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Author Topic: .:: F seeking M for roleplay ::.  (Read 602 times)

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.:: F seeking M for roleplay ::.
« on: June 05, 2011, 06:28:26 PM »
Send a PM if you're interested. Post any questions you may have here. Roles can be switched upon request.

School Daze Taken
When I foreign exchange student from England comes to a small town, needless to say she attracts a lot of attention. This is bad news for the guy who loves peace and quiet, especially since he's become the object of her overbearing affection.

Practical Joke Taken
They first met when he went out of his way to buy her a meal when she had forgotten her lunch at home. She had been in love with him ever since. Unfortunately, the feeling isn't mutual since, quite frankly, she's not his type. She's clumsy, studious, shy, and modest. He's an outgoing, skirt-chasing pervert who only has eyes for the extremely beautiful and sexy. Despite never getting any luck with the ladies he desires, he refuses to give her the time of day. However, that all changes when he wakes up one morning no bigger than a Barbie doll and the only person who even remembers him is her.

Everyone's Peace
A certain man with an extreme social anxiety disorder locks himself up in his apartment. He's paranoid, insecure, hears voices in his head and thinks everyone is out to get him. When faced with an uncomfortable situation, he may become uncontrollably violent as a result of his fight or flight response and can be very dangerous. One night, his drunken neighbor stops by asking to use his bathroom. Being ignorant of his condition, she begins to come on to him. Mesmerized by her soft voice, nice words, and pretty face, his anxieties melt away and he drops his guard for one night. From that day onwards, he adores her and becomes obsessive about her believing she is his only salvation from his inner darkness. Basically, this guy is terrified of being humiliated, stutters on occasion and is prone to panic attacks. He finds peace only when he's around her and does whatever she says almost like he's her pet. He's always careful not to make her angry and clings to her whenever he's sad or afraid. Still, he get's easily jealous and desperately looks forward to when he gets to sleep with her again. Also, she's the only one who can calm him down during his lethal tantrums.

Magestic Vampire
The count spent his entire life alone in a castle shunned by the surrounding villagers who are constantly in fear of being attacked because he was a vampire. Despite being despised, he does not hate the villagers and agrees to never hunt within the town to give them peace of mind. In return, the villagers agree to never harass or riot against him. Over the years, the towns people developed a practice of sacrificing criminals and other dangerous or unwanted people to him by driving them into his territory. One night, while walking through the forest near his home, he spots an angry mob chasing a young woman falsely accused of being a witch into the woods . . . He's a guy with two personalities. His friendly, naive, and meek side and his very harsh, cocky side. His personality changes dramatically when his natural instincts activate. He is very kind looking at one point, but when fighting or feeding his eyes become evil-looking, veins protrude from his face, making him look like a monster.

Please Teach Me
She is a glasses wearing, four eyed nerd. Pretty stereotypical except that she's really not that smart. Her next door neighbor on the other hand is hot, popular, and an honor student. No one would have guessed that she was his type. Eventually, he offers to tutor her and she reluctantly agrees. What she doesn't know is that he plans on teaching her more than just school work. He's pretty basic in that all the girls want him and he knows it.

The king has fallen ill. His only daughter is left to inherit the kingdom and that doesn't sit well with a number of people. The citizens are left with two choices: Find her a suitable husband or assassinate her and appoint a more competent ruler. The latter is rumored to be the more popular choice since finding a suitor is taking longer than expected and the king is steadily approaching death. With the many frequent attempts to take the princess' life, a bodyguard was to be appointed to her at all times by the kings command. After many days, they find a man skilled in almost every area of combat. The king hires him on the spot. However, what he failed to realize was that this man has already been hired to murder the princess as soon as the king breathes his last breath.

If You Are My Love
Graduation after party. That would be the last night she spent in the town before she moved away with her mother. She lived a fairly dull life in that town and had very few friends. It's not like anyone would miss her. Her life mainly revolved around school work. She was overall a strict person who never took risks or did anything crazy. It was only due to her mothers urging that she decided to go to the party. That's where it happened. Desperately wanting to leave some kind of memory behind, she let loose for that night only and experienced something amazing with a boy she hardly new and would never see again . . . well, that's what she thought. Years later, her mother remarried and returned to the town she grew up in. You can imagine her surprise when she finds out who her new step-brother is . . . He jokes around a lot and is generally a happy person. He likes to tease her and regularly behaves inappropriately with her.

Still Doll
Dolls. They are the newest fad sweeping the nation. Dolls are emotionless beings created to mimic the forms of humans. They are completely obedient and are believed to have no feelings of their own. Though the majority have heard of them, very few actually get to them with their own eyes since they are very expensive. The small handful of lower class people who actually get to see one up close are the one's hired to maintain them. Brand new dolls cannot do anything for themselves and need to be fed and bathed. Though their owners like to play with them, they don't like to take care of them and thus hire others to do it. One such man is hired to care for the doll of his boss. However, he begins to recent how the doll is abused. Despite never complaining or showing emotion, he can't help feeling sorry for it and steals it away. This character is naive with a strong sense of justice.
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More Picture Plots (F seeking M)
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2011, 01:12:45 AM »
Strange Games
She was the type of girl that was kind to everyone, even a geeky outcast like him. Even while other girls avoided or bullied him, she was always friendly and nice to him. He wanted to look out for her in return and often agreed to tutor her or help her out in anyway he could when she asked. As a result, they spent most afternoons in the library studying together and talking. They read the same books, watched the same movies, listened to the same music and they even shared the same career goals. It was like they were meant for each other. Well, at least he thought so. He never thought he would experience love, until she came around. He had fallen madly in love with that sweet girl in his math class and was ready to tell her how he felt on the last day of school. You can imagine his surprise when she comes up to him to thank him . . . for helping her attract another guy! Feeling used and utterly heartbroken, he falls into a depression and experiences the worst several months of his life. Years later, after much dedication, focus, and hard work, he finally gets his dream job as the Chief Operating Officer in a successful company. No one would have ever guessed he was a geeky nobody in high school. He's respected, wealthy, and quite the ladies man. Life couldn't get any better. That is until the company hires a new intern. She hadn't changed a bit and is still as kind as ever. However instead of making his heart flutter, that sweet and innocent smile of hers only makes him sick. It seems fate has given him a chance for revenge. He's still extremely bitter about being betrayed by the only girl he had ever loved and uses his power as her boss to torture, humiliate, and harass her.

Alex in Wonderland Taken
A certain boy likes waste away his days reading science fiction novels, gazing up at the clouds, and sleeping in the meadow. Basically, he loves being lazy and avoids any and all responsibility. However, it does not sit well his parents who dream of seeing their son become a successful business man married to a good wife. When it seems as though he will never own up to his duties on his own, they arrange a marriage for him. His fiance? A strict young noblewomen determined to whip him into shape . . . literally. His days become an endless mission of slipping out of his fiance's clutches, unfortunately most of his efforts end in failure. One day, while running away from he comes across a large rabbit hole and hides inside. He soon realizes that the rabbit hole is bigger than it seems. Eventually he looses his footing and falls down into Wonderland where he meets the Princess of Diamonds. This one is kind of like a comedy. His is basically laid back, naive, and spoiled. He's not a brat though . . . he's just a little whiny at times when things don't go his way and thinks that his parents money will solve all his problems.

Through Pain Taken
In an old abandoned manor, live two people: a fugitive serial killer and his former nurse. They met at the psychiatric hospital he was admitted to after having murdered six women the previous year. Everyone saw him as a cruel monster, but not her. She was the only one who took the time to understand him for what he really was. That is a sick human being who needed help and over the years she never once neglected visiting him. During that time, he fell in love with her, but being diagnosed as a sadist, he could never be alone with her without a guard and restraints. All he wanted to do was touch her . . . at least once. One night, there was a riot. Hundreds of patients ran wild and he took that opportunity to escape, but not without seeing her one last time. However, he soon learned that simply seeing her wasn't enough. He wanted to touch her, hold her, suffocate her . . . With his medication wearing off, he couldn't help himself and stole her away so that they could finally be alone together. Unfortunately, without his medications he is forced into a daily struggle of trying to resist harming his love. He's a sadist, but is in no way proud of it and hates that part of himself.

Déjà vu
Day to day, a young man comes face to face with the most gruesome crime scenes. What he desired most is to save lives and see justice served. Unfortunately, all he can do is clean up the spilled blood. During a clean-up on day, he comes across an ancient book soiled in blood. Surely, it had some significance to the case, but seemed to have been over looked. Curious as so what the book was, he took it home and began reading from a bookmarked page. Suddenly, at midnight the words on the page began to glow and from the dry blood emerged a beautiful woman . . . a sprite with the ability to manipulate space and time. He wants to use her to rewind days so that he could save people before they die.

Guess How Much I Love You.
After losing his beloved wife in a tragic accident, the doctor carries on with his life as best as he can. One day a patient comes in who reminds him of her. It turns out that she and his wife were old friends. They talked about old times and got along quite well during her stay at the hospital. Once she leaves the doctor's life becomes dim and gray again. He is convince that somehow the woman he met was his wife's spirit that had come back to him. From that day onward he became obsessed and followed her around claiming that he was in love with her. Believing wholeheartedly that they belonged together, he doesn't take no for an answer and prepares to do whatever it takes to make her his.
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