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May 29, 2020, 11:57:43 PM

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Author Topic: Elliquiy Custom Tag List  (Read 12205 times)

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Online VekseidTopic starter

Elliquiy Custom Tag List
« on: June 10, 2011, 04:31:14 AM »
Elliquiy has some extensions to SMF's normal tags that I've written for your use. A few of these don't have buttons yet, and some of them never will. This post will get updated as new bbcodes get added. If you want a bbcode tag added, just pm me with the request. Quite a lot is doable but

Because I need to reinsert the hooks after each upgrade, these will get disabled for short periods after the site updates.

These are:

O - Overline Puts a line over the text

Code: [Select]
[o]This text will have a line over it.[/o]

Anchor and Link Tags:

Anch puts an anchor in your post. (SMF's 'anchor' tag just puts in a special span class).

Link lets you make a link to it on the same page.

Code: [Select]
[anch=top]Define top anchor.[/anch] [link=bottom]Go to the bottom anchor[/link]

[anch=bottom]Define bottom anchor.[/anch] [link=top]Go to the top anchor[/link]

Justify: Justifies text to both sides of the page. Accessible via the button on the top row.

Code: [Select]
[justify]Justified text goes here.[/justify]

Enhanced Image Tag: Allows for padding, height, width, etc. All parameters are optional.

Code: [Select]
[img height=100 width=100 padding=20]urlofimagehere[/img]

Float and Clear Tags: floatright, floatleft, clearright, clearleft, and clearboth. See Caeli's tutorial here for an explanation.

Code: [Select]
[floatright]Right Floated material goes here[/floatright]
This text will appear beneath the right float because it is under the clear.
[floatleft]Left floated material goes here[/floatleft]
And clear works on the left, too!
And if you want to clear both, you can.

Spoiler: Block-level spoiler text with the spoiler tag.

Code: [Select]
[spoiler=The title of your spoiler goes here, if you want it.]The text you want to hide goes here.[/spoiler]

Highlight: Works exactly like the color tag, except it has a default color (orangish). Note that you are not limited to the dropdown list for your choice of colors, hexadecimal works too.

Code: [Select]
[highlight=colorgoeshere]This would be highlighted text if you picked a valid color, or omitted it.[/highlight]

Acronym: While not a custom tag this can come in handy to display the translation of a foreign language for RP purposes. Hover over the text if you're not familiar with the tag.

Il est difficle de vaincre ses passions, et impossible de les satisfaire.

Code: [Select]
[acronym=It is difficult to master your passions and impossible to satisfy them.]Il est difficle de vaincre ses passions, et impossible de les satisfaire.[/acronym]
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Online VekseidTopic starter

Re: Elliquiy Custom Tag List
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2018, 03:46:12 PM »
Some additional tags:

Code: [Select]
[flip]Flipped text[/flip], [reverse]reversed text[/reverse], and

[rotate]rotated text[/rotate]

Flipped text
reversed text
, and

rotated text

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