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Author Topic: Back Into the Swing [Currently: Closed]  (Read 6903 times)

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Back Into the Swing [Currently: Closed]
« on: May 19, 2011, 03:50:18 am »
Amber at a Glance

I'm a very flexible person, open to ideas or tweaks to the plots that I'm looking for. I love open communication between my partner and myself (don't be afraid to suggest or ask for anything!), as long as the interactions are respectful.

Because my tastes are always adapting and growing, I'll be as specific as possible about what I'm looking for in a particular plot, in the post. For example, in some threads I may want M/F and in others I may want M/M -- This depends on what 'itch' I need scratched at that time.

I have an Ons and Offs thread which details EVERYTHING that you need to know about me as a roleplaying partner. Please consult that if you have any question as to whether or not you would like to play with me.

Ons and Offs Thread

Game Ideas

For organizational purposes I have placed each game into a single post. I will add posts and update as I create them. Please don't post in this thread as I would like to keep it clean!

I am currently not seeking threads!

At this time I am not interested in these old ideas (posts remain for posterity):

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Re: Thread Version 2 [Consensual, F for M]
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2011, 03:55:27 am »
_ High and Low game full

Lady Ayleen and Lord Marlor have just been married. Lady Ayleen is moving into her new manor, a great mansion of a home that has been a part of Lord Marlor's family for years, befitting his title of Earl.

This is the story about the romance between... Their servants! For you see, Lady Ayleen has been served by one woman for many years and has come to trust her greatly. When she left her father's home, this servant was the only one that she took with her. Lord Marlor, on the other hand, has an equally loyal butler who has been serving him for quite some time, he is a gentleman of the highest kind.

While Lord and Lady Marlor begin their new life together, so begins the life of the two servants as they discover an attraction towards each other that is highly improper and yet so desirable.


- This should be consensual, and it should be a ROMANCE.
- It does NOT have to be light. It should be romantic but I am sure there is a romantic way to bind someone and treat them to all sorts of pleasurable fetishes. It can be light, of course, but that is your choice.
- All of my ons and offs apply, especially the two mentioned in the first post.
- I would prefer for the maid and butler to be close in age, I don't intend for him to be an age-old butler.
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Not Quite a Genie - One Hell of a Butler [Consensual, F for M]
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2011, 10:45:03 pm »
_ Not Quite a Genie game full

Such an awful, unlady-like woman! Running about in the woods alone at night. But what is a poor, young girl to do when she's dreadfully bored at home? She cares little for manners and propriety, and she will be damned if she allowed someone to order her about.

Clarabelle Freelove preferred doing the ordering herself, but her demands were such that even the most loyal of servants rejected her demands in the name of her safety. It was lucky, then, that she was able to come across a ring that held a most powerful and terrible power...

When she placed it on her finger, the world vanished before her and she was captured in a white space. There was no horizon, no more people.

"Do you accept this contract?" He asked, his voice dark, terrible, but silky and powerful.

Clara spun around, but could see no one. "What contract?" She asked, her brow furrowed - who dare kidnap her and hold her in this... this awful place!

"My contract, dear lady. That ring is tied to me and, should you accept the conditions of this contract, I will be bound to you forever. I will be your servant, I will follow your orders, I can and will do anything you wish. I can kill for you, I can heal for you, I will live for you."

Clara's mouth parted mischievously; finally, a servant who knew his place. "And, good sir, why would I not accept such a contract?" There had to be some sort of catch.

"If you do not accept this contract then your life span will be cut in half. Should you lose the ring and it becomes property of another your life will be cut down to a third of what it would have otherwise been. If you choose to keep this contract then I will be yours until you live out your natural life - so long as the ring is yours."

How exciting, thrilling, terrifying. Cursed with a third of a life? Was it worth it, the risk of losing the ring, was it worth this unearthly servant?

"I accept your contract!"

That is how Clara came to be with her butler. He is an unholy beast, a demon of the other world. His powers surpass human restraints, he is loyal only to her. He is a gentleman, he is a man of the utmost class, his manners are impeccable, his posture is unmatched.

He truly is one hell of a butler.

*This is based off of the anime "Black Butler" but has been modified so that anyone can play it, regardless of whether or not you have watched it.


- This game will consist of a romance of a different kind. I plan on it being 50% plot and 50% sex. I do not play with only smut, there needs to be some body to the characters. I need someone who can capture the personality of the butler, the demon. He is a demon but he is also her personal servant and acts as her butler.

- This game can consist of anything you want in terms of the sexual interaction. It can be light or it can contain bondage, or can contain something more extreme. Because of the nature of the characters and their relationship we can explore anything we want. After all, if Clara orders it, he will do it.

- I would prefer that my partner is able to offer me at least two paragraphs. I don't need an essay but I find a good, 'meaty' post more interesting than a few sentences. I would like someone who can come up with their own ideas within the game. We'll both be sharing the metaphorical wheel.

- My character gives the orders but that does not mean that your character is submissive. He does have to comply but he will be in control when she gives him the freedom to. For example, if she orders him to bind her, he will be in charge of doing so and finding the ways to please her so then he will essentially be in control. It is somewhat of a struggle for power.
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Queen of Hades [Consensual, F for M]
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2011, 02:22:35 am »
_ Queen of Hades game full

The world is becoming too chaotic, the underworld is filling to its brim. It is too much for one person to handle. Hades has reigned over the underworld for eons, his control over the dead remained just and powerful. Yet there is so much war, so much destruction, he needs some help...

And so it became that Zeus, the God of gods, sent Eris down there to his aid. While Hades controlled his underworld, Eris would reign over Tartarus, the land of the damned, the punished, the only place in the universe that was deeper beneath the heavens than even Hell itself. The most vile of the most vile were judged and thrust down to Tartarus should their past actions prove too unseemly for the lord of the dead. Those who did not deserve to remain in Hades' peaceful dominion were cast out and sent to Tartarus where they would be tortured for the rest of forever, doomed to agony of the most extreme kind.

But Hades did not ask for this - the underworld was his. The dead and all of their follies were his alone to control. Yet not even Hades, God of the underworld can convince Zeus that help was unnecessary. He was forced to relinquish his Tartarus over to Eris, the goddess of strife and discord. It was only it, after all, for she herself accounted for many of the deaths in the world.


Eris was the constant companion of Ares (the God of War). Eris was the Spirit of Discord as well as the Goddess of Strife. She was Night's daughter and the mother of Battle, Slaughter, Dispute, Lawlessness - I think you get the point. She is most known for throwing the Golden Apple of Discord, which, by the way, began the Trojan War through Aphrodite. Eris was sometimes said to be the twin of Ares.

Eris delights in causing trouble wherever she goes, and she is the last to leave the battlefield, soaking up all of the suffering that she has caused.

Eris’s name means “strife,” and epithets used to describe her include Hard-hearted, Abhorred, Frightful, Terrible, and Deadly.


This game shall follow Eris and Hades in their new life together. Eris controls Tartarus but it is ultimately Hades' decision whether or not to send the new souls to Tartarus - he is still the judge. Despite his reign over the underworld they will be forced to act together as one body when it comes to the dead. Hades has the final word in the underworld while Eris has the final word in Tartarus.

The Hades that I am looking for is not the Disney villain. I am looking for the more "misunderstood" version. He is not a particularly kind soul but neither is he ruthless and all-terrible. In fact, his reign over the underworld is just and fair. Those souls who have died in their own time and who lived their life fruitfully and respectfully are sent to a part of the underworld where they will be happy, a land of lush green fields and brilliant mansions. Those who lived their lives less honorably are sent to what is commonly known as "the fiery pits of hell." The souls who are so abhorring and horrendous are cast out completely to Tartarus. It is Hades' decision as to where the souls are placed.


- Neither will be dominant and neither will be submissive: Their relationship will be a struggle for power. Each will try to overcome the other and try to make the other submit, but neither will comply. Eris, a sadist, welcomes and encourages the pain that Hades brings to her while Hades buckles beneath the pleasure wrought on by Eris, so unlike the goddesses of lesser ferocity.

- I expect for this to be more on the extreme side but I don't want it to be non-consensual. It's not rape and it's not completely forced, it can be rough and consensual at the same time.

- I intend for this to contain SOME plot. I find pages upon pages upon pages of sex boring but I do see this game containing a great deal of "fun." Details can be discussed behind the scenes.

- I am looking for a partner who can capture the essence of Hades. You can call him whatever you like since he has multiple names. Hades, Pluto, what have you. I do not want him to be all weak and gentle but I do not want him to be all terrible and cruel. I would prefer a dynamic character. That is, he is kind and gentle to the souls that come to him who are good, but ruthless to those who have been evil in life.

- I do not want the relationship between Hades and Eris to be entirely hateful. Hades, I assume, would feel slighted in handing Tartarus over but it is not Eris' fault. Once they get over their differences I see them having a very close relationship with one another. After all, Eris does send a great many souls to him.
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Hades' Demon [Extreme Consensual, F for M]
« Reply #4 on: May 24, 2011, 09:35:05 pm »
_ Hades' Demon game full

He is lord of the underworld, ruler over the realm of the dead. He is fair and just, but cruel to those who lived their lives foolishly and sinfully, stealing lives before their time.

She is his minion, a tormenter in the fiery pits of hell. Sadistic, masochistic, Evelyn seeks destruction and torture, both in herself and others.

They are fond of each other - they do not fear each other. It could even be said that they love each other. She is his temptress, his relief, his doll. He is her protector, her lord.


- I am looking for a relationship between Hades and his Demoness. It is a master/slave relationship to an extent, she has certain freedoms and liberties as his closest ally. Their encounters are loving and respectful yet, when aroused, brutal and agonizing.

- I am expecting this to be on the more extreme end of things. I will go as far as you like although I prefer to stay away from mutilation. As a demon I assume she would have the ability to heal instantly/quickly and so breaking the skin is fine, but no tearing off her limbs, please.

- I am in the mood for the heavy use of toys and devices which I will be seeking in this particular game.

- This is NOT non-consensual. She likes the pain - she loves Hades, she desires him. He does not see her as a "filthy slave," he loves her in return as his demon. I don't expect it to be entirely romantic but I do see their encounters being lovingly painful, if that makes any sense. He has a "soft spot" in him for her, if you will.
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Code Geass - Knight [Consensual, F for M]
« Reply #5 on: May 27, 2011, 08:38:56 pm »
_ Code Geass game full

I just finished watching Code Geass a few days ago. I was rather taken by a few of the pairings on the show, specifically:

Cornelia + Guilford
Xingke + the Empress

I am interested in setting up a game in a universe similar to that of Code Geass where my character has her own "knight," having been in love with his Lady but never admitting it, and vice versa.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I know that the empress is VERY young in the series. I did NOT mean that I wanted to play the empress - I meant that I liked the concept. A member of royalty + a lower commoner whose life was owed to her, who swore to protect her and take care of her with his own life.


- This would be romantic, of course, and plot-based.

- I have no plot at the moment but it can be discussed, as well as the specifics of the world. Perhaps it is a world far in the future of Code Geass.
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Untitled Extreme [Consensual, F for M]
« Reply #6 on: May 30, 2011, 03:47:36 pm »
_ Untitled Extreme game full

I was unsure what to call this as there is no outright plot, it's basically a game through which I would like to explore all of the kinks/fetishes that I have not explored thus far in my time on E. I am going to detail them in my Ons and Offs list since I am not sure what really qualifies as PG-13 in this forum, so head over there to read what I have in mind.

The basic premise is a master x slave relationship that is entirely consensual between two parties who hold the utmost caring and love towards one another, participating in the activities which I will detail in the O/O. I suppose that this is rather similar to my Hades x Demon idea but this one is a little more specific in terms of which aspects of the sexual relationship I am looking for.

I AM looking for this to be on the more extreme end of things, I do not mind blood play at all and welcome most anything.

Ons and Offs thread list
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I remember you... sort of. [Consensual, F for M]
« Reply #7 on: June 05, 2011, 03:39:50 am »
_ I remember you... sort of. game full

It began when they were children - she was the little daughter of the Duke and he was the general of the army's son. They used to run and play, they used to laugh and smile - it was acceptable back then, they were so young, so unattached and so innocent. Unfortunately, as youth goes away, so does innocent. So do the smiles and the laughter and everything that brought them on.

The two had not been friends by accident, it had been a tactical set-up by their parents. Society dictated that, as a young noble lady, she was to acquire for herself a knight who could defend her name and protect him from all dangers - including other men. Their friendship had been a tool through which her parents hoped to introduce her to her knight without letting her know. She had no idea that her friend would one day become the knight.

After several years of friendship he was taken away and sent to live amongst the military where he would learn how to properly defend himself and another. He learned the strict ways of being a knight and the symbol that he was to uphold.

She had no idea what was happening.

Now it is years later and she has just turned 18, he 19. A young man comes into her palace and introduces himself to her... he knows who she is. She does not know who he is. When her friend was taken away they had not told her why - she thought he had died. She was not told where he was in the fear that she would worry for him and weaken her heart. But now he is back, so many years later...



- I intend for this to be consensual and romantic. They are two long-lost friends who have just seen each other after several years (it can be decided how long, although I am assuming something like 10 years, so they were friends from the ages of... perhaps 5-8).

- I intend for this to be partially plot-based, I do not do smut as it does not interest me.

- I imagine this to be in a world that is a cross between Victorian times and Medieval times. It's an alternate universe, of course, so we can have creative leeway.

- It's important for me that my partner be able to carry a plot by themselves. I'll get ideas, of course, but I don't want to have to be the only one carrying the game! I like surprises, too!

- Their relationship would be a switch. As the princess she would be in charge of him but that does not mean she'll be completely dominant in "the bedroom."
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Arthur - Inception [Consensual, F for M]
« Reply #8 on: June 12, 2011, 03:49:53 pm »
_ Arthur - Inception [closed]

The man is absolutely sexual. Looking for someone who can either play Arthur as he appears in the movie Inception or play a character that just acts and looks like him.

Interpreted Personality Traits:

- Logical, analytical
- Deals with the details, breaks things into parts, "specificity"
- Very suave, mostly stoic but still displays emotion in the right moments
- The "brains" of the operation, the "producer"
- Good in long range and hand-to-hand combat

- I intend for this to be light. I see this containing a great deal of plot since Inception is interesting in its own way and we can definitely play with dreams and create some dramatic, amazing events.

- I would like to play an OC but I will play Ariadne if necessary.

- I would prefer a writer who can actually capture a character and hold the traits. That is, someone who knows how to remain in character without breaking the mold. Even if you don't play Arthur I still expect this from you. I absolutely hate it when a character starts out one way and then suddenly transforms into another character. Characters develop and change but their essence remains true for them regardless. If your character starts out cold and stoic then I don't see them making a complete 180 turn into a charming nice guy, even to my character. He might love her and he might be more warm to her than to other people but there is no way he'd make a 180 turn.
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Ouran High School Host Club [Consensual, F for M]
« Reply #9 on: June 14, 2011, 04:06:58 am »
_ Ouran High School Host Club [closed]

Looking for someone to play Kyoya, or someone like him.

I would like to explore the relationship between Kyouya and an OC of mine. I will give further details if anyone is interested in playing.


- This is light. Kyoya's not going to spank her ass and tie her to the ceiling - he's a gentleman and she was brought up as a lady.

- I would prefer someone who is rather literate who can capture a scene and a character. No, I don't expect him to be EXACTLY like the Kyoya from the anime but that does not mean that a character can not have depth.

- I'll definitely play other canon characters for the story. For example a scene involving other members of the Host Club, I'll totally bring them in and you can feel free to do so as well. This should be dynamic and interesting.
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By Merlin's Magic [Consensual, F for M]
« Reply #10 on: July 04, 2011, 07:10:39 pm »
_ By Merlin's Magic not interested

Merlin's discovered something new... A page in his book of magical secrets that he has never seen before. A page that details the idea of traveling through time, of taking a human being and sending them forth hundreds of years. It is the first time he has tried anything of the sort, the first time he tampers with such magic so... of course he would get it wrong.

Rather than sending a knight forth, he brings someone backward. A modern day woman is sucked back into the medieval ages. There she meets King Arthur and the knights of his court... but none of them know what to do with her. Unlike the ladies of their own time she has lived under modern ideals, she is independent and headstrong and improper in a great many ways. She is intelligent in ways that not even most of the men of their time can brag about and she can fight a great deal better than most of the men as well - that is her profession, a "Human Weapon Specialist" who has delved into the world of martial arts and sword fighting.

And she doesn't take 'shit' from anyone.

I am looking for someone who can play a knight of Arthur's court. I would rather it not be Arthur itself because I don't want for it to turn into a tale of Arthur and all that, but I have always wanted to play in an Arthurian setting. You don't have to worry about sticking to the true character of Arthur's knights since that doesn't matter to me as long as you are playing by the "stereotypical Arthurian Knight," courageous, skillful, courteous and chivalrous.

Actually, if anyone's seen the movie "King Arthur" then I wouldn't mind you playing Tristan... *cough* But that's not entirely necessary.

I imagine that she would be placed under the care of one of the knights since Arthur and the rest would assume that she was just a lady in need of protecting, but over time they would come to see who she truly was beneath her feminine exterior.


- This is consensual, the knights aren't going to rape her. However I wouldn't mind if a side character TRIED... I can not guarantee that it will work but it does suit the Medieval feel, doesn't it?

- It is preferable that you play multiple characters. I'll play multiple characters too, of course - I always do, and I think it makes it more dynamic that way.

- This should be heavily based on plot and romance, but the sex scenes can be as intense as you like them. We can definitely play with bondage if your particular knight is into that, or something of the sort, as long as it remains consensual and "romantic." It can be done, I assure you.
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Doggy's Toy [Consensual, F for M]
« Reply #11 on: July 06, 2011, 09:24:17 pm »
_ One Shot? - Doggy's Bitch game full

I have become wholly interested in the subject of beastiality... I have tested the waters once and discovered that I liked it, and so I am posting this request.

I would like to try a One Shot game where my character becomes a dog's sex toy. I imagine it would be somewhat fantastical in that she would be a demon and the animal would be intelligent. It wouldn't be able to speak - as that would be somewhat corny - but it would understand the woman, it could feel anger and humiliation and respond to her own emotions.

I am posting it in here (as opposed to the One Shot Request thread) in case anyone has an idea of how to turn this into a full length game.

It may or may not involve humanoid males but I would like much of the focus to be on the animal and the demon. If you want to put it this way it would somewhat be a... relationship between the two?

And, yes, I am talking about an actual hound and not an anthro creature. He would be fully animal.

An example:

The setting would be somewhere in hell, probably, where the hound comes across the demon one day and turns her into his own. Other details can be discussed.

Also, this would be consensual - Demon likes it ;D
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Harry Potter: A New Deatheater [Consensual, F for M]
« Reply #12 on: December 28, 2011, 02:34:52 am »
_ Harry Potter: A New Deatheater [closed]

What I am looking for is ACTION. There will be battles, there will be shenanigans, there will be blood.

Evaline Tripp was a 7th year student at Hogwarts when Dumbledore first brought her to Severus' attention. She had the potential to be someone very good, but there also lay the potential for her to be someone very bad. Dumbledore entrusts Severus to the duty of not only protecting the school and Harry (as was in canon) but also to ensure that Evaline does not become the next Dark Lord.

Dumbledore suggests that she be introduced as a new Death Eater, sacrificing herself, along with Severus, for the sake of the school.

This is the story of Severus Snape and Evaline Tripp, two people with a terribly large secret, placing themselves on the line for the greater good.

I seek: Severus Tobias Snape
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Hunting the Uruk-Hai [Consensual, F for M]
« Reply #13 on: December 28, 2011, 02:35:10 am »
_ Hunting the Uruk-Hai [closed]

I am looking for someone who would like to play Faramir from the Lord of the Rings universe.

Plot: I have nothing stable since it is an ever-changing idea, and it depends on whether we are playing post-war or mid-series. Mid-war they would meet along the way and both participate in the war with one another; perhaps one is captured by the other. Post-war they would meet on a mission to, perhaps, rid the world of the rest of the orcs that were left over from the last battle.

My character: I would like to play a warrior trying to find her place in the world after the war. She would give him a run for his money in terms of dominance, for sure.

I would not object to playing Eowyn if need be, but it's not preferable because she's not really "hard" enough for my taste!
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Re: Mass Ammounts of Fandom [M/M, M/F, F/F]
« Reply #14 on: January 16, 2016, 11:32:20 pm »
_ Twisted Pet game full


Master and Pet have been together for over 10 years. It was a relationship built on feeding into one another's desires: That Master is a sadist, and Pet is a masochist. But despite the violent nature of their relationship, Master loves his Pet; and Pet loves he.

This game is Extreme; Bondage, etc.

(Master played by me, Pet by my partner)


Preferably M/M.


A high-society setting; grand mansions, a society in which Master/Pet or Master/Slave is somewhat commonplace -- at least among the wealthy. Modern-Victorian type of AU.

Basic Plot Idea:

Pet has been under the command of his Master for a decade, but after so long standing by his feet, he wonders what it would be like to stand by his side instead. He has a terrifying request -- that, perhaps, Master can begin to see him as a partner. This is the story of his hesitation, and the transition.

Idea Reference:

I got this idea based on Kau from Togainu no Chi (incredibly NSFW, if you choose to look it up). He is bound to a leash, walks on all fours, and is completely dependent on his Master. The appearance and details are just a reference, I am completely up for feedback on this.


I'm incredibly flexible, my list of On's is incredibly long. It would be better to list my Off's, but the only true Off I have is characters under 18. I expect this thread to be Extreme, and I'm very willing to explore any kind of fetish you'd like (for example, if there is something you have not tried before but are interested in doing so). Master and Pet are adventurous.

Original Request (For Reference)
I originally placed this idea in the One Shots forum but I think it could potentially become larger so I'm relocating it to my thread here!

I am just getting back to Elliquiy after years of absence so I feel a little rusty, but I'm looking to see if I can get back into it.


Extreme. Bondage. My Ons/Offs list is a bit outdated but that should give you an idea of what I am okay with/what I enjoy!


This thread is about the interactions between a twisted Master and equally twisted Pet. In terms of appearance I am imagining the Pet to be something similar to Kau from Togainu no Chi (incredibly NSFW, should you choose to google this on your own) wherein the submissive is dressed according to Master's taste. The Master harbors deranged yet "romantic" feelings for the Slave despite the perverse nature of their relationship.

Looking For:

I'm looking for someone who does not mind playing a perhaps mentally "broken," in some ways dependent submissive. Someone who is not squeamish. I myself have no squicks but I am very willing to indulge in anything that you want to explore!

I imagine this thread as M/M but if someone is very interested in this or if our interests are similar I am willing to change the gender of either Master or Slave!

Possible plot points:

Maybe Pet has come to a point in his life, where he doesn't want to be a Pet anymore? Can he make the transition from 'Pet' to lover, and will Master even let him?

Pet is taken with Master to a grand party. What does Pet think about other Pets, and how do the other Masters compare to his own?
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