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Author Topic: Plot Prinnies! (Seeking F)  (Read 1142 times)

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Plot Prinnies! (Seeking F)
« on: June 11, 2011, 09:30:49 PM »
Any links found on this page should be considered NSFW

Please read my On/Offs before sending me a message.

If interested in any of these ideas, send me a PM with the title in the Subject.



Some Comic Based IDEAS

Druuna Oneshot
I’d like to play out this entire short ‘comic’. Its certainly a scene of many in a game, I imagine, and would love to develop a plot around it.

Looking to play out any of the relationships seen in Viking 1 and Viking 2. Or use the Canon Characters to write our own version of events.

The Night Train
Looking for some one willing to play the Main Character of this story. Would prefer to start with the Cousin scene, before turning things a little more plot heavy as she rides the train.

The Tellier House
Would like to play some scenes in this one out, or focus on the relationship between two of the characters depicted in this as perhaps love starts to flourish between them. Or we can follow the exploits of the Madame.

Some NURSE based IDEAS

Becoming the Experiment

Dr. Susan McCoy, despite her good looks, is not well liked by the scientific community. Her field of research is not considered important on the whole, so she has received very little funding - let alone attention - for her project to develop the next sex wonder drug.

Luckily for Susan, she has the credentials to use the lab at her hospital to design her drug. But - with no funding or approval - who can she test it out on? Her answer to that is rather unethical, but no one will find out!

The hospital is full of patients, of all ages and disabilities. The Night Staff keep things rather quiet - Susan knows that that will be the best time for her to test out her latest drugs.

Slipping into one male patients room, she injects a dosage directly into the base of his penis and then ‘studies’ it for observation. The aroma his arousal gives off starts to make her aroused and she ends up giving her unknowing test subject a little oral reward for his participation.

But that was only half of a dosage, and on a young man. Her next experiment is a full dosage on an older man. This time, she sends in a much younger nurse and is amazed and how quickly the nurse gets naked and aroused. The man has an impressive arousal too and the love making is hard and fast.

Susan decides to test a female, but who? She ends up injecting herself, with half a dosage, before calling in a male nurse she knows despises her. When she soon finds herself on her knees, she knows she is onto something.

She ups the experiment with a full dosage on herself and a female nurse with no lesbian tendencies. Another success! But how to test both at once?

Finding another lonesome man, she injects the two of them and virtually blacks out due to their combined pleasure. She’s certainly found something special here and starts to go about recording some of the sessions, while also approaching members of the staff to try it out in their personal lives.

Special Home Care

Gina is hired on as a nurse for an older, single man. She is amazed by his large mansion and wealth, her own quarters there far larger then anywhere else she has worked.

She gives him his daily medicine (a certain, special concotion of drugs) and soon finds herself drawn more and more to him. She doesn’t know why, as he is much older then her, but she finds herself rather compliant to his every command when around him.

Things start to heat up as he asks her for certain favors and she shocks even herself when she spends the night in bed with the awfully virile old man. Its a dream job that just got even steamier.

When the mans son returns home to help take care of more financial matters, she finds herself much more naturally drawn to him even as she continues her ‘affair’ with the father. Caught by the son one night, she willingly will do anything to make him keep silent and not tell the nursing agency what she has been doing.

Student Anatomy

Two med school students find themselves in over their heads. Despite their intelligence, the work is very hard and they struggle through the classes. They both sign onto an internship at an institution which will help them get some real world experience and find that they’re going to be room mates. Both have developed a mutual attraction for each other and practice some ‘human anatomy’ lessons on each other at night.

One of them, however, has immediately caught the eye of the Doctor in charge of the institution. He is more then willing to give her some pointers on various things but quickly discovers her school troubles. He offers to help her along with a pleasing review and possibly a job in some capacity at the institution, provided of course she attends his ‘hands on’ course in his office.

The two quickly embark on an affair but she wants her room mate to join her. She quickly plots a quiet seduction with the Doctor to branch their relationship into a threesome. All three start to explore a new sexual relationship in the halls of the Institution, all with their own personal motivation for doing so.


Two strangers meet in the Family Room on the same floor of the hospital. She’s an attractive businesswoman, brought there by her fathers illness. He’s slightly younger, a Writer, brought there also by his fathers illness. They always seem to be the only two late visitors to the ward and - as the social thing to do - strike up conversation.

They talk, and decide to ‘take a break’ and get a coffee, a bite to eat. They’re drawn together by their mutual hurt, their mutual heart ache. Whether it was due to being weak and vulnerable, emotional, vulnerable, they both find themselves in the Visitors Bathroom stall together, her skirt hitched up over her hips, his hardness slipped trough his zipper, going at it.

They see each other again, the following night, like always, and their secret relationship starts to heat up. They get cozy together, talk about things, enjoy each other. Its an escape from their real life tragedy. Will it survive going into recovery?
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Re: Plot Prinnies! (Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2011, 03:05:02 PM »
Updated with Comic IDEAS.