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Author Topic: The Land of Elbia  (Read 788 times)

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The Land of Elbia
« on: June 08, 2011, 03:24:08 PM »
Before you post anything just know that yes I am well aware of my lack of posts, my unaccepted status, my overall newness towards this site. However I always love a good RP now and again and nothing really seemed that interesting on the non adult RP section. I will happily accept anyone who wishes to join but please don't get turned off by the name if you are reading this. Just at least skim an old idea that I had posted up once a long while ago. I am very eager to meet a lot of you writers out there


Here lies of a land filled with adventure, magic, kings and rulers, nations of races gathered together on a continent of land known as Elbia.

Thousands of years ago, on a small nameless island known to little, a tribal leaders lover had perished in a great war, his body delivered to this woman by others who had survived. The Ruler who promised them wealth and power had perished, and the clan was left in turmoil. Heartbroken at the loss of her people and of her husband, the tribal leader known as Zankaru summoned what magic she could in attempts to bring the people of her tribe back into the world.

Her plan had backfired. Her husbands confused and angry soul thrust back into his body, he began to slaughter his entire tribe, removing Zankaru's head personally and thrust it upon the tribes dying people. The land of the dead had made him mad, his hatred spilling everywhere as he left with what remained of his tribe towards the inner continent.

There they lived off their immortality by attacking merchants and travelers for many years, their spreading their plague to where undead were frequently known of throughout the land. Their rotting flesh terrorized many, however all of this was formed off of the madness of a restless soul. That's what all of the undead were, walking zombies with no purpose, no goal to what they were planning.

That was of until another wizards plans had brought forth plans of destruction, deciding the ever so idiotic idea that the undead could be cured, saved by this unfortunate "disease". He crafted a stone, made out of rare gems and herbs, as well as a dragon scale received of the highborn dragon Uldra himself. With it he gathered a small group of adventurers and the stone to bring to the heart of the undead corruption. With it it had bestowed a power that killed millions more than it had saved, granting free will to those undead who had received it. Most were killed instantly while the wizard and two others escaped just in time, desperate to share this tragic news with the king of Elbia.

The undead ruler, once recalling a time of happiness in his life, was now fueled by anger instead of madness. He vowed revenge on those who took his tribe and lands from him in the war, planning on taking the land for himself. The stone fused within himself, able now to grant his follower free will as well to serve tactically rather than obediently. He began to form himself a real army, his first stop was the final battle he had perished in, home to thousands upon thousands restless souls. He commanded to rise, asking them to serve their rightful master to take the land that they had once fought for. As he corrupted the land around him, many civilizations fell around the taint that the undead spread upon to the nation.

In the end it took an alliance of races to fight it, many surrounding the taint feared of the coming evil, uniting itself under King Gregory Hadrum. It was the wizard, officially known as Kristoph, who had formed to solution for defeating the army. He traveled to sacred mountains, on an island hidden to the world. There he forged five gems, that together had enough power to considerably weaken the gem forged into the undead themselves. Taking these to the capitol Hadrum, they had little time before the encroaching army had arrived. Many fought valiantly the gems had helped considerably however the loss was great. Although victorious, the battle had scarred many, the nation still lied tainted with scattered undead, and the kingdom of Hadrum had fallen. Their king lay in the midst of the battlefield, a sword dug deep into his skull. Although the battle was not lost, the fleeing undead took what was left of their leader far underground away from the blades of men who had for the time won their battle.

However the threat was still there, the undead remained, and the nation of Elbia was so torn that their numbers were able to replenish easily. Their lack of leadership stood in the way of a next invasion, the perfect time to strike once more at this torn apart nation. Kristoph vanished, the gems disappearing as they slowly began to scatter from hand to hand as nothing more than trinkets. As the nation started to rebuild, what had happened in the past seemed nothing more than a bad dream, hope that it would never happen again.

And so the undead king's followers begin their search for stones of light, as those gems that had once destroyed them could bring them back to an even greater power than before. They now lead a dark army in search of these, never on the surface for long as they always escape back underground. Of course many of these dark hooded figures are unmistakable, a sense that something ominous is approaching this world. Even something that has happened hundreds of years ago.


Humans: The main leaders of Elbia for centuries, they have always fought hard and valiantly for what they have believed in. They are balanced in fighting and magic, making many skilled soldiers. However with few allies left, there are not enough of them to fight the threatening force of undead and other nations. However few have given up, despite the harshness many have had to endure to protect their citizens. Though it seems as if many refugees are being abandoned, not allowing much trade and refusing refugee homing from undead attacked settlements. These outbreaks have crippled the economy and well being of the land uncontrollably, many just praying for a miracle and hopping they find one soon.

Undead: A violent group of rotting corpse and bones, they believe in reclaiming their lost glories out of hatred and destruction. In their crippled state they are extremely weak, however are plentiful in numbers while being very potent in magic. Many have disbanded out of madness, or the few who do not seek violence in their deaths but rather redemption or peace. These creatures are killed for such treachery, even by their own kind as they are branded as deserters and traitors. Many stay with the main horde, wanting to be on the winning side as well as having no where else to turn.

Elves: Old allies of the humans in the war hundreds of years ago, but now live in fear of the new one arising. Their sacred capital is the highest most securest fortress in the world, found on a large island in the middle of the sea on highly elevated land. They do not want to get involved with the newly upcoming war and try to ignore the humans pleas for help. They are masters of archery and speed and of course very wealthy, buying many defenses from the dwarfs. Usually tries to settle things by diplomacy instead of violence, though some have left their protective home wanting to join the Allies. Once and elf leaves their home there is no going back.

Demons: Demons have always been looked down upon by the outside world. Feared by many people and called monsters, demons have been always taken for granted. They don't have a side in the war, they go on their own and don't care for who's winning or not. Usually are found underground and spend most of their time around heat. Are immune to fire and hot objects since they have adapted to it, but are always harassed if they ever surface. Some just try to blend in to actually get to look at the outside world. Their main group are located in the depths of a volcanic mountain in the middle of the sea, the others just trying to keep to themselves and away from civilization. Many have tried to remove such segregation but with the ignorance of people so high it has yet to truly happen.

Dwarfs: Dwarfs are part of the Allies apposing the undead, but they are getting much business because of the war. They make weapons of all sorts and sizes, enjoying the wealth they obtain out of it. Ever since the undead have been traveling underground however, it's been difficult for them to do business lately. This war has been beneficial and a downside toward them, but they just try to work through the circumstances. Their masters at strength and melee weapons, making them excellent fighters toward the war. They as well have a talent of speech after years of entrepreneur services, sometimes getting their way if people decide that their goal is worth following through.

Orcs: Many people believe orcs are quite dumb and vicious creatures which isn't very true. Most are civilized and are like the demons in terms that they don't have a side. The undead are constantly trying to convince them to join their cause, but many of the orcs don't want to get involved with the war. They are much stronger then the Dwarfs yet are much slower as well. They mostly travel in small packs of tribes, but even in small numbers they are strong. Are trying to find peace from all of the outside world. There is only a small number of them that are vicious and despise humans, but the ones that join the undead mostly work in the mines and carry equipment. Their home lies in the deep canyons by the southern seas, some fisherman however many just traveling nomads, always on the hunt.

A bit of copying and pasting form my old thread so don't judge my year old writing.

You are all are outcasts or forgotten people from the nation, grouping together in a small village on a small island. There are large overlooking central mountains as well as a small port town to the south, however other than that many there just keep to themselves and receive all the supplies they need around them. Little do you know that you all have been chosen for something great, a destiny chosen out for you that you must face whether or not. Yet for now all seems uneasily well in the world...

Character sheet:




Class(Fighting style you prefer):




Equipment(Allowed clothing, a weapon, and something to remind you of you old life. Maybe some miscellaneous items as well.)

Let me know what you all think, if there should be changes, if you want to join, or if you just have any questions. Thank you for at least taking the time to look at my RP thread. You all who join will also be a part of this story, feel free to create any lore or locations that you wish of.