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April 21, 2018, 10:19:08 PM

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Author Topic: Saving the future by loving the past  (Read 894 times)

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Saving the future by loving the past
« on: June 01, 2011, 02:50:20 PM »
One of my crazy questions i answered...

It was the happenings during a Sunday night that changed my life forever. It was quite that night, I can remember it so vividly. Living in the inner city was at times something to be desired, though some may enjoy the hustle and bustle... the noise. I however did not, though it may have been fate upon that day. As I said at the beginning, that was the night when my life was turned upside down, and the fate of all man kind was thrust into my hands.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, the three rapid knocks immediately concerned me. It was late, well past twelve, and normally on a Sunday night the apartment complex was ever so quite. The punks that lived below me usually, by this time, finally partied themselves into another stupor that would let me finally sleep in peace.

I moved to the door and as I opened it I had the feeling of dejavu. Had I done this before? No that was impossible, utterly none sense I thought to myself as I quickly cracked the door. I was startled suddenly by the look of the man that stood right outside my door. His left eye glowed bright blue and looked unnatural, mechanical. I tried to slam the door back shut, but his foot in the door denied me.

“Tori?” He asked me in a flat tone.

“No I believe you have the wrong apartment?” I and answered him quickly

“Tori, its me... Jason.”

“I'm not looking for any trouble, please I don’t have any money, I'm unemployed so...”

“I know how I look Tori! It's me, Jason, your Jason! Its not too late, please! You have to trust me and let me in, there isn’t much time.” His words were filled with so much passion and though he sounded strange and looked nothing like my ex-love. There was something in me that wanted to believe that he was still alive. The military had told me he was dead! My Jason was dead and never coming home, he was lost to me...forever.

“Please stop! Your not Jason, my Jason is dead!” I spoke so quickly as the tears began to burn in my eyes. Why was this happening to me, I couldn't... I couldn't go through all this again.

“I can prove it, listen. Lori baby you have to listen to me! Remember... Remember the time we were walking the tracks. No one around for miles and miles. We sat near the old rail car, talking about how much we hated living with your mom. How we wanted to have kids, how I'd join the Marines, everything was perfect. You were perfect...”

“Yes, I remember...” I spoke so softly as my tears streamed from my eyes. Why God O why? I was over this and everything was getting better now. I took my pills. I went out with friends. Why was I seeing him again?

“Lori...Lori? Lori? Lori! You have to let me in now baby please, please let me in.” He sounded different but it was the same, I knew it so deep down in my heart that it was the same. He talked just like my Jason. So passionate and strong.

I unbolted the door and as soon as he could the man that sounded like Jason walked quickly inside. Moving quickly, he grabbed me by the arm and strung me along to my new bedroom. Their were boxes all over, cloths tossed all about. I never really kept anything clean since I was released from the hospital. Never could keep a job so I never bother unpacking. I was a nomad, a traveler, a loner. I had friends sure, but no one I ever really cared to be around. It was simple human need to be around others, and nothing more.

The more I thought about the more I started to smirk. I was crazy, had to be. I looked him over as he checked out the windows and closed the curtains. He wasn't Jason, he was a stranger. A stranger in a ratty old trench-coat, old torn up jeans, and a pair of the nastiest boots I had ever seen. Looking hard I let out a small laugh, they didn't even match! He was heavily muscled, with a body that would make any girl breath a bit heavy. I would have except every time he reached over my boxes to check out the window the outline of a sawed off shotgun caught my eye. I wasn't nervous, it didn't matter anymore.

Moving back to me he spoke so suddenly I almost jumped out of my skin as I was pulled back from my thoughts. “Listen to me Lori, I know I look strange, but its me, your Jason.” I was about to open my mouth and say something but he was looking agitated and nervous, scared even.

“I'm from the future Lori, I know they told you I was dead. I'm so sorry baby but you have to do this, your the only one I can trust!”

“Jason it's you?” I asked so scared and so needy my face was still damp as the tears threatened to pour from my eyes once again.

“I don't have time to... To explain all this!” he waved his hand over himself and continued, “I'm from the future, they sent me back! Here take this, take it fast!” He quickly pulled some strange contraption from behind himself. A science fiction looking bracelet of some kind?

As soon as the bracelet touched my wrist it snapped on tight, it clicked and whirled with some strange noise I only ever heard in the movies. I jumped as it suddenly came alive!Like the carapace of some strange metallic insect, as it extended up to my elbow with a loud clanking noise. Five strange glowing gems ran along its length, each a different color. Blue, red, yellow, purple, green. Upon closer inspection of it I noticed each gem was filled with streaming electricity.

“Okay, Lori now you have to get out of town, this has everything we know about them. You have 9 days Lori, 9 days to get to the Sub. Its in Norfolk Virginia and if you show them this they'll understand. They'll have all the answers you want.” He was shaking with fear and suddenly I felt my heart ripped from my chest to see him, my Jason acting so scared. His one good eye looking at me the same way he did every time he left on deployment. The same way he looked at me before he got on that god damn jet... the last time I saw him alive.

“Jason I don't understand! Please why? What? I don't... I can't leave.”

My Jason gripped me tightly in his arms, he was so cold. Deathly cold, though I will never forget it. Never! As he backed away he touched two fingers onto the crystals, yellow and blue, and I was suddenly surrounded by a strange glowing sphere of crackling blue light. It grew louder and brighter and just before the world around faded away I heard his echoing voice... “I love you baby.. I'll always love you...”