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Author Topic: Should a Star Fall  (Read 888 times)

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Offline xlilxmissxTopic starter

Should a Star Fall
« on: May 29, 2011, 01:58:17 am »
Please drop me a line if you're interested in any of the following scenarios. They are all open for discussion. Thank you.

NAME: As Old As Time

CONTENT: Light-to-Heavy Bondage/NC Human, Segue to an Epic Love Story-type


Seven years. It took this foreign conqueror but seven years to cement his hold upon the land. Like wildfire, his army ravaged the world, and from the ashes, he built a Kingdom unlike any the frightened populace had ever seen. Like a seasoned strategist, the region's religious institution became one of his first targets. He demanded their cooperation in exchange for their lives. Their initial resistance was met with an iron fist. He was merciless. No other acts of defiance followed.

He demanded a marriage with a woman half his age - a priestess, loved by the people for her position as much as for her kindness. A gesture of kindness, he claimed. A bridge. A union between our divided peoples. Against her silent wishes, he made her queen and used the influence of her Order to bring the entire Kingdom to its knees. Those who dared oppose him died by his sword or by the guillotine.

The King, now content with the extent of his reach, turns his attention to rebuilding his army and to filling the royal coffers with what little he could squeeze from his starving subjects. His queen plays her part to perfection. She stands beside him at each gathering, a beautiful, pure, unmoving statue next to his garish, cruel brutality. The sight of her conjures the very emotions he hoped to cultivate in his subjects: pity, defeat, obedience, subservience. Oh, he knew there would be anger too, but he was sure they were too afraid to act upon that rage now. He had won.

With the demise of most of their leaders, the free tribes scattered to the very edges of the map, driven to the brink of annihilation. From this so-called rabble, concealed from the King's rage by the tribe's own affinity for survival, a barbarian prince leads his people in rebellion. His scouts report an unlikely event; the sorceress-queen (for only an apostate would marry such a foul beast!) travels in a poorly-guarded caravan a few miles from his location. Oh, she was so very far from the comforts and safety of her castle walls! What was a savage man, who had lost so much at the hands of this priestess, expected to do with such a delicious piece of information?

SETTING: Fantasy-non-magical-medieval-desert kingdom. Negotiable. I have a few ideas, and they are all open to discussion.

REQUIREMENTS/OTHER INFO: I need a partner willing to play the part of our barbarian leader. This won't be a short story, and I would very much love lots of elaboration. More specifically, in addition to his actions, I want insight into the character's thought process. Aside from the physical altercations, there shall be a battle of wills, of course. Possibly lots of it. This story begins with non-consensual scenes, afterall. Then I'm seeing an alliance against the evil king in the end, if we reach that point in the plot.

NAME: A Touch of Fantasy

CONTENT: Light-to-Heavy Bondage/NC Exotic/Human

SCENARIO: Negotiable. Open to discussion.
I am looking for interesting/dark spins on traditional fairy tales. I'm referring to stories with princesses, princes, monsters, and other variations and combinations of such. The damsels-in-distress concept is my favorite aspect of these stories, so it will definitely be included in the plot.

SETTING: Fantasy. Medieval. Open to discussion.

REQUIREMENTS/OTHER INFO: I need a partner willing to play the part of a monster or a dark prince. Also, because this plot is (as you may have already noticed >_>) incomplete, please be willing to bring ideas to the table or, at the very least, brainstorm with me.

More to come. <3