A Couple of Ideas to Throw Around

Started by Chameleon, August 05, 2007, 07:52:32 PM

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1) It’s a rather mundane concept, but I think it would be fun none the less.  I’d like to play a stripper, who meets up with a client after a few dances, pole and lap the client offers to pay her for a night of sex.  The client could be either male of female, and if others would like to hop on board I wouldn’t mind an orgy or a gang bang scene or two.  I suppose that this could solidify into a full forced game based around the strip club as well.

2) This one is the requisite weird one, a young man happens to piss of a spell caster and gets cursed.  Now, this isn’t one of your everyday curses, it would seem that this wizard was a bit malicious.  Whenever the young man is alone with someone he is forced to take on the appearance and even aspects of the personality of the being that the other person most desires. I’d like to involve some light none human type action, elves, more human like anthros,  halflings,  but lets not forget just straight up humans.  Preferably, someone would be able to run multiple characters, but I’d be willing to have it focused around two characters, with the other’s urges in the moment causing the transformation of the cursed character..  I’d want to play the cursed character.

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I'd like to try the first one, but as the just turned 18 year old who's friends dragged him there, even though he so didn't wanna go XD