Rider Needs a Partner to Play a Male Character

Started by Rider of Wind, June 13, 2011, 05:31:38 PM

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Rider of Wind

A vampiress is seeking something. She isn't sure what quite yet. She is a lonely, sensuous soul that has traveled the world quite happy with how she runs her own world, taking and playing with humans as she needs. Or wants. She isn't one to waste or give into excess, so she has passed under the radar of hunters and humans and other vampires for centuries. Most vampires of her power level have been hunted down or joined into 'houses'.

It is a skill of hers to hide her own nature, which is another reason her existence has been so unnoticed. What she is seeking is someone. She thinks it's someone to play with, a toy, a passing amusement. But deep down, and what she doesn't know yet is that it is a True Companion. The one that matches her soul a nature at very deep level. Love/companionship/fun.

I don't have a clear idea on who this person needs to be. A hunter perhaps, one who is torn between a deep hatred of vampires and his own fascination with her, even after he discovers what she is (could take a while, she's a sneaky wench).  A human, one who has been a pet in many circles of vampires, even a blood addict (one who craves being bled) and who is startled by finding a vampire as gentle-seeming and human as she is. A human mage who is blindsided when he discovers she's a vampire, usually his magic would have revealed it to him. A werewolf/werecreature of any sort that is just drawn to her and confused about.

Open to just about any ideas for the male's nature really. He needs to be someone that has a understanding of the world, is intelligent and can throw some fun in there too. This is almost going to be an equal partnership. This is NOT a Domme/Sub story. Although elements of that can be incorporated, either with her letting him top her or him being led until he gains confidence in their relationship.

NOTE: I'm going to be a little picky with this story because I'm only going to be starting one and ONLY one story this summer. But please don't let that scare you off if the idea truly interests you. PM or reply in this thread and I will get back to you.

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Sounds like you're a fan of the World of Darkness. And in that case I can feel confident enough in my knowledge of the setting.  ;D

Although I am unsure if I'd put it on the line, you'd be my first sensually themed RP and while I am confident in my regular RP and writing skills, I am a bit unsure about the sensual part. This being your only one for the summer I wouldn't want to fudge it up for you...  :P

As for a potential role, I got an old favourite of mine that I feel comfortable to use in this case. He's an FBI profiler turned hunter who have had qualms in the past about how true the monster rings in supernaturals and if they are truly as inhuman as he have thought. He have had a prospect of love before with a werewolf, but it fell through when he but a silver in her father's skull. Since then he has started to question his line of "work" and fallen into a workaholic state, burying himself in work at the bureau to prevent himself from having spare time to hunt the supernatural.

If you are interested, get in touch and we'll work it out further.

Rider of Wind

Contact has been sent. It's not from World of Darkness...I don't know what that is, actually. :P
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it seems i am too late to apply for the position. i have a werewolf that would work, or if you would like to play with another vampire, i have one that may pique your interest. pm for details if curious.

dad savage

        Not sure if this is worthwhile posting since others have bitten (heh) first, but I was reading another thread and your sig linked to here saying you're looking for someone. If not my bad, but if so I have an original character from my own story who might interest you. His background and mentality is a lot to write out, but to put it simply he is a hunter. He, as I tend to write him, has a major aversion to killing (yet has, will again) who was quite fascinated with the vampire concept all along. On discovering they exist this fascination, an attraction, makes him guilty. His father (a hunter) drags him all over the country on pursuit after his mother dies, and in a sense trains him from a fairly young age though he never participates directly (he learns more about the detective side of things) spends a lot of time riding in the cab of his dad's truck with corpses (no turning to dust in this setting) thus ends up quite desensitised to death and violence, particularly theirs. Has it drilled into him that they are vermin and must be wiped out.

        Now, depending on what stage in his development you choose to have her meet him, he could be very different. As a hunter early on he is strong, energetic, talented, totally focused and dedicated and possesses an almost instinctive flair for violently outmanoeuvring others and causing them a great deal of damage, obsessively tinkering with different kinds of ammunition, blades, etc., to make them more effective. On a personal level is negatively passionate towards them as his fathers influence and greater social taboos leave him with wracking guilt for his attraction. He hates them, wants them gone, for being compelling and for drawing his interest as though they do it intentionally. Principally sees them like someone in the tropics would the malarial mosquito, and is not cruel about it but simply does not want them to exist anymore. It would be possible to get through to him, albeit difficult, at this stage.

        Meet him later and he acknowledges they are not all bad however this only alienates him from them further in that now he feels they have a choice, and are deliberately malignant; it is almost impossible for one to earn his trust though he theoretically is open to any who are not immanently hostile or violent. Admits he finds them compelling and so no longer truly hates them in fact has a profound respect, an almost empathic attitude, toward them such as the great hunters do for their chosen prey (consider the way Jim Corbett felt about big cats) yet for all that is, in all honesty, not much of a hunter anymore. He has lasting injuries, problems from a life of doing the job, and can almost never bring himself to kill anything anymore, cannot keep himself in peak shape. Makes up for it to an extent with sheer knowing and guile, still has the same focus and determination, is ridiculously talented now, but it really is not enough anymore yet he is too dogged and has a bloody-minded, fatalistic persistence that gets him through albeit at the cost of usually ending up in hospital for some time after every foray. Naturally this makes the next harder which leads to more injuries; is living on a very small amount of borrowed time and appreciates it on some level. Keeps quitting and then taking on 'one more,' and needs a reason to stay quit.

        Or after retiring, but I am too lazy to write this up. Let me know if you are interested. If you would like to see more the excerpts in my role-play suggestions for my vampire game involve him.


Hey, noticed your post and I have an idea for a character in this who's kind of a human mage of sorts, if you could fit him in that category. When his mother was still pregnant with him she was attacked by a demon with control over the dark. However, she was saved by a demon hunter who managed to stop the creature before it could harm her or her baby. But the run in with the demon changed the child. In his infant state he absorbed a portion of the demon's power, allowing him an extended life and control over the same power as the demon had, as well as the ability to sense creatures of darkness, but at a price: he is hunted by demons for his power so that they can make it their own. The demon that unwittingly infected him was of a rare breed, but was too powerful for other demons to defeat and absorb. But he, on the other hand, is not so indestructible and his powers are lusted after. But it's not just he who's hunted, but those close to him. The demons torture him to try and weaken his mind, and his powers, and so he's been living alone to avoid anyone getting hurt by the demons hunting him.

We can discuss his abilities in greater detail if you're interested and work it all out. Just PM me :)