of her gesture.  He took  step back and stared, looking the person to his left up and down. "That's some costume" he exclaimed marveling at the detail in the persons mask, it looked so lifelike. His outfit though was straight out of a Fu Manchu story, but given the oddness he'd already experienced in the place he just smiled and decided he must have stumbled into some part of the theater district he wasn't aware of.  "Nice outfit, that must have set you back a few clams, c'mon I'll buy you a drink". Gesturing towards the counter he made his way over, eyeing the scantily clad woman behind the counter, "Eve is it? Anything I desire? Well then doll gimme the best bottle of hooch ya got"  A smirk on his features as he watched, he figured this'd tell him which side of things she was on.

Offline SashaTopic starter

Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #6 on: June 25, 2011, 11:33:44 PM »

 Eve would not interrupt the conversation between the two guest to the Trading Post the place was always it seemed difficult for mere mortals to wrap their minds around. Twas the nature of the game though and one that had a curious nature to it and though similar situations occurred regularly it was the true nature of the individuals involved that seemed to dictate the atmosphere of the place. Confusion had such a wonderful smell to it anyways and seemed to feed the woman as it was clear with the words of the small time mafia man that he had not quite grasped the meaning of her words yet .
"Eve is it? Anything I desire? Well then doll gimme the best bottle of hooch ya got"  A smirk on his features as he watched, he figured this'd tell him which side of things she was on.

Now Hooch ...lets see that slang still meant alcohol in his time period ...though producing some good weed and a Hookah might be interesting with these two.  Sliding her hand up under the bar though she produced some boot leg liquor and turned over a double sized shot glass , two ...and then a third . " As you wish ...some of the finest bootlegged hooch this side of the Hills . " adding a little giggle as she poured them right to the rim .

Placing one in front of each man ...and lifting her own shot glass up .  " If I may do the honors boys ... " pausing only to make sure it was okay but then again wasn't it always for she was the host of this particular party anyways . "May your mornings bring joy and your evenings bring peace...May your troubles grow less as your blessings increase!  " Lifting her shot higher in the air that seemed a rather reasonable toast in light of the situation at hand . Then she downed the thing and slammed the shot glass on the bar .

Offline johnny5

Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #7 on: June 26, 2011, 11:34:29 AM »
*grinning from ear to ear he took the shot glass in his hand, raising it slightly in Eve's direction he threw back the shot slamming the glass back down on the bar as he swallowed*  Damn that's good thanks doll, that's the first lucky break I've had tonight, how much do I owe ya?  *Pulling a silver money clip out of the pocket of his custom tailored zoot suit he flashed a 20 dollar gold note waving it with a flourish before laying it down on the counter, "More of the same, I'm in the mood to get jazzed"
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Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #8 on: June 27, 2011, 04:51:33 AM »
It took some time for him to take in the strangeness of his surroundings, this 'man' in a striped outfit, loud and outspoken, and the female....

She had shown great respect in her bow, and had spoken in his native tongue.  Of course it would be unthinkable not to return the honour, and so he bent at the waist, deeply, yet still keeping his keen eyes on the both of them, his hand resting gently on the length of steel tucked into his belt, directing the bow at both of them.

"Ohayou gozaimasu" he spoke, but heard something completely different leave his mouth, alien to his ears but the sound of "Good Morning", whatever that meant.  This place was bewitched!  The startled look on his face, covered briefly as he brought his hand to his mouth in surprise.  And from that point, his words would continue to be so, his own language transformed.  He had understood both the male and the female perfectly when they had spoken.  Perhaps this magic allowed him to do so.  Struggling past his confusion, he saw the bottle produced from behind the counter top, the glasses and for a moment his guard lowered.  He suddenly became aware of his thirst and his hunger, and moved cautiously toward the wooden bar.  The coloured liquid was strange to him, as was it's smell, but after watching them both drink heartily, and not drop to the floor, he decided it could not be poisoned and took up the remaining glass.

"Kampai!" he exclaimed, raising the glass and tipping the liquid into his mouth.  A familiar burn in the back of his throat told him it was a bracing spirit indeed, but with a taste quite unlike sake.  Returning the glass to it's place, he watched as the striped male placed a coloured piece of paper on the counter, and wondered if that was a method of payment. 

"Thank you Sir, I am in your debt.  One I will repay before you leave", a slight nod in his direction.

"Thank you my Lady", he spoke softly.  "Your spirit is fiery, if a little unrefined.  I know not where I am, or how I came to be here, but I was in need of a tavern and then here I am".

"And you Sir, your appearance is strange to me, and you carry no sword.  Are you a peasant? A villager? Where do you come from?"

Offline johnny5

Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #9 on: June 27, 2011, 05:31:24 AM »
He smirked and tipped his hat "nice to meet ya mac, name's Spinelli, Marty Spinelli, where I'm from?"  *he grabbed hold of the bottle as they spoke and poured himself and the stranger another shot, throwing it back quickly, starting to feel the familiar tingle* "Brooklyn, born and raised, what about you mac, that's a pretty impressive getup, are you part of a show or something?  And where did you get that mask? That must've set you back a few clams."

Offline Knightfox

Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #10 on: June 27, 2011, 05:52:51 AM »
"My name is Kitsune, and my village is many miles from here, on the island of Hokkaido.  And I do not know what you speak of when you say mask.  I wear no mask, this is my face and I assure you stranger, I am no player in some show, do you see any humour in my face?"

He was confused, the man, this Marty, his familiar manner disrespectful.  He had seen the lack of fur on his body, as he had also noticed on the female, Eve.  More strikingly so on her, but noticed all the same.

"And what are these clams you speak of?  Are we to eat?".  The growling in his belly grew more noticeable.  This Eve had spoken of hearts desire, was it as simple as to ask?

"Brooklyn? I have not heard of such a place, is it far from here?"

Offline johnny5

Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #11 on: June 27, 2011, 06:09:09 AM »
Marty responded with a chuckle "Not far no, it's just across town" It had to be a mask and this guy was obviously pulling his leg but he didn't much care he was fun all the same. He pulled out a pack of Camel's removing one of them with a flick of his wrist tossed it up to his lips.  He produced a streamline lighter and lit the end drawing in the soothing smoke, he always smoked when he drank, it was just one of those things.  He left the pack and the lighter on the counter figuring that if the stranger wanted one he'd ask.  "you know now that I think of it some grub would be good right about now" he said by way of conversation.

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Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #12 on: June 27, 2011, 09:38:57 AM »
"Thank you my Lady", he spoke softly.  "Your spirit is fiery, if a little unrefined.  I know not where I am, or how I came to be here, but I was in need of a tavern and then here I am".

 Eve nodded her head with a lowered bow to give the respect due to the warrior ..... " Of course my traveling friend ...a room shall be prepared for you to rest in a peaceful slumber for as many a night as you need to figure out what it is you desire to leave here with . " 

Looking back down at the money that had been placed out ....not wanting to be rude she took it and folded it placing it into her top . With a sway of her hips ...the woman went back to humming letting the men get acquainted and talk some as she disappeared into the other room . Soon she returned carrying a large tray ....the smells of the food on it rolled into the air . Placing before the trouble boy that stepped out of the 60's a nice steak grilled to perfection with sliced parsley style potatoes and some mixed veggies .  A fresh basket with bread rolls and a container that had butter , Strawberry jam and orange marmalade . " Please let me know if you require anything else ....." as she put a the silverware needed rolled in a clothe napkin down .

Making her way over to the large warrior .... as she placed down a broth style soup with noodles and on a platter were various slices of fine meat cooked slightly ,a bowl of fried rice ....along with a container of sweet red bean dumplings to be enjoyed . " Enjoy your dinner ...." 

Smiling to both men she spoke softly ... " The Trading Post has no measure of time as it is in your world so to speak those that walk at different levels in time may come together here as one . It is difficult to grasp the understanding of but you both have come here together for a reason ...."  bowing her head now ...." I shall make sure you both have a room made perfectly ready and return ....please enjoy the food and drink . "

Eve turned then after coming up from the bowed low position with a smile and her hands still folded together before her half naked body . Slipping away into the back room area to make sure each room was fit for a remembrance of the culture in which they came from . Little touches to remind them of home usually helped the process along anyways .
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Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #13 on: June 27, 2011, 12:08:09 PM »
"Now that's the ticket" Marty's eyes grew wide as he saw the steak, it gently massaged his senses, the aroma combined with the visual  image of the perfectly grilled steak set his mouth to watering.  He eagerly dug in completely ignoring the other two, he cut a small piece off the end and brought it up to his mouth.  His eyes rolled as he chewed, this was easily the best steak he'd ever had, they must have one of those french chefs back there.  He was content, at least for now, what was it the dame had said?  Something about this place being on Time St?  He'd never heard of it before but he was going to make sure he remembered this place, good booze, even better food, and he hadn't seen a copper since he got in here.  Waaaait it all made sense, this place must belong to one of the big fish, a really big fish, someone with enough clout to keep the cops at bay.  A foreign ambassador maybe? It'd explain the guy in the Fu Manchu getup, not to mention the belly dancer shopkeep.  He made a mental note not to cause any trouble, last thing he needed was to spark a turf war.  He continued to eat and mull over this strange place.

Offline Knightfox

Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #14 on: June 28, 2011, 04:17:41 AM »
The smells that drifted into the room as the woman entered nearly brough him to his knees.  As each dish was placed gracefully down in front of him, his mouth watered uncontrollably.  Forgetting formality, he snatched up the chopsticks and began greedily slurping at the broth, pushing the delicious meat and soft noodles between his lips, lost in the flavours and smells.  He could not believe his luck, and, most unlike him, found himself relaxing and actually feeling at ease, something he had not felt for a long time.  The strange male was also ravenous, he watched as the large piece of meat on his plate disappeared bit by bit.

But as he ate, and fed his hunger, he began to wonder how it could be that, just as he wished for a place such as this, it should appear.  Coincidence was not something he trusted, things rarely happened for no reason, and he believed well enough in the fates that this place was no accident.  His curiosity held him only briefly however, as he tasted the rice, savouring every grain.  Whoever this woman was, she was a skilled cook indeed, and he would be sure to show his gratitude and appreciation accordingly.

She had mentioned a room, oh for a bed! To rest his weary frame, even if for only a few hours, would be a blessing indeed.  He dared to hope that there would be some form of bath here also.  His short fur was matted with mud and blood, and he could not remember the last time he had bathed.  Now that would be a true luxury.

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Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #15 on: June 29, 2011, 12:40:20 AM »

 Eve emerged into the bathing chambers of each of the guest's suites that had been made available the warrior's room was more a round style bed and the furniture had an old style Asian feel to it ...the colors of a rich burgundy with gold tones that fit for royalty for sure . Though the changing area had a beautiful folding screen with ivory inlays and showed a contemporary mountain like scene . The paintings on the wall , swords ...pottery all reminders of home with indeed a touch more class . The bed had been turned back and a fire roared out with a gentle flicker in the fireplace .

Bending over the woman drew up a hot bath ...being sure to have enough bubbles to coat the top . Towels were rolled out and in perfect reach . The steam rolled upwards and licked the mirrors creating a soft fog would be perfect temperature when the mighty warrior took off his Armour and slipped his body into it . A decanter of rice wine on a tray with a nice tea style ceramic cup lay also ready to enjoy . Indeed it was perfect .

Making her way across the hall ....this room was more of a billiards green as if it was a side room in a casino . The bed was massive with high columns and one had to step up to get into the masculine beauty. Large black leather chairs adorned two sides of a nice oak table which was commonly used as a smoking area . This suite also had a fireplace that crackled and a bearskin rug laid out before it . A bowl of sugar cubes and everything else needed to partake of the spirits related to what was commonly called the green fairy was all ready to be used but the gentleman that had stepped out of the roaring twenty's otherwise called Absinthe. Something that would be well appreciated by a man dealing back home with prohibition . The room even had a slot machine set up and a roulette wheel up on the wall as a decoration.

The bathing chambers looked similar ....and a bath was soon drawn in the same manner for the trouble boy as well . Setting out the towels and various ointments needed to slick back the hair . Eve smiled men in this era indeed did take much better care of their outer appearance least she thought so anyways ...a fresh thing of lather to shave and a straight razor on the sink area . Everything needed to be perfect anyways which of course gave the boys all time to eat their meal and enjoy a bit of conversation .

Offline johnny5

Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #16 on: June 29, 2011, 02:29:45 AM »
"Damn that was good"  Marty said happily as he put his fork down.  He hadn't had a meal that good...since well ever now that he thought of it.  He leaned back in his chair and lit up another smoke. Marty also smoked when he ate.  In truth he smoked all the time, he found it soothing.  The way the smoke billowed into his lungs, that subtle rush as the nicotine took hold, and the soft glow of the cherry as the cigarette slowly burned.  He blew out a long plume of smoke and turned to his companion.  "That dame sure is easy on the eyes, a real hot tomato.  I wonder where she got off to?"  Marty stood up casually and stretched languidly, a yawn escaping his lips as he looked around the strange environment of the trading post.

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Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #17 on: June 29, 2011, 04:44:48 AM »
Tyler along with a group of punks walked down the streets of New York late one night. They had all got drunk earlier in the day then went to see the band "The Ramones" at a local venue a few blocks away. Tyler raised up a beer bottle and let out a howl that seemed to echo on forever. He slammed what was left in the bottle then threw it against a building. "Hey Tyler we gotta get back man. You gonna make it back alright?" asked one of his friends. Tyler looked at them and nodded. The two then turned left at an intersection while Tyler kept going forward. "Which way is home again?" he asked himself. He merely shrugged and kept on walking down the street bumping into a few light poles and mail boxes along the way.

By the time he had walked another block he completely forgot where he was going and decided to walk down a back alley. He staggered down the alley and came to a side street that was covered by an eerie fog. He stood around and tried to figure out where he was but his vision being blurred in his drunken state didn't help. He walked left and the fog seemed to get thicker. As he walked through the fog he didn't look much at his surroundings granted there wasn't much to look at. He eventually came to a odd looking building with a sign that had the word trading on it. "What part of town did I walk into. Must be chinatown or somethin." he said as he looked at the building.

Feeling a bit cold he slowly walked inside trying to keep from falling over his feet. The first thing to catch his attention was the style of the room. He had never seen anything like it in his life. He looked around for a few minutes then looked at the two characters across the room. The one in the suit he wasn't fond of as he hated the upper class and wealthy. The other well more or less looked like something he had seen in a comic book. "What all did I drink?" he asked himself as he looked at the two. Thinking that they were just some weirdos dressed up funny, he decided not to ask about their appearance. "Do you know where I can get pizza?" asked Tyler, his speech beginning to slur.

Offline Knightfox

Re: The Trading Post ... ( Open to All )
« Reply #18 on: June 29, 2011, 04:53:39 AM »
Assuming he was referring to the Tavern keeper, Kitsune nodded in his direction.  A blessed creature she was indeed, with many talents.

"Our host is most gracious, and provides us with whatever we wish for.  I have not been fortunate enough to visit a place such as this in all my years", he said, coughing slightly at the grey mist that seemed to encircle his erstwhile companion.  He had seen such things before of course, but did not partake.  Sake was his only vice, and then only sparingly.  Too many tales of warriors taken in their drunken slumber by the cursed ninja.  He had eaten his last dumpling, leaving two, his belly full and warm.  He could have finished the meal easily, his hunger a living thing, but he did not want to appear a glutton to the woman, and he had, in truth, had his fill.

And if he understood him correctly, Marty was indeed right about her.  She was a sight to behold.  And each time he looked at her, a wave of peace seemed to wash through him, a silent song of joy.  She surely had been blessed by the gods, and although he was unsure of her motives, the feeling of safety and reassurance he had prevented any thoughts of dark intentions.

Kitsune stood, unsure of where she had gone, but the smells drifting through the room told him that another of his wishes had been granted.  Surely there was no end to the surprises this woman was capable of!  Turning to the pinstriped gaijin, he bowed slightly,

"Sir, I will take my leave of you now, I believe our host has prepared even more gifts for us.  If my nose does not mistake me, I have a hot bath to look forward to.  Perhaps we will speak again, but for now, please excuse me", followed by another gentle bow.

As he turned to leave, the door of the tavern swung open and another man entered.  He seemed disoriented and had certainly had too much sake.  His garb, although different to the clothes this Marty wore, were again unfamiliar, his hair tangled as if he hadn't washed for several days, rips in his clothing.  Had he been in a battle?  Kitsune saw no blood.  And what was this pizza he spoke of?  Having already decided to seek out the source of the enticing smells he had discovered, he bowed respectfully to the new arrival.

"Good day Sir, if you will excuse me, I am about to retire," followed by another curt bow.

Turning silently, he padded along a timber corridor, the smell of sake now reaching his finely tuned senses, leading him towards a large panel which he slid open gently.  Within he saw spirals of steam drifting upwards from a large bath, soap bubbles popping softly, the metal gleaming in the low light of the flickering fire.  In another part of the room a large bed, gods be praised!  And the comfort it seemed to offer was another delight to look forward to.  The decoration of the room was immaculate, indistinguishable from any of the fine homes he had visited when paying his respects to the Feudal lords he served.

Making sure to close the panel behind him, Kitsune drew the sheathed swords at his hip from his belt, laying them reverently on a nearby table.  He would be sure to move them closer to the bath before he entered.  Caution always.  And then began the well practiced, almost automatic ritual of removing his armour and robes.  Unlacing each plate one at a time, almost as if a lizard was shedding its scales.  The grime soaked cloth of his under shirt and leggings was a testament to how long had passed since he had last been able to cleanse himself.  Finally, having removed the last of his clothing, leaving it in a pile beside the bath, he lifted himself up and into the steaming water, the heat taking his breath away at first, but, as he gently lowered himself into the warmth, he let out a long, guttural sigh, the scalding liquid immediately soothing his taut muscles.  He sank, the depth of the water more than enough to cover his entire body, his tail flicked to one side, and just lay there, floating, the water soaking his fur, and he could feel his weariness drifting away.
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Marty looked over at the newcomer as he staggered into the place, he was drunk and by the look of his clothes poor. It was really the jeans, only factory workers wore jeans.  And what was that he asked for Pizza?  Oh wait he must be Italian. It all made sense, the Italian factory workers ate pizza they kept it warm on the radiators during their shifts.  The boy was probably dog tired, and drunk by the look of him.  Marty was feeling unusually charitable, it must have had something to do with this place.  As the fox man was making his leave Marty waved the young man over to the counter.  "I don't know if they got any pizza, but the hooch here is really top shelf"  He leaned over grabbing a fresh pair of shot glasses from behind the bar.  Marty was really starting to feel at home here.  He poured out two nice big shots and offered one to the young man.  "Names Spinelli, Marty Spinelli, and whats yours?"

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He watched the fox person leaved then turned his attention back to the suit who waved him over. Even though he was drunk he remembered his principles and morals. He slowly made his way over to the counter but left an empty seat between the two of them. He folded his arms on the counter and rested his head on his arms, the alcohol starting to wear off. He heard the man introduce himself as Marty. "Tyler." he replied. After a minute he lifted his head back up and looked over at the man then down at the shot glass. He reached out for the shot glass and slowly slid it back over so he didn't spill it. He quickly slammed the shot and took a deep breath afterword then set the shot back on the table. "What is this place? Do you know how to get to Coney Island from here?" asked Tyler.

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Marty downed the shot quickly as a warm buzz started to spread through him, and he shook his head "You know any other day I'd be able to tell you, this is my first time here too and this place is mighty strange.  Just wait till you see the dame that's running this place, she seems to have a thing for making people happy"  Marty leaned into the counter laying his elbows on it as he savored the image of Eve.  "I Imagine shell be back soon, so what brings you here?"  Marty lit up another cigarette as he chatted with the newcomer.

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Tyler was becoming uncomfortable with this Marty figure talking to him. People like Marty usually didn't talk to people like Tyler. Any other time he might've snapped at someone like Marty trying to talk to him but Tyler's buzz was keeping his normal nature suppressed. "Tryin to get home. Saw The Ramones just a few hours ago and now I'm tryin find a way to Coney Island." replied Tyler. He slowly spun around to take in the view of the room. It had a calming sensation to it but he figured it was just the booze. "Why am I here?'' he asked himself. He looked down at the floor and tried to retrace his steps to getting here but to no avail. "I don't remember anything about getting here." said Tyler bluntly.

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Eve having finished setting up the two rooms returning to find another visitor ........

Eve smiled as she came out of the bed chambers set up for the man stepping out of the prohibition era , he would indeed enjoy the casino style room . Catching sight of the warrior as he entered his chambers ...she tapped the door frame . " Sweet Dreams my mighty warrior friend ....enjoy your bath ....we shall chat later . "  There need be no answer for if the man did not hear her voice as she spoke it ...then he would be informed the very thoughts into his mind . For all that come here were given an opportunity and had a decision to make .

She arrived out of the back room ....and up towards the plates , popping one of the dumplings into her mouth as she chewed and moaned .  " ummmmm ummmmmm "  licking her lips .... " I do so love red bean dumplings . " winking at the two sitting at the bar .  " How was your meal Marty ?  "   putting up an ashtray for his smoke .Cleaning off the plates as she looked over to her new guest.

" A good evening to you ....young man , my name is Eve ...." Turning she seemed to produce a cup of warm java ...." Might I suggest a cup of coffee to help widen awake your mind . You will need to sober up some ifin we are to be discussing anything . "  offering a slight giggle before she moved into the back kitchen area .

Though she not been gone more than 5 min at the most ....and she returned with   a Pizza pie that was in itself a masterpiece , deep dish Chicago style . Oh Lord the peperoni , sausage and cheese along with the roll of that fresh baked yeasty shell . Talk about making your mouth water . Serving him up two slices she picked a peperoni off and popped it into her mouth .... " ummmmmm , sometimes I sincerely love what other people desire . "  giving him a wink . " May I welcome you to the trading post ....seemingly since your a bit intoxicated , I shall be making you a bunk room as well . "  giggling as she wasn't about to waste her time talking to the drunken one . Though the coffee if sipped on would help draw out the alcohol content and indeed the young man needed it .

Turning back to Marty ....." I have drawn you a bath ....and prepared your room for the night . Though your welcome to socialize for as long as you desire . "   

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He turned back around at the sound of footsteps to see a half naked yet oddly dressed woman. She was different which was a good thing but he didn't know her so he was cautious. He slowly sipped at the coffee she had set before him. "Tyler." he replied in response to her giving out her name. "At least staying awake will keep away the hangover." he told himself. When she returned with the pizza the smell of it was the first thing to catch his attention. He looked over at the pizza and followed it until it was put down in front of him. The sight of it alone was mouth watering but add the smell to it and it became the greatest thing ever. He began to slowly eat one of the slices offered to him, savoring the delicious taste. He finished the first slice and looked to Eve."Eve right? This is some good pizza." complimented Tyler. He didn't know her at all except for her name, but she made an awesome pizza and that made her alright in his book.