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Author Topic: Flights of Fancy [F/M, M/M, F/F]  (Read 1048 times)

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Flights of Fancy [F/M, M/M, F/F]
« on: June 10, 2011, 04:58:18 pm »
Hi there, [you]!

Welcome to my request thread.

Hopefully one of the ideas on this page will catch your eye, and we'll be able to work something out. Please take a look at my O/Os and/or Roleplay Preferences. I can play male and female characters at a variety of ages, though my preferred range is late teens (17 and up) to mid-thirties.

If you would like an idea of my typical post style and length, all of my current games are listed in the second post on my O/Os. Please PM me with any interest--thank you, [you].

Original Settings/Genres that I prefer:
  • Time-Travel
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Modern
  • High Fantasy
  • Sci-fi
Fandom Settings that I would love to do:

Cal Leandros Series by Rob Thurman
   Several ideas I have would take place after Blackout and out of respect for people who may be working through the series, I won't be posting ideas that contain spoilers, which many       of them do.
The Hollows Series/Rachel Morgan Series by Kim Harrison
The Dresden Files, the TV series
The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks
Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs

Game Ideas
Though I use the female pronoun, the characters can be switched to male if preferred.

  • She had worked at the museum for six months without a single problem but the one night she is putting the finishing touches on the new display, someone comes up behind her and startles her. She slips and cracks her head against the floor, her blood hitting an artifact that sends her back in time to the period of the display she had been working on. In this period she meets someone who sweeps her off her feet, but all she wants to do is make it back home...but can she be persuaded to stay in the past?
  • She finds dead people; rather, she finds the ghosts that are left behind from an unjust death, and gets the answers family members want. Sometimes, she gets involved with police, but she is a private agent who gets hired by a client to help them find a loved one and their murderer. The job was perfect, simple to the point but then it got weird; her client is gone, but the ghost is still there...and he doesn't seem to have any intention of leaving.
  • She's a witch, born and raised and he is necromancer she accidently released from his imprisonment. She is a full-time student with a job, and now she has to babysit a centuries old necromancer who wants to take over the world with his army of undead. If that wasn't enough, she has trouble keeping him out of her room, in the house, and away from the cemetery. What exactly is a girl to do when she all-ready has a full plate, a familiar that ignores her, and a necromancer who doesn't understand personal space? Well, try to put him back in the book!
  • Seven years ago, her parents uprooted her from Earth--they are one of the first families to colonize New Earth, a colony in another universe. At sixteen, she graduated with honors from university and by nineteen, she is helping run the very facilities that keep the atmosphere breathable on their new home. She doesn't have time for the world of politics and diplomacy being dropped on her lap by just living there when an alien race appears and wants to colonize the same planet.
  • He says that he is a werewolf, and he is in love with her. She thinks he is crazy but the next day, the announcement is made that werewolves are real. She decides to give him a chance, but gets pulled into a world of politics and cultural expectation she was not prepared for at all. [Set in the world of Mercy Thompson]
  • Based off some of the ideas from The Zombie Survival Guide, looking to set the story in a Class 3 Outbreak and survival in a Class 4 world. A young woman was considered slightly "off" for reading books on how to survive zombies, supposing how to survive an attack and generally making plans to protect herself from zombies. But even she isn't ready for when her world turns upside down and there is a real zombie attack.
    • Looking for a partner who would be willing to play multiple characters, and create a world in which every choice the characters make have consequences.
    • I plan from this to be a mix between The Zombie Survival Guide, Resident Evil, and Shaun of the Dead--a little mix of everything: humor, romance, horror, action...
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Re: Flights of Fancy [F/M, M/M, F/F]
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2011, 06:05:28 am »
Pictures without Plots
There are times when I find a picture that makes me go, "Wow, I love the idea...I wish I had an idea." Usually, they are scenery images, and other times they are characters. I really wish I had ideas to go with them and if you are inspired by them, maybe we could work something out.


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