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Author Topic: A collection of thoughts [NC/Bon] ((seeking F))  (Read 1067 times)

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A collection of thoughts [NC/Bon] ((seeking F))
« on: May 23, 2011, 07:09:41 PM »
Just a small collection of general ideas I'd like to roleplay. I realize a lot of these don't have much depth in them, but I find it better to 'personalize' each roleplay, to hammer out the details and specifics to suit the wants and needs of each partner I am roleplaying with. All of these can vary in severity, I can do light bondage to hardcore, humiliating bondage. PM if interested, or would like to discuss details  :-)


-The Apprentices (female needed): Basic premise, two mages studying under an older, wizened master. The female would be slightly older than the male mage, and a little bossy and snobbish, despite the younger mage's greater skill. One day the master has to leave for a month or two, and leaves the female mage in charge. The male decides this as the perfect time to take some "revenge" on the other mage and subdues her, and thus begins their adventure of magically-charged sexual adventures.

-WoW cross-faction capture game (female needed): This one would take place in the Warcraft Universe, and would be about a Night Elf/Draenei being captured by someone from the horde, probably an Orc/Blood elf. Conversely, it could be about a Blood elf/Orc female being captured by a Human/Draenei. In either cases the male captor would take the female and begin to train her as a sex slave.

-The corruption of blood (2 females needed, one sub, one dom): Generations ago, a powerful Paladin slayed an evil succubus queen, one of the most powerful succubi that had ever lived. Several generations later, the succubus queen has reformed, and although she is at a fraction of her power, has crossed back over with the help of a young, rather sadistic male magi to take revenge on the Paladin family. This of course, involves kidnapping the youngest daughter of the existing Paladin family (technically the great, great granddaughter of the Paladin) and turning her into the succubi's sex slave. This would involve the girl getting dominated by both the succubi and the magi (played by myself).


-Alien slave auction (female needed): This scenario would be about a human female who was captured and brought to a slave planet, where females from all across the universe are brought and sold, and used, and played with. This roleplay would involve various humaniod aliens, as well as lots of humiliation and bondage.


Fuck my boss (female needed): Taking place in modern day, it would revolve around a successful, older woman (in her 30s-40s) as the head of the company my character works for. She's very rude and stuck up, and uses her attractiveness to get what she wants, which is what more than likely landed her the job. She especially likes tormenting my character, for reasons unknown to him, but he decides he's fed up with it. The exact details of how can be worked out, but it would involve my character sexually dominating and humiliating his boss, and turning her into his secret sex toy.

-Superheroine bimbo (female needed): This would involve a rather stereotypical superheroine, wearing revealing spandex attempting to fight crime, getting captured and used by several recurring villains, only to be left bound somewhere or left for dead. She would of course escape every time, and the roleplay would be just a fun cycle of the determined, unfaltering woman attempting to fight crime despite being defeated, captured, and then fucked every time.


Missing patrol (3-4 females needed) 2 more needed: This roleplay would involve 3 to 4 other posing as female guardsmen, in some far abandoned area (the time period can be anything really), being all captured and subdued by my character, who would then use them all to build his 'fantasy harem'. Would work well if a few were bisexual.

More to come!
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Re: A collection of thoughts [NC/Bon] ((seeking F))
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2011, 08:27:37 PM »
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