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Author Topic: [NC] ExCiv Boarding School (Superhuman Game, In Progress, Recruiting)  (Read 1321 times)

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Offline ManyMindsManyVoicesTopic starter

The ExCiv Boarding School

"Welcome to the ExCiv Boarding School, your new home... We're going to take very good care of you here..."

(For the quick and simple version, this is a superhuman game. The plot revolves around teenagers taken to a school that is part of a government initiative to deal with 'extrahumans'. In the school, they are treated more like prisoners, where abuse is common and there are soldiers at every corner. Drugs, tasers, and shotguns filled with rocksalt are common tools used to subdue the students.

Right now, we need a few more teachers, maybe an enforcer or two, but we will take students and people who prove to be good RPers can play multiple characters if they wish.)

The ExCiv (short for Extrahuman Civilian) Boarding School is the first, and largest, government run institution to teach those among us with special, unique talents. When a manifestation of an extrahuman ability, known to the civilian populace as a 'power' or 'powers', manifests in a young child, we send a specially trained team to retrieve and counsel your child. They will then be extradited to the ExCiv Boarding School and taught many of the same things taught to other students, but in an environment that is nurturing to their unique needs.

Some people have described this as 'segregation', but that is a very negative way to look at it. Much as a honor student or a mentally disable child has unique needs, so too, do extrahuman students. Another commonly expressed concern is our communication policy, which causes many families to not be in contact with the students. We feel it is necessary to maintain a certain environment at the ExCiv Boarding School, and sometimes parents can become disruptive or overly concerned towards our methods. We ensure you, we do what is necessary to turn your extrahuman child into a productive member of society.In fact, many of our students return to the facility after their time here to join our retrieval agents and counselors, furthering the cycle of helping extrahumans in their future growth.

~~~~~Yeah, that's what they want you to think...~~~~~

Here's the real truth of the place
: The ExCiv Boarding School is a prison for people like us. They find us, they grab us, and they lock us up here. Sure, they teach us math, history, science, languages, and there are a few teachers who aren't total assholes; but overall, this place isn't a second home, it's jail, plain and simple.

So here's how things go around here, we have the students: In this place, there's no year ones, or grades, we're placed in classes based on our academic ability and a basic understanding of where we were before we got here. Most of us were in high school before we got here, 15-17 is the most common time to manifest. Instead of staying until we're 18, they keep us until they're sure we'll be 'productive members of society'. ExCiv is considered a college/university, at least prep, so some of our students are up to 22 to 24 years old. Everyone's at a different level, and we're tested to see what level we're at in every subject before we're assigned classes. Hell, that's about the only thing this place does right, of course, that hardly matters. Some of our teachers aren't really very lenient with our kind, and they don't much care to teach us thoroughly, they just want to keep us in line.

So that's when we come to the teachers: The teachers here come in all types; guys, girls, professors, psychologists, historians, extrahumans and 'regulars', disciplinarians and bleeding hearts. Every teacher is trained to deal with mental and physical assaults, capable of some kind of combat training, and carries an array of drugs, devices, tranquilizers, and almost every one has a shotgun full of rock salt. Quick and simple solution to a problem student is a rocksalt blast to the back or chest. Around here, kids who are known for getting into trouble, we call 'em 'salt miners'.

Next we have the 'counselors', except even the teachers here call them the 'enforcers': These are basically prison guards, all of them even better at combat than most of the teachers, and carrying the same, or better equipment, but that shotgun is always a popular item. A good number of the enforcers are former students, though the hell if I could tell you why. some are also sent as members of the retrieval squads, who are basically just enforcers who go out and grab extrahuman kids when they manifest.

Finally, we have the headmaster: Strange guy, most students never see him, but he keeps this place running. That isn't an endearing phrase, take note, he keeps this place running... Of course, not without the backing of 'Mr. Edward Kelly' founder of the Extrahuman Civilian Protection Act... Otherwise known as the giant corporate asshole who decided to pretend that they're doing us a favor by jailing us, drugging us, and firing rock salt deep into our hides.

If you're coming to join us, welcome to the family, don't think there's any kind of solidarity here, it's a prison plain and simple. Even the students don't work together or get along, to try and fight back. Welcome to ExCiv Boarding School, fuck this place...

My Chemical Romance "Teenagers"

(Right Now the School Needs Teachers and I Would Like to Get a Female Enforcer!)

+OOC Guidelines+

-Players may have more than one character, but not right away. Only players who I can verify will post consistently and add to the game will be allowed the chance. You can petition me for it (though if you do so before you've made at least 10 posts, I'll probably just shoot you down for being overeager). If I've played with you before, I am likely to waive the rule.

-If you have more than one character, use different font types or colors or something noticeable to indicate different characters. It just makes things easier on everyone.

-If Zhu Que or Pyrkinas says I asked them to do something or play NPCs or something of the sort, don't contradict them unless I do. They aren't GMs, but they have certain permissions.

-There is no arbitrary post length or whatever, I'm much more concerned with literacy. Be an active, intelligent writer, and you'll be straight with me.

-This game is not sexually driven, and I don't really want to see it devolve into constant flirting and sexual referencing. Sex is fine, sexual characters are fine, but I have seen too many people who can't make posts without sex being the primary goal. I want character interaction and character growth, and sex is a part of that, but so are so many other things.

-There is not necessarily a limit on players at this stage, so even once the game gets going, talk to friends about it, post here to encourage more players. However, on the flip side, I don't want to just let everyone in, I want people who want to create a story and an atmosphere. So just because you post, doesn't mean your in, and just because your rejected, doesn't mean you suck. Maybe this just isn't the game for everyone, regardless of whether or not you like the premise. If you like the premise, but you want something far more sex driven or something, start your own game, rip off the idea, I'm okay with it.

-A few things about powers, first of all, disparity in 'power levels' is reasonable, but only a few people should be highly powerful, these are students, just learning their powers. We're talking Smallville (not necessarily the show) Clark Kent, not Superman and no Superboys. No reality benders, and powers should have a reasonable scientific basis. Spiderman origins are fine, as are mutants, and if you want to try an alien, it should be one that can reasonably blend in with students (like Clark, or as a funny twist, Zim). I'll list a few things about powers I don't want to see.

-Magic: I accept that the premise of magic can be scientific, so yes, magically oriented characters can be acceptable. No general wizards capable of everything (Dr. Strange style) or anything like that, but magical backgrounds are acceptable.

-Telepathy: This power is fine, but you better be ready to make a lot of PMs to make sure players are okay with you reading thoughts or possessing their minds. Don't do it if you don't think you can be respectful and clever, and if I see a player using this and they are doing well, I don't want to see a bunch of people completely ignoring their abilities. However, there will be no complete control of other characters and no full mind-reading with no limitations (it should be rather difficult).

-Sex Powers: If you want a power that can have sexual effects, it should fall under a different category. I don't want to see giant erection, futanari, sexual stimulation, pheromone or whatever powers, unless they are broader. Look above at the sex issue.

-'Batmen'/Gadgeteers: These aren't 'powers' per se, so if you want this kind of hero, there needs to be a way to fit it. A cyborg or android maybe, or maybe a technopath. This is really just a category to remind you that you need to have a plausible premise for how you end up in ExCiv, a school for extrahuman students.

-Teachers/Enforcers: Playing these positions grant a bit more power, if someone wants to play one, I'll require a bit more insight into a character, and there should always be a fraction of teachers compared to students. However, a person I deem capable of playing a teacher will likely be invited to play a student. Enforcers are a bit different, and generally quite stoic. They will be mostly NPCs, but someone who wants to prove themselves can try to get this one past me.

-Also, all teachers/enforcers have a callsign (like a superhero name), that the enforcers use to refer to them.

-Speaking of the 'staff': Players are free to act out 'NPC's, like generic enforcers, if they need one or two little actions for a post. Just try to ask permission and follow the guidelines for what they would reasonably do. However, NEVER imply the Headmaster's action, he is a vague character and unless I RP it, you didn't see him, hear him, or talk to him. Also, be vague when dealing with teacher actions, don't say, '<so-and-so teacher> gave me an essay due tomorrow', say 'I have homework'. Don't talk about teachers unless they are known characters or 'pre-established NPCs', so that new players interested in teaching characters aren't shoehorned into certain roles as much.

-Keep an eye on the 'Roster', I will make tweaks here and there to character sheets when I feel there might be things that are helpful to know. I won't do it without asking, unless I am just adding information that is already known or established about the character to make it easier to find.

-Special Note: If anyone sees someone trying to play a character blatantly ripped off from an anime, video game, or movie (inspiration is fine, but blatant ripoffs are not), let me know. I'd also prefer people not to use pictures of well known comic book or anime characters (unless maybe it's altered fanart), or pictures of well-known people. It just breaks atmosphere for me, if people disagree with this point overwhelmingly, I might relent, but for now, I'd rather stand firm on it.

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Character Sheet

(Note: If you don't want to fill out the personality or bio completely, just give some basics, and if you want to PM some GM only info to me, put it in <> and I will remove it for the public thread.)

<Name> <Player Name>
Callsign: <For Teachers and Enforcers>
Sexual Orientation:




Description: <and/or Picture>

OOC Sexual Preferences: (Type information here about how you prefer to go about scenes, do you want longer, detailed scenes? Do you want short, simple scenes? Do you prefer to 'fade-to-black' or only play out scenes that are 'important' <first time, major turning point, etc.>? Or do you prefer to avoid adult content in general. Each character may be different so fill this out for every character.)

OOC Notes: (Any other notes you might wish to let people know about your playing style, if there's nothing, just ignore this section)

Code: [Select]
[size=14pt]<Name>[/size] [size=12pt]<Player Name>[/size]
[b]Callsign:[/b] <For Teachers and Enforcers>
[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]




[b]Description:[/b] <and/or Picture>

[b]OOC Sexual Preferences:[/b] (Type information here about how you prefer to go about scenes, do you want longer, detailed scenes? Do you want short, simple scenes? Do you prefer to 'fade-to-black' or only play out scenes that are 'important' <first time, major turning point, etc.>? Or do you prefer to avoid adult content in general. Each character may be different so fill this out for every character.)

[b]OOC Notes:[/b] (Any other notes you might wish to let people know about your playing style, if there's nothing, just ignore this section)
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Offline ManyMindsManyVoicesTopic starter

"Still tweaking this a bit, but I'm starting a fresh, second recruitment for this game, now that we're in progress."