Futanari Anyone?

Started by Chameleon, August 21, 2007, 07:36:15 PM

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So,  I was wondering if anyone out there would be interested in a game that deals with Futanari.    Now, for those of you who don't know what Futanari is,  its essentially a like a hermaphrodite,  but with a completely female form and a rather exagerated member.  So, is anyone else out there is intereted in some sexy futa action?  I'm pretty open for suggestions when it comes to the scenario,  though I must say the weirder the better.


I'm definently interested in a Futa game. Are you interested in playing the special girl or would you like your roleplaying partner to do that?

Also, were you thinking a Futa/Male or a Futa/Female pairing? Either are fine with me.

I can think of a few settings that would be fun to use: The middle ages or reneissance where women were super duper feminine and a male organ would be an even greater contrast. A pirate setting could be cool too.


Well I was thinking about playing the futa girl,  but if you really would like to I wouldn't mind.  I don't mind playing H/M or H/F,  or even H/H.  Hmm,   the pirate setting might actually be a bit of fun.


*cheers* Now I don't feel odd... Hehe, so far only me and Lir-Lir were the ones who primarily played as hermaphrodites/futanari. ^.^ Now the guys are doing it.. .woot. Sorry for the lurk thread attack, but I had to say something. :D
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Hey, ZK. I've been playing hermaphrodites for years. Don't think you're the only one who's wierd here! ;)

Chameleon, if you like I can "GM" a pirate setting for your hermaphrodite character. That way we can have her paired with a variety of people. If that's okay with you, you can PM me a character outline and then I'll set up a thread. Also, if you like we can make it a pirate setting with a touch of fantasy elements.


Sounds good to me,  I'll get to work.


Futa pirates.. lurk alert, lurk alert! :P
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