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Started by Rosalina, June 10, 2011, 09:32:21 PM

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Feel free to send me a private message if you are interested in any of these. For more details about my ons and offs, themes, and more pairings, click here >> https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=109794.msg4770930#msg4770930

If you don't like these, please make suggestions, maybe we can work something out. Most of these need some more detail. Which we can work out through PM.   

Edit: I'm really craving Statue x Tourist. I'm going to be a bit picky in picking people and people suggesting other plots. I'm almost full on RPs, fair warning.

Egyptian Royal x Servant
Takes placed in ancient Egypt were an Egyptian royal woman falls in love with one of the servants. She is forbidden to be touched or loved, so their love needs to be hidden from everyone else or they will both be killed.

Angel x Human
An angel has fallen from the sky in semi-outcasted from heaven for punishment for a minor mistake. Until this angel can redeem herself, she is stuck on earth. A man, finding her wandering around naked opens up his home to her. She stays and is on her perfect behavior, cleaning his home, cooking, and doing everything and more he could ask for. However, it is dangerous for an angel down on earth. As demons roam the streets and want to take for her own. If her will isn't strong enough, she could be turned into a demon herself or forced into being used as a gateway to heavan.

Atlantean x Explorer -pending-
After nearly a month of searching, an explorer finds a tunnel that leads to an underground city that had fallen beneath the earth after a large earthquake. It is the city of Atlantis. All Atlanteans have been stuck there a very long time and are amazed to see someone new there. Some want the explorers to take them up to the surface while others are wary, hoping that these explorers are here for something else. After all, Atlantis has been missing off the face of the earth for a very long time and treasures lie within the city.
A young royal Atlantean is ordered to watch over them and to learn their ways and see their motives. She is very curious of these explorers, they dress differently, talk differently, and they come from a whole different place.
(Roles are up for switching, girl could be atlantean or explorer and vise versa)

Maid Cafe
You're a tourist in Japan and visit the maid cafe. There are a few rules here including no touching the maids, not asking what time they get off, or for their phone number. But it is very difficult to do when these maids seem to do everything they can for you. Being a tourist, one of the maids takes great interest in you. After all, it is not everyday that a tourist comes into this mostly local maid cafe. She strikes up a conversation with you. Even sneaks you her shifts and number.

Guard x Sacrafice
A guard is place as the protection of a human sacrifice, a virgin girl that is to be sacrificed to bring good weather and crops for the year. She, of course, is unwilling. At night, you are the only person in front of her cell. She pleads you to let her out, but if you were to do that, your life would be in jeopardy too.  [This plot can take place in many settings. Mayan, Greek, a small medieval village. Anything works, just ask.]

Statue x Tourist - craving -
A tourist is visiting an art museum in the greek statue section. (We can talk about which museum and where) When he feels a sudden pull towards a certain statue. It isn't like the others with a serene look on their face, but rather a look of pain. Upon closer examination he can even see fingerprints in the statue. The detail is so perfect that he can't stand not to touch the statue. It heats to the touch and color forms on the skin as the statue takes in a gasp of air, begging for help. Later on you find out that she was imprisoned in the statue almost 1500 years ago. She's a demi-god. And later, you find out with her release, the release of another demi-god has happened, miles upon miles away. But it was the release of another demi-god, one that wants to take revenge on her.

Post-Apocalypse World: Loosely Based off the awful film A boy and his Dog -pending-
A stream of illnesses were released into the air of half of the globe, hoping to kill off most of the people and gain upper-hand in a war. It worked, but not like expected. It mixed with the female hormone estrogen. The more estrogen someone had, the more likely they were to die. It left more men alive and most woman dead.

Now 15 years later, things have gone to the dogs. War has started all around the globe and technology is almost non-existent. There are rumors that scientists are trying to take in women to help populate the earth in a safe haven for them. Problem is, there are so few woman that attempts are failing.

A man finds a woman, dressed as a man to protect herself. Her face is often covered, but he stumbles upon her bathing in a lake. One of the few woman left. The first one he had seen in almost five years. He takes it under his responsibility to get her to the female safe haven. But it's undeniable that he wants her. But he doesn't want to lose her trust.

Dragonborn x Housecarl
Yes. A skyrim plot. The housecarls I am willing to play are Jordia, Lydia, Iona, and Rayya.

I am hoping to follow the main story plot of the actual elder scrolls game, towards the beginning. Instead of starting in Whiterun, I was hoping that depending on what housecarl is wanted, we could start there. Ex. Jordia is from Solitude, Lydia from Whiterun, ect.


Assassin x Target added
Atlantean x Explorer added
Jedi x Padawan added
Maid x Home owner open again


Hi - new to Elliquiy and would like to try my hand at the House Maid / Owner scenario.

Let me know.



Hello! I'd love to have a go at the Atlantean/Explorer one!

I'd also happily try out the Jedi/Padewan one--I'm up on the movies, and some of the extended universe, but I can't say I'm completely a hardcore fan, I'm afraid.

(assuming you don't mind a gal playing a guy : )    )



I would be interested in the High Class Strip Club. :) Would be kinda perfect for the kind of character I have decided to play as first on these forums. :) PM me if interested!


Hi, im interested in the Maid story, Im not sure if you are looking for a male or female owner or if it matters. Just let me know. Thanks!
Come and play with me.




I just wanted to say, well done on having seen A Boy and His Dog.
Totally me in that avatar. ^_-
I need something exactly seven percent stronger than TEA!
Something I have found helpful from other partners. http://rh.greydawn.net/browse.php?c=hippyness



Hi there,

I'm absolutely interested in the statue x tourist rp. I'd love to hash out some details and expectations. Let me know if you're interested. I'll warn this will actually be my first forum roleplay, but I'd be more than happy to send you some sample writing or even create something from a personal prompt from you.

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Hello there. I'm up for a Skyrim adventure.

I always thought Skyrim/Fallout needed more sex.