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August 18, 2017, 11:38:39 AM
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Author Topic: Irilinquent's Irresistible Box of RP! [Shemale/M for F characters!]  (Read 13166 times)

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Hi, guys! Irilinquent here! Welcome to my Irresistible Box of RP! Listed below are all the ideas I've had (And some inspired by others!). Most of them are fairly brief, so if you like any of them, feel free to drop me a PM and we can smack out the details!. (Please do not reply directly on the thread~) I don't mind the occasional non-con scene, but for the most part, I like to play it as vanilla smut or romance. Please note that these are just -ideas-, they are not fixed and definitely negotiable in a wide manner. Enjoy :D

In all my ideas, I would prefer to play the MALE/FUTA role as I've been told I play them better than a female, my own gender. Weird, I know. But if you wish to play the male/futa role, it can definitely be discussed :)

The Shameless World

This plot is about a world, the same, everyday modern world that we live in now, except that it is a lot more open-minded and sex positive.

As one might imagine, the legalization and social acceptance of all manner of public sex acts, as well as the general acceptance of most people to fuck and suck anywhere and everywhere whenever the mood or necessity strikes, has had a major impact on criminal activity and the justice system. Crime is at an all-time low now that everyone's getting laid all day, every day. Who knew?

That said, illegal activities still happen now and then. The most interesting difference, though, lies in rape law.

Thanks to society's new liberated views, rape, molestation, and other forms of sexual assault have all been relegated to very misdemeanor crimes, the same as vandalism or littering or schoolyard bullying. The law, at worst, will slap repeat of-age offenders with a modest fine for disturbing the peace, though first-timers often get let off with a stern warning. Likewise, the victims of these rapes are more likely to be annoyed or inconvenienced than traumatized.

Wouldn't you be, if a stranger held you down and rammed his cock into you for half an hour straight and made you late to work? And then when you got there, your outfit's all rumpled and stained, your appetite's ruined because you're full of semen, and you can't wait to get home and wash the jizz out of your hair. It's the worst.

New Job Opportunities
1. These days, one of the most popular part-time job options for young women is working as a public cum dump. The hours are long and the pay's not great, but a job's a job and you get to meet new people while they blow their loads in you. This makes the job especially attractive to and suited for teen girls looking to earn a bit of extra spending money working after school or during the summer.

Of course, women of all ages may put in a few hours as dumps on the side to bring in extra money around other jobs. If you're a single mother trying to make ends meet or just saving up to buy someone an expensive birthday present, renting out your moist holes by the hour is quick and easy money, if not particularly glamorous.

2. Sex has also become a team spectator sport, outclassing even soccer, football, and baseball as the most popular game on the field or TV. Professional slutting has even been accepted into the Olympics, though it's more common to catch a local high school or college game, or to travel to the nearest city arena to see a professional league game.

The rules are fairly simple, regardless of the level being played at. Two teams of trained and practiced sluts face off against one another amid a pre-selected assortment of game-sanctioned cocks. The goal is to try and reach the cocks before your opponents and take their loads to score points. The bigger the cock and the faster you suck or fuck it to orgasm, the more points your team gets.

The most talented slut athletes have crafted techniques to drain a cock into their mouth, pussy, or ass in under a minute, making National Slut League (NSL) games pulse-pounding contests of skill that see cum splattering everywhere at a rapid rate. This level of athleticism is gained the hard way through long hours of intense training, however. Most varsity or rec-league games are slower paced, easier to follow, and a great way to get some friends together and blow a few loads over some other friends.

Education Reform
3. Of course, young women need more than just sports, a job, and plenty of cock in their life. School is still a vital part of a young person's life, only now the sex education classes are actually worth a damn. For the modern student, sex toys may take up just as much room in their backpack as textbooks, homework can include detailed research on different kinks and fetishes, and oral exams have gotten much more literal.

Not all of the sucking and fucking going on at school now is part of some class, though. Glory holes are as common now in the bathrooms as graffiti, the teachers' lounges often have a semi-permanent smell of hot sex to them, and teenaged students have largely abandoned wet willies and Indian burns for surprise bukkake or forced oral when it comes to bullying.
Student-teacher relations have also lost their taboo, with many effective teaching professionals incorporating sexual rewards or punishments into their programs. For example, top-performing students may be rewarded with orgasms from their teachers, or a well-behaved classroom may get a few minutes at the end of the school day to go at each other once lessons have ended. Trouble students, meanwhile, may find themselves staying after class, unable to go home or join their friends until they've penitently taken their disciplinarian's load the sufficient number of times.

Familial Ties
4. Not all families fuck each other now, even with the lax sex views. In fact, most that do would probably prefer to keep such activity a family secret, seeing it as somewhat embarrassing. After all, when a man is fucking both his wife and his daughter, jealousy issues are bound to creep in somewhere. And a healthy teenage boy who still slips his dick into his sister at night while she's sleeping? Why doesn't he go out and slip his dick into another nice young girl, get out and meet people and socialize? It can make the neighbors talk, you know.

But even if fucking your relatives is still a bit embarrassing, that's not stopping most families from getting more intimate. After all, when a single father starts to feel a bit lonely, or when a young guy goes through a breakup, it's nice to seek comfort in the familiar now and then. Blood is thicker than water, but semen is thicker than both of them. The family that fucks together, stays together.

DM Mode

For this particular idea, I will be fine playing "dungeon master" opposite a female protaganist. As the DM, I hope to craft a lewd sort of world for our heroine to go through, the lewder the better. It could be a world in which as she is defeated by bandits, they rip off her armor and have their way with her, or perhaps even a world where instead of fighting being the norm, fucking replaces it instead! I'd love it if the protaganist actually enjoyed it as well!

The Sleazy Train

Youngsters these days are always buried in their tech devices and that was what MC was doing as he waited for the train to pull into the station. He was thumbing through Reddit when the train finally arrived, the door hissing open. He walks in, about to grab a seat, when he looks up and notices he is surrounded by naked women, staring at him. "Welcome to the Sleazy Train. We hope you enjoy your ride... or rather, their ride." A pleasant voice announces.



Being a fan of the game, I naturally decided that I would love to see some roleplay based around this awesome group of characters. What I have in mind for this is that all the characters in the game live in one gigantic building. This gigantic building has a central block and two wing blocks. The two wing blocks contain the rooms for the characters and showering facilities, seperated by gender, while the central block contains mainly recreational facilities, spas, game rooms and so on for the heroes to rest in between matches. I would love to take the role of a male champion or a futa/shemale version of a female champion and play opposite a female champion. Of course, it doesn't necessarily have to be in this setting. If you have your own visualisation of how their world works, feel free to let me know! If you'd even like to combine both fandoms and do a crossover, sure!

Alternatively, we could play a pair of these heroes who sneak off during the middle off a match to have some fun, or perhaps even introduce a new game mode where instead of vanishing when vanquished, the defeated party goes limp!

The Gladiators


This story would take place in a gladitorial ludus (a school for Gladiators). It would revolve around a pair of gladiators, two amongst many, who train, fight and live in the ludus, under the harsh and cruel rule of their lanista (Trainer/Manager of gladiators). The story will focus on the two's struggle in the horrible conditions, being beaten up and fighting to the death. Back in the days, people could pay the lanista for the purpose of having sex with the gladiators or watching them have sex. After all, they were typically the peak of the human physique. Men were buff and burly, women strong and busty. They were typically looked down upon as well, their ranks usually consisting of lowborns or criminals, although there was the odd few who volunteered.

In a fight, it is to the death, although a challenger can tap out at anytime, but to do so brings great dishonor to themselves and their ludus, something their lanista would frown upon. The lanista might choose to dispose of a worthless gladiator by death, castration or relegating them to menial, janitorial tasks in the school. To excel means to be famous. Crowds cheer your name, scream it from every corner of the Colosseum as you slit the throat of your next foe.

All in all, I do not have a specific direction I want to take this story in. Want to play a tag-team of gladiators who live in fame? Want to play a lustful pair who makes it their goal to fuck everything in their paths? Want to play a sweet story of a pair of gladiators who fall in love and eventually find a chance to escape the cruel ludus? I'm up for all that and more!

Note: Do not fret if you are unaccustomed with Roman culture or Latin words. I am, too. If interested, we can either just make our own stuff up or learn things as we go along. My knowledge of Gladiators stem from a 10 minutes session of Wikipedia and watching Season 1 of Spartacus.

Harry Potter Fandom (OC Only)

In a world where Voldemort has been vanquished and the main crew of the books and movies have moved on, life carries on as per normal. Students come and go every year in and out of Hogwarts. I was hoping to play a a pair of students with a partner and discover romance and intruigue in the magical fortress of a school! Alternatively, we could just play a story within the universe but not necessarily confined to the school.
Below are just some brief ideas.

1. Playing as Death Eaters, looking to revive Voldemort.
2. Playing as Aurors, looking up to round up the lasts of the Death Eaters.
3. Playing as students. (Slice of life.)
4. Playing as students dealing with the rise of a new Dark Lord.

Don't bother scrolling past this point, it's just notifications or bumps.

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After a change in preferences, cleaned up all the smutty/short term RP ideas.