The Underground Wrestling League (lf F/M partner)

Started by Hurricane, June 09, 2011, 01:51:50 PM

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A naive young couple is in trouble. He's a working professional, but he's lost his job and the bills are coming due. Their lovely suburban home is in danger of being repossessed unless they can come up with some extra money fast.

The couple's sleazy neighbors mention that there is an underground wrestling league that the wife could participate in and that the couple could bet on themselves to win - that might get them the extra money that need.

The catch? The wrestling is for sexual surrender - the loser submits to the winner, often before the match is decided by pin fall!

The couple decides that she will participate. Will she win, or lose? How big is the Underground Wrestling League conspiracy... and once the luscious young wife has been indoctrinated into the League, will they ever let her go?

I'm hoping to find a partner who would play the beautiful young wife, dragged into the sordid world of the League and made to battle.

There could be all sorts of fun plot lines that might spin out: all the potential settings for matches, the possibility of blackmail and of course there are the shadowy figures in charge of the League itself - what are their plans for the wrestlers that they train in their unique brand of combat?

I'm happy to play any and all combos of match: (f/f, f/m, m/m, tag-teams, whatever!) as well as special match rules that seem fun.

Please drop me a PM if you're interested!


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