Dead Ringer

Started by seeker619, May 28, 2011, 12:33:11 PM

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1-This story deals with a wealthy widower.  He has lost the one love of his life four years ago after 10 years of marriage.  He is now thirty four.  A woman knocks on his door one afternoon and she is a dead ringer for his wife.  He is shocked speechless.  She tells him she is just there to see if he would mind donating some money to the local school where she teaches.  He gives her a twenty out of his pocket and slams the door in her face.  This simply out of shock.

Badly shaken he sits down wondering if he was loosing his grip on reality.  Everything about that woman was exactly like his deceased wife.  Her looks, down to a freckle, her voice, and even her clothing.  He gave her an outfit that looked just like the one that woman was wearing.  He remembered it specifically because he had liked it so much.  Was somebody trying to make him think he was crazy.  He had to find out. 

This idea here is that this man will relive vivid memories of his married days and they will interchange seemingly with this strange woman.  He loses track of what actually occurred and what he seemed to dream had occurred.  Eventually it all leads to this woman.  She is somehow managing all of this to get the man to marry her giving her full access to his money.  How is she doing this and are there other conspirators?

I'm leaving this wide open to interpretation and where it should go.  I just had this image of a man looking at a dead ringer for his dead wife and what she can do with those looks and a desperate man.