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Author Topic: A series of fortunate ideas... (open to all) [Now includes picture plots]  (Read 4789 times)

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CRAVINGS - This post of the thread, FAN FIC plots are also located here. CURRENT AND OLD RP links also located here
OTHER PLOTS - all other ideas I have that are not currently cravings are in the second post of this thread
PICTURE PLOTS - Are in the third post of this thread. Still under development so will be cleaned up soon
OLD PLOTS - located in the forth post of the thread

I want to try and keep this thread relatively clean so please PM me. This will also allow me to get back to you quicker and easier.
My profile has a lot of my ons and offs, as does my actual ons and offs thread.

Quick overview of my main ons though in general, not specific to stories or sex:
UNCONVENTIONAL IDEAS - eg twists on classic ideas, and original concepts not impossibly tiny variations on a cliched theme
Multiple partners & double penetration < Absolutely love
Wall sex
Dangerous situations
Changes of Fortune
Emotional Outburst resulting in plot shift
DETAILED WRITING - absoluitely no one liners

PLOT CRAVINGS - Please see next post for the rest of my plot ideas

Fallen King
He was a king who ruled a kingdom fairly and justly. No one was murdered on the streets for trivial matters and even rebellion for a cause was actually encouraged so that the people would learn not to be complacent. He would welcome traitors into his castle to dine with him and share their concerns and hatred so he could maybe do something about it and fix it. Only if they continued to be a severe problem would he have to do something violent about it. He had a harem but it was more of place for women and their children who had no where to go and he never used it, preferring his wife over any other. When the empire came and took over the entire kingdom fell. The king went into hidding, his wife and newborn dead and his life's work destroyed. His castle became home to a new king who was ruthless and far more violent. Twenty years on people have forgotten the old way and simply become complacent with the ruthlessness. A smear campain from the invaders had said that the old king had used it as a way to make the people weak for invasion and was actually working for them. And they believed it.
When a young woman, who had sought sanctuary with her mother in the old kings harem comes across a injured and weak old man in the streets she recognizes the kind face, who as a child gave her warm clothes and showed her how to ride a horse, like he did with all the other harem children, and identifies him as the old king. After a lot of struggle and persuasion she convinces him to fight for his kingdom again, save the people. But only if it is just the two of them as no one knows who to trust. First step, get into the castle and get back his papers signifying his right to rule and his honest regency.

Happy to play either one of the characters here, king or the woman.
The idea is that this would take place with slowly her bringing him back to his former glory. He would go from old man to the proud strong king he had use to be and that slowly they would fall in love. They would have to hide in the streets and in houses of people who still respected him and do things to get him back. LONG TERM roleplay I have this in mind for and a fair detailed poster will be required.
Inspired by coldplay - viva la vida

Child of a cult
She was born into a cult. Raised in it. Trained in it. Trained to kill. Rescued and put in witness protection at the age of fourteen, the eighteen year old now appears ‘normal’. She has friends, does sport, plays music and gets average marks. Most people like her if not finding her a bit confronting and sometimes arrogant. But she doesn’t get along well with the people. She can’t stand crowds or loud noises and people learn not to move quickly or sharply around her. She always has an edge on her. She also has a crush on a guy in her class but knows it is too dangerous to do anything about it. Without warning her cult tracks her down, holding her and her entire class hostage. She manages to incapacitate most of the attackers. The last one points a gun at the guy, realizing what she feels for him. Thinking to sacrifice herself for him she shelters him with her body and gets shot in his place. During her recovery she learns she is about to be relocated again. And then she discovers that he is as well, and this time he is going with her, to be posed as brother and sister orphans on the other side of the country. At his hesitation on going somewhere completely new and away from his life her only response it “After the first few times you get use to it.”

An idea that I have had in my head for a while now. Can be very action packed or very calm and normal for a while, except for things ‘at home’ where the world will be more complex. Looking for someone who can provide a very visual character. But because its a craving will really just be happy to start posting at it.

Private Life
She is the most talked about girl in school. Terribly shy she had no friends but her intelligence and beauty shine through openly. Other boys have asked her out but she always refuses and then never talks to them again. GIrls had asked her out too, but they get the same reaction. But even with this avoidance she will open up in class to answer questions and talk to the teachers or even to defend the victim of a bully. She will only openly talk to a few people but even this is rare and she never lets the conversation turn back around to her private life. No one knows her really. When her ‘best friend’ asks her out she refuses, but unlike the others she continues to talk to him. After a day out in which they skipped school to hang she realizes that she had missed her bus. Knowing how much trouble she will get in if she is home late. Hesitantly she accepts his lift home. Being a man of honor he refuses to drop her around the corner in case something happens. She starts to panic but he doesn’t know why. When they arrive he finally understands. She shrinks into herself. Her father is standing in the doorway, naked and fully erect. She gets out the car and the boy hears him order her to his room, to strip and get to his bed, that he will be there soon. When she tries to stall and look behind her at one last look at her friend she is hit by her father. The next day she is acting exactly the same, as if everything is normal. That’s because it is for her.

Obviously a plot that could be taken in a lot of ways. Does he demand that she turns her father in to the police or does he try and find out more about it first? If you would like a more aggressive character maybe he even goes and attacks the father, and then which one would the girl defend. I am very open to discuss exactly how far that this will all go. The scenes with the father can be roleplayed out if you wish but they certainly do not have to be.

Assassins of a different world
Based on this failed thread - Assassin
This thread really kind of fell through after the forth page.

So taking it back to basics it will be a girl (Kai) who is just coming into a set of abilities that seem familiar even though she had never used them before. She works in an assassins guild and another man there (Charles [very happy for the name to be changed]) realizes who she is and helps her out but soon their guild turns on them and they are forced to run. Little does she know that she is actually a type of demi god who was betrayed and murdered by her sister thirty years ago. The man was her partner. Together he had to help her gather her old memories again and get her back too who she use to be. On the way they find another one like them and his partner.... Kai's sister.

Obviously very happy for this general brief of a plot to be played around and fiddled with. I am really happy to work with someone on this as I really would like to pick up this plot again while keeping it closer to the plot of the two main characters.
Please don't hesitate to enquire about it.

Two sides of the same coin
Based on a really old rp from another site I was on years ago. But still very open for ideas.
Katara was taken as a child and raised as the apprentice to an assassin. She became his second hand, sent on many jobs my herself and with him. Always busy and never trained to have any guilt out doubt in her mind about what she did. As she came of age she learnt that he hadn't just picked her because her harsh beauty could get her places he never could. He picked her because she had the gift. The gift that had been outlawed years ago. Shape shifting. More to the point, fire shifting. She could turn her body to fire and shift into any form she wanted. She could control fire. There were others out there that could do the same. Though not always with fire.
One day, sent out on a job she is stopped in her tracks by a young man. A dangerous man with a power like hers. But with water. THey fight but during it find a grudging respect for each other. They walk away, with injuries but no clear winner and after having shared a kiss.
When they next meet, they also fight. But after being beaten by her master she isn't so forgiving and almost kills him before saving his life. After seeing her injuries she convinces her to run with him and together they try and escape persecution. From people who hate their gift, and from her master who won't give up till he finds her.

Just a very basic outline based on the original roleplay. happy for it to be changed around and messed with a fair bit. They don't have to be shape shifters although I would play Katara (the fire bender and assassin apprentice) simply because i am familiar with the character.

Gladiators Reward
Gladiators. Its real and its back. A new form of entertainment meant to control the bloodthirsty masses of society. The campions of the game get few rewards, more food and water, better conditions, more clothing. Not enough to provide motivation. But to win you have to fight, and one trainer has found a way to make sure that the men always want to fight. Always want to win. Daily they are brought to arousal and denied release. If they win, they get to release. If they win a lot, they get a woman in which to do so for a night. There is a new champion, but unlike the others, he fights, but never takes the woman he is offered. Until tonight where he is told to ‘break in’ a new female to the household. It was his sister/friend/ex.

Completely up for discussion again. things I will look to talk over with you is if the gladiator is injured when they meet, and how badly so, and what else the woman will have to do in the mean time when she isn’t with him. Also perhaps their past history together.

FANFIC PLOTS - requires some knowledge of the source idea. All open to any ideas involving characters. Unless marked I don't really care who plays who. Also, if you like the source material (game or book) but not interesting a link with those characters that can also be arranged
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West [Video game. Monkey (Me) and Trip (You)]
INfamous 2 [Video game. Love triangle possibility. Cole, Nix and possibly Kuo]
Prince of Persia [2008 Video Game. After the Epilogue DLC. The Prince and Elika] - Taken
 Silent Hill [Video game series. Primarily just a base for environment] CRAVING
Resident Evil [Video game series. Primarily just a base for the environment.] - Taken
Assassins Creed [Video game series. Possibly Ezio (You) and Rosa (Me)]
Tide Lords Quartet by Jennifer Fallon [Books. Possible Love Triangle. Cayal, Arkady and possibly Declan]
Witches of Eileanan by Kate Forsyth [Books. Isabeau (Me) and Dide (You)]

The Exiles (Odin)
the errant sister (Odin)
Sold to a Sith (jacobjon)
Invisible Scars (Tingting)
Gentle Murder (Iblis121)
But he hit you! (Itsallgoodfun)
The Simple Village Witch (LordLuck)
the secrets of courting (Serraphyna)
Resident Evil: A Nightmare Returns (Sabre)
Segregation: A Forbidden Interracial Romance (Ty5550)

Threads on hold/Old or cancelled threads:
Spirit of Water (Qt) - Old
Bonding with the Boys (Blackflow) - Old
Stolen by a Serial Killer (FM) - Old
family masquerade (Ty5550) - Old
model under the expertise of a sculptor (adriotgreyman) - Old
Courtesan of an Age (Qt) - Old
The Gladiators Sister (Arkaniel) - Old
The One In The Middle (dkp) - Old
The Fallen King (Baloditis) - Old
White Padded Walls (Richardson) - Old
Roleplay the night away (TheDoctor46) - Old
Crossed Animal Instincts (BrilliantDays) - On hold
Revival of the Ahura (ObscureObscenities)

This thread is updated every time I get a PM or interest so don’t hesitate ☺

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Re: A series of fortunate ideas... (open to all)
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2011, 01:52:08 am »

Watching the Sniper
Its in the middle of yet another war. A civil war. And at the leader of it all is a mysterious man who has been inciting the rebel factions for more and more horrific acts. Within certain secret circles a private team of sniper and spotter, Omega Team 00, are well known as the best 'political eliminators' under UN control. They knew they are assassins and have no problem with it, except that one of them is female and that causes a whole lot of jealousy. Sent in to kill the guy at the center for the first time ever something goes badly wrong and he escapes. Together they have to run just to survive, hiding out from the various factions trying to kill them. And the UN can't help them until they check in, but their equipment is broken forcing them to find new stuff. But so close together they find that a mutual attraction is something they have been fighting for a while, and its starting to show. But all might be blown apart with the revelation that one of the team recognized the man they were hunting.

If you like this could be changed to an M/M plot. Happy for the female to be either the sniper or the spotter whatever you feel more comfortable with. Anything else is open for ideas and suggestions.

Ancient draconic urges
A long time ago the last of the dragons died, five dragons passing their power over to a civilization of people who became strange creatures who could shift between human, dragon and hybrid forms at will. Eventually civilization moved on but a group of ten became so powerful that they became the leaders. When civil way broke out all but two were killed, un aware of the others existence when they were sealed away for protection. Something has woken then up now, and they need to try and save their species. Only one problem. When they discover each other are alive they know one way to do it. Become king and queen. And all that that entails.

Desiring, but not properly craving as of yet. I see their initial meetings being very formal and eloquent as opposed to casual. Maybe they work together trying to train their kind, teach their kind. But they find themselves being drawn closer and closer until in the end they want to go there? Would be a lot for flash back as well if that is your thing, and for nostalgia. Very open.

Controlled Protection
A man is found to have been set up in the middle of a massive drug cartel investigation. Unknown to him they find out that he is actually the target of one of the cartels, in a war with a cartel that the man's estranged cousin is in. He is put into protective custody after the police save him from a potential assassination. Except what happens when one of the members of the witness protection squad is in the payroll of the cartel? When that is found out, a young officer in the squad is unsure of how many more of her colleges are a potential threat, so taking the man somewhere safe she is designated a rouge operative. Together they have to stay safe, stay hidden, and try and sort it all out before they both loose their heads.

Inspired by the film Witness. Could go a variety of ways up to discussion between us. The main thing I want to have here is more of a feel of being on the run and in a dangerous situation, more on the defensive rather then the offensive and the man clearly desperate to save his life if he can by whatever means possible. Why is up to you.

Treasonous Heros
Born of rival clans of magic, their love is brought through secret touching, seemingly by accident, soft words, and intense meetings which are kept hidden at all cost. But the rival clans have been at peace now for many years and during the annual meeting to revitalize the meeting they are attacked by mercenaries. Together the two of them manage to fight the majority of them off, managing to work together where as the others fought over who got to fight off who. The way they fought, the communication that they shared made their secret clear. Together they are brought before a mixed council of the two clans to decide their fate. Usually the sentence would mean death. But they have just been declared heros.....

Can really go anyway you want. maybe they are sentenced to death and help each other escape, or they are exiled, or even nothing happens but they had to deal with the disapproval from their clans or that they are told they can stay but have to stop seeing each other. Completely up for discussion.

Circle of Lust
The descriptions of hell in Dante Aligheri’s the Inferno, no one expected to be real. It is. The only ones who know it are the dead, and they cannot tell anyone. Free from the idea of the afterlife full of prosecution, a young girl has spent most of her life sleeping with most of her male friends freely. They use her instead of masturbation and she’s fine with that. Orgies are common in her life. Suddenly she finds herself dead in a car crash and is now in front of King Minos who sentences her to the circle of lust, the circle of sexual torture. Immediately she finds herself raped to exhaustion, forced to put on shows and generally abused. Until she catches the eye of one of the head demons in Lust. And is now chained to him.

Or potentially one of the men she sleeps with also dies and is sentenced with her. Also another possibility for this idea. This can be kept fairly light if you want it but can also go very extreme. You do NOT need to have read or have knowledge of The Inferno.

Seeing Blind
A blind girl finds at a young age that she can ‘see’ through light. The power that she holds allows her to walk unaided, be normal to an extent and you would never know she is blind except for the whiteout on her eyes. But it also serves another people. She can understand people. See right through them. Tell a persons intents, thoughts and other ideas. But when a local gang finds out about it they start to target he. The last thing she expected was to have one of the gang members come and protect her. He is fascinated by her gift and when she sees no harm or evil in him she accepts his help to avoid them.

Can be very fantasy based or very realistic. Up for discussion. Very open based plot that I am really happy to go any way that you want it to. If you don’t want her to have the ability to see into people thats fine as well. Whether he helps her more or she helps him by giving him an out is also a possibility.

Four legged Savior
A man is running for his life in the forest when he trips. Before he can be shot a massive tigress jumps out and saves him. Standing over him she roars and scares away the man who was attacking him. Unsure why but accepting the help he lets her escort him to the safety of her cave. He rests up and finds quickly that while she cannot talk, she can easily communicate certain ideas with paws and actions and gentle pushing. When he passes out one night and wakes up early he is surprised to find the tigress is gone. Instead in her place in a beautiful woman, with the same scars and clothing patterns as the tigress. She is a shape-shifter.

Please be aware this will involve NO bestiality. The tiger form will purely be for plot development, not for any intimate scenes. If you would prefer some other animal that is fine although i would prefer a big cat simply because I can describe their movements a lot better.

Stolen Revenge
A slave is freed after almost a life time of servitude. Now she is after her revenge. One by one she is going after her owners, traders, and anyone else who could have freed her and didn’t. Only she arrives at the home of one of her targets to find he is already dead. Murdered by his son. She knew him as a child, they were friends. He was also a prisoner. And now, glad to see her, he invites her back into the house to stay with him.

Climb High
A group of mountain climbers takes on the challenge to tackle the hardest climb on the planet. Three days in a storm kicks up, in another day it is a full on blizzard. Most of them die. The survivors find a cave and go through most of their food and water until they are forced to travel to try and find more so that they can survive. When they go further into the cave they find that there is an entire ecosystem here. The mountain is hollow and filled with plants, animals and water. Everything that they need. A new home. And for now the blizzard isn’t letting up.

Needs some sort of plot build up and element but this is probably the most open of my plots and is really just a setting and a background then any firm idea or possibility.

Awkward Obsession
No one seems to care about the almost fanatic obsession that her boyfriend has with her. He follows her everywhere. Does whatever she says no matter what. Comes and finds her every day. Until she dies suddenly from illness and suddenly he is completely lost. He doesn’t have any friends but knowing how he felt, her friends all try and comfort him, giving them a way to deal as well. But he is unfocused, pained, completely directionless. The one person who understands more then anyone is her girlfriends sister. But he needs someone else to move his obsession onto. So he moves it to her. She loves him, has for a long time, but it is her dead sisters boyfriend. She doesn’t think it is right. But he doesn’t take no for an answer.

Based off a thread of mine (Exiles, with Odin) and the relationship between Beka and Tilran to some extent. This can either go really extreme or really tame, either way.

My Husband, The King, The Sodomite
The King and Queen of the land are fair and wonderous, always laughing and joking and having fun, throwing balls that have open doors to the public and always interacting with their subjects. Even in the bad times they do not close themselves up in their palace and instead take more regular sessions of public court in which it is encouraged for the townsfolk to come and state their problems and even hold debates and legal battles in front of their king and queen, but subjects who attend and wait in line simply to give their blessing are also smiled upon. They have only been king and queen for a few years, married three days before the coronation of the King after his father passed away three years ago. One major failing in their marriage is their lack of children despite their frequent love making, something that haunts the queen greatly as she wants nothing more then to hold a baby of theres in her arms. While they do have their own chambers as if degreed by tradition most of the time they share his, she will sleep in his bed and most of her dresses are stored in there as well although her own quarters do hold dresses she uses as a surprise at special functions and also serve as an escape if needed. One night thinking that she needs such an escape she goes to her quarters alone before deciding against it. Walking to her husbands rooms she smiles as she slips in the door, only in her chemise and night robe, holding a candle, intent on surprising him and hoping that tonight maybe she can concieve. Only to come face to face when she walks around the corner into his bedroom with her husband in bed..... with another man.....

Very open for how this can go from here. It does not have to be but an interesting addition which is what started the plot is the idea that eventually they end up in an open relationship, or even have sex together sometimes. It will be a plot about both the private side of these characters and also the public face. Up for dicusssion as to who the man is whether he is a commoner or someone in the court or the household or anything else you can think of. While it certainly DOES NOT have to be included, the idea of pregnancy could play a role as well but that is certainly not neesisary.

Always watch the skies
They live in a time where sniper assassinations are common. Every major money holder has a guard specifically trained to look for them. So when the presidents guard sees one and goes after her, he is surprised when he gets there too late to stop the shot. Only she didn’t shoot the president. She shot one of his guards who had pulled out a knife ready to stab him in the back. The president is eternally grateful, and asks her to join his guard as a counter sniper. Her spotter, the same man who saw her and tried to stop her.

Can be done very action based or a lot more subtle. Maybe the president is killed and they had to go after the guy. Or maybe the president doesn’t show up somewhere and they have some time to themselves. Also up for discussion as to how much time they spend face to face or just talking over the phone etc for communication. A lot fo freedom for coming up with the sort of events that they might be needed the guard and things that might happen.

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Re: A series of fortunate ideas... (open to all)
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2011, 01:39:56 am »

This section is still under development and will be cleaned up a lot in coming days and organized into categories. for now i have just listed the links to the pictures so that they are all in one spot

IF YOU ARE INTERESTING IN ROLEPLAYING with me but cannot sort through all these pictures PLEASE wait and I will have it sorted asap.

I am aware this is a mass amount of pictures but it will all make sense once the categories for them are in place and i start putting descriptions and ideas up

Please be aware that some of these pictures have an animal or mythological creature in it. For these plots I will require that these creatures at least have a human (or mostly human form) for any intimate scenes

Light to Dark - CRAVING
Cold Air
Carte Blanche - CRAVING
Bright eyes
The Female Knight
Scarred Bounty Hunter         
Rouge Operative
Winged Companions
Tread Softly
Through the Barricades       
Sacnturary for All
Operation Clockwork
Ode to Danfur
Nocture - CRAVING
Hades and Persphone
Guardian of Legends
Guardians of the Moon
Fallen Angel- CRAVING
Drow Spellcast
Creatures of Nerath
Color drops
Bella's mask
Aurora Borealis - Twin picture to come soon   
Ashes of Time
Angel of Dream
Medusa Savoir
Kiss of Death- CRAVING
In thoughts
Dark Age Rising
Barbarian Queen- CRAVING
Woman in Blue
Dragon Queen
Crowing of an Angel

If you want to PM me about a picture you can just refer to it by the name in the link as i do know all the names off by heart
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Re: A series of fortunate ideas... (open to all)
« Reply #3 on: July 17, 2011, 08:14:55 am »

Gentle murder LINK
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A labourer comes home from work early. There are cops all around and he knows that they are on the manhunt for two people. And murderer and a thief. As he walks in his front door he finds himself grabbed and pressed hard up against the wall, knife at his throat held by a women he immediately has a mix of feelings about, including fear and arousal, a confusing mix. Assuming that if it was the murderer he would be dead already he tries to talk himself out of it, failing.
Little does he know that he is being held captive by the murder. She doesn’t enlighten them, strangely attracted to this fearless man. Despite his pleas she refuses to let him go, as she doesn’t want to be ratted out, but the labourer doesn’t really want to leave anyway, for reasons he cant explain.

Can go anyway you want
I would prefer for this to be me playing the female murder and you the male labourer. Based on the idea of this hard woman who has been forced into this situation and the kind caring male is trying to help her.

Courtesan of an Age LINK
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She is the courtesan of an age. She is the prize of the brothel that owns her. She has many regulars and always more coming and she works hard on making her customers happy because that means more money for her family.

I would play the courtesan, you can play any role you want
I kept this short and sweat because this is a plot I would sort out with you.
Maybe tragedy strikes and she finds herself a common whore on the street? Or maybe it is the story of one of her favourite customers? Happy to work on this with anyone interested.

Stolen by a Serial Killer LINK
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Waking up in an abandoned shed, the newest victim of a serial killer finds herself tied up next to another woman, equally tied up. From her she learns that this serial killer has some sick bondage fantasies and has no problem acting them out and will take one of them every night, sometimes for play, sometimes just for sex, sometimes for violence. The killer comes in and takes the woman in front of the new girl viciously. Despite herself she cant help but get aroused by what it happening, the arousal mixed with fear.
Afterwards the woman is ordered the next night to teach her how to please him, and if she failed the new girl will suffer for it.

You would play the killer and/or the other girl.
Very much playing of the relationship of the two women, and the killer when he gets involved. very open to any interests/kinks you have as well.

Masqurade LINK
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Meeting up at a costume party is fun when you don't know who it is. Especially if there are masks involved. So when dancing gets involved and straight out flirtation things can get interesting. Even leading upstairs, mask still attached and you have no idea who it was you just slept with. Especially when it is the start of a one week long masquarade ball and your man has told you he will be wearing the same mask each night.
Except what you don't know is that the man you slept with has exchanged masks with one of his friends, and for seven nights you sleep with seven different men, not noticing much of a change beside the slight change in size or in sexual passion. Except when they all reveal themselves to you on the last night and you realise you know ever single one of them.

could go LOTS of different way. Maybe they are all friends of hers. Or they are friends of hers and a couple of siblings. Whatever you want to come up with. At the end I am not expecting anyone to have to rp seven characters, so some may walk away or just stay on the sidelines or whatever. I can play either the guys or the girl, up to you. Even if you want to swap it and have it the guy sleeping with seven different girls (less preferable but doable). Very open.
Other possibility which was raised and which the thread is based off, a brother and sister meeting up and being together for seven days not knowing who the other is.

Roleplay the night away LINK
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Two best friends have had a thing for each other for a long time. But due to some personal issues on both sides they have never acted on those feelings. They have had other relationships over the couple of years they have known each other, but nothing really serious. Neither of them know that the other roleplays on line, doing extensive plots, sometimes sexual. When they decide they like each others writing style they decided to start up a plot together, neither of them knowing that it is their best friend they are writing with. Quickly it develops into something they just cant stay away from, both using it as a means of sexual relief and also a way to try and get each other out of their heads. So what happens when they find out who is on the other side of the keyboard?

Very interesting idea i had of a roleplay within a roleplay. Really really want to do this one. Clearly will require too characters, main charrie and their character for the roleplay. Up to discussion of how they find out who the other is etc. Initial thought was one of them stays over maybe resulting in sex, or close to and sees the person logged on and recognizes the user name? Anyway, all up for discussion.

Segregation LINK
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
They are a clan of hybrids. Half human, half dragon. For many years they were separated, segregated from the community. But recent government cuts is now forced to end this segregation. Schools join, lives collide. The other humans are jealous of the hybrids. They throw rocks at them when they are flying and when the dragons talk in their own language mimic them cruelly. Stick things on their sawn off claws, stab their wings, step on their tails. If a human is attacked by the hybrid for their bullying the blame is put on the hybrid. They hide under long heavy cloaks, stay away from the humans as much as they can and don’t talk to hide their strange raspy voices. So when one human approaches them offering food to a hybrid that has none, slowly starving to death, offering support and protection from the others. They find themselves growing fond of each other so how does it go?

Up for discussion if the hybrid is a male or female, and if the human is male or female. Also would like to talk about where it would go and all of that too. Also how much of the dragon characteristics would you like. If you would prefer a more human looking creature that is fine but a more draconic one is fine as well.

Witch, witch, she’s a witch - LINK
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Its during the witch trials. A young village girl, kinda and considerate is hunted and proclaimed a witch. Her best friend, is a handsome and honorable young man, who was thinking of asking for her hand in marriage. He refuses to believe that the charges are real. Desperate to save her he is in the lake when they throw her in, and he desperately swims to save her. Before he can he passes out and is drowning. Inexplicably he wakes up fine by a warm fire and she is alive. Only to find out he was wrong. She is a witch. And happy about it. And she loves him. Only now they are in exile together.

Mostly of what is up for discussion as well will be what sort of powers that you would like her to have. I would prefer to play the witch but you can have that character if you want. What happens. Do they leave to go find somewhere else to live, is it discovered that they are alive and now they are being hunted, is he a witch, are there other witches that she can hide with, etc?

Flight of the Dragon LINK
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Based off an old rp on another site. Requires a fairly competent partner. Complex plot. Long story short.....
Nazenn, the last of his clan. As a child he was born with a twin sister in to the disgraced clan of half human, half dragons. They were bred to be warriors. Stronger, bigger, faster, more intelligent. As children they were trained to be the revenge of their clan on the main society of Graak, their species that had shunned them for war mongering. But they had decided that his sister was weighing him down. Tying her to a pole they tried to kill her. When he found out he went berserk, slaughtering them all. They escaped. Living on their own in the shelter of the forest. And years later they were hunted and Nazenn's sister killed by an assassins arrow. Determined to find the Graak that had sent her killer he hunted them down. But their city was gone, no where to be seen.
In the forest off to the south lies a last colony of Graak, the Graak that left the city before it was sealed away. It is ruled by a powerful matriach a true queen of the Graak and she is powerful and arrogent in that power. Her helpers are her three siblings, a brother and two sisters. Her brother is just as powerful as her and known as the brawn behind her brains. Her sisters are the smaller kind of Graak, their duties of hunting and gathering information keep them entertained through the day until Nazenns arrival changes everything they thought they knew.
Of in the north, not so far from one of Nazenn's hideouts is the ruined shell of a village that once lived there, destroyed and ruined. Near by a Graak warrioress hunts for information for the few who escaped her, her power and skill unparralleled by those she has known. She is ruined, with only two broken horns, shreded wings and a cut off tail she is less then a full Graak but Nazenn understands her pain, and her anger, and he is more then a match for her skill and his meeting with her changes everything that they both thought that wanted
And all the while a group of dangerous Graak sit on their mountain plotting the downfall of Nazenn and the others, the last others of their species. The siblings, under the rule of their mother, thrive off pain. And together they just want blood, the brother and the sister the cruel monsters, torturing all in their lands while their mother masterminds a plot that would leave them the only ones to be powerful. But they have not counted upon the return of their father who just may destroy everything they planned.

If you would like the links to the original rp threads (off site) I can get them
Clearly this is a very basic and hollow shell of a complicated plot. I would play Nazenn, you the maimed Graak warrioress but who plays the others is up for discussion. Happy for things to be moved around, talked about and generally messed with. Not very concrete in what I want here. But I am craving it so happy to talk to anyone about it. You need to have some skill and be good at responding to what I write in order to deal with what I want for this rp. This is just a very easy and general plot shelling that describes the backgrounds and the histories of the characters involved but like I said, everything else is able to be worked out.
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Re: A series of fortunate ideas... (open to all)
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Added two new plots
- I'm your kin
- My dream demon

Status update on all avalible plots
status update on active threads.

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Re: A series of fortunate ideas... (open to all)
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I'm interested in the Dream Demon game :)

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Re: A series of fortunate ideas... (open to all)
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please do not contact me via this thread.

I will only discuss plots via PM so as to keep this thread clean and neat.

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Re: A series of fortunate ideas... (open to all)
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Added Silent Hill + Resident Evil + Assassins creed plots
All open for discussion

Formating change

Updates current CRAVINGS

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Re: A series of fortunate ideas... (open to all)
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Updated Cravings
Added an easy to see Cravings list at the top

Currently craving a plot where I can play a male character

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Re: A series of fortunate ideas... (open to all)
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Added two new plots
-roleplay the night away (CRAVING)
-ancient draconic urges

Deleted two plots
-my dream demon
-im your kin

cravings update

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Re: A series of fortunate ideas... (open to all)
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Added new plot
-Controlled Protection

Opened up plots
-Stolen by a serial killer

Plot taken
-Roleplay the night away

Please take note
-No PMs
-I am busy at the moment so plot requests are not promised to be taken up, your best bet is with a plot i am craving.

Cravings update

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Re: A series of fortunate ideas... (open to all)
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Please see the SECOND post in this thread

There will be a category system coming for them in the next few days and then it will be a bit neater

Please only PM me for these plots as well

Please also keep in mind I am still busy I just decided to do this while I was in the headspace for it

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Re: A series of fortunate ideas... (open to all) [Now includes picture plots]
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Initial Modification of the Picture Plots post
- it should be easier to look through them and sort them out now

First picture plot idea taken

Plot updates
-Stolen by a serial killer is now taken
-Removed The Triplets plot
-Removed watching the sniper from cravings

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Re: A series of fortunate ideas... (open to all) [Now includes picture plots]
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COMPLETE restructure of the thread layout

Added in 20+ new plots

Updated cravings

Updated thread status

Updated ons and offs

I don't have any more exams and am on holidays
so bring on your ideas, all of them, any of them.

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Re: A series of fortunate ideas... (open to all) [Now includes picture plots]
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Updated plot listings

Updated Cravings

Updated Current and Old thread listings

Updated pictures

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Re: A series of fortunate ideas... (open to all) [Now includes picture plots]
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- Primary Craving is the most wanted
- Secondary Cravings are ones that I will almost instantly accept
-others are just the normal cravings

Updated Cureent and old thread listing

Updated Ons and offs

ADDED NEW PLOT : My husband the Sodomite

Rewrote the plot for Flight of the Dragon to make it more friendly for people, please dont hesitate to equire about it.