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Author Topic: Dariusfallenstar Seeks (Multiple Roles/Genres, M for F)  (Read 21304 times)

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Dariusfallenstar Seeks (Multiple Roles/Genres, M for F)
« on: May 15, 2011, 02:04:51 AM »
    Greetings and thanks for taking the time to look my request thread over. You'll find the specific stories that I'd be interested in exploring in the links below. Should you enjoy my writing style, I would be happy to discuss other roles in addition to the specific outlines I've detailed here.

Posting Frequency: I tend to post *at least* once a week on any thread that I accept and often manage more.

Partners: I'm looking for someone comfortable averaging around 2-3 paragraphs (around 250 words) per post. I thrive on descriptive erotica (check out my essay for details) and have included some examples of my favorite threads below to help give you an idea of my style and the sort of writing I enjoy in a partner.  No 1X1s with male writers. If you have the Liege badge, please just confirm that you're a bio-female when expressing interest.

Story Seeds and Flexibility: I've got quite a few story seeds below. While I'm interested in the basic beats/themes of those seeds, I'm totally flexible with the individual elements. Feel free to propose your own beats, ideas, and characters. Inspirational images aren't set in stone either; they should just help guide in how I see one or both of the characters in the story.

Fantasy Examples
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Modern Example
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Sci-fi Example
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Re: Dariusfallenstar Seeks (Multiple Roles/Genres, M for F)
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2013, 09:50:22 AM »
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Mentor; Assassin
Scenario: Similar to "The Professional" and "John Wick" - my character is a hit man. Your character stumbles across him (or actively hunts him down; perhaps my character and your character's father worked together?) - lacking the money to pay his fees, your character offers to become his assistant. As the hit grows in complexity, with more and more jobs needed to fulfill the contract, the two start down a darker path. He might require sexual favors all along the way, might require them as things get rough, or their relationship may be romantic. I'm also willing to run this scenario in a sci-fi, fantasy, or supernatural world. Come with fun ideas.
Inspirational image

Rogue Little Sister
Scenario: Our characters come from a conservative military background. My character rebelled a bit and went into private work (bounty hunting, mercenary work, etc.), much to the dismay of their parents. Your character, having just come of age (or very close) has decided to strike out on her own. This story would feature quite a bit of action and adventure, perhaps even some intrigue. I'm open to including supernatural or "mutant" elements, if you'd be so inclined. It could be that our characters are mutants, or have special bloodlines that give them unique abilities. Come with neat ideas.

Craven Mentor
Scenario: Your character has a dark and troubled past. She's given up. Though she's still fairly young, she's allowed herself to drift off course - she may have become the school slut, gotten into drugs or gangs - whatever. My character is a social worker with a unique background. He immediately offers to help guide and direct your character. This initial offer may be accompanied by drugs, alcohol, or money - we can discuss. As she agrees, your character discovers that the mentor is able to help refine and guide her destructive impulses. Together, they begin to profit on them, even as their relationship spirals out of control and threatens to end my character's marriage and career.
Inspirational image 1
Inspirational image 2

Marriage is Boring
Scenario:Your character’s wealthy husband used to be fun. Now he’s a damn bore. When his handsome assistant is assigned the task of handling your character’s needs, things turn interesting. This scenario would feature extremely risqué twists – many of them including leveraging your character’s authority over the aide to “force” some of them. Sex in the boss’s chair before the big conference? He has to comply. As things evolve, however, and the aide gets more ideas and becomes more passionate, the tide gradually begins to turn. Suddenly, he’s texting late at night, suggesting she wear something specific and meet him out in his car…
Inspirational image
Inspirational image 2

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Hello, Little Red
Scenario: After being attacked by her fiance once he discovered she was a witch, your character flees into the forbidden forest. Hurt, exhausted, and rejected, she is found and healed to wholeness by a legendary monster – a type of ogre who is fascinated by her beauty. And who, as it happens, is willing to help her with her plans for revenge (however they manifest).
Notes: I’d like a *sort* of romantic energy here. My character would be devoted to yours and your character may have feelings for the ogre – I see their sexual relationship being all fireworks. But I also see your character being more manipulative/power driven. She might even sleep with other people – all the while keeping her ogre on a tight leash and rewarding him for his tolerance. Think Little Red Riding Hood mixed with Maleficent.
Trouble At Hogwarts
Scenario: The Enemy has been defeated and the world has been at (more or less) peace for quite some time. Until the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher uncovers a tome of magical spells that grant him insight into things that no student should be exposed to. Now, a new threat creeps about the hollowed grounds, threatening to corrupt the students.
Notes: I've only seen the movies! But I think a hentai/twisted take on the setting would be quite fun. I'd prefer a partner comfortable with playing multiple roles for this one, though I'd be happy to do the same.
Inspirational Images: One, Two, or Three

~Sci-Fi~ (Currently Closed)
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~Vampires and Demons~
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Since vampires and demons can span genres, I’m going to try giving them a category all their own. We’ll see how it works out.

Demon’s Daughter
Scenario: Your character was stillborn. Her mother made a deal with a demon; in exchange for his “mark” on her, she would live. And live she did. Growing beautiful and intelligent and attracted to darkness. By the time she gains her inheritance and comes of age, she’s grown quite bored with regular life – everything she’s tried has come easily to her. Then, the demon’s curse strikes…
Notes: Consider this plot more of a seed than a full plant. My character might be the demon who gave her life. He might be a handsome priest, part of a secret order that fights demons. He might also be a regular human with unparalleled abilities and acumen (perhaps part of a demonic line of his own?). Let me know what you’d be interested in. 
My Character

~Elaborate - Long Term, Multi-Character~
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This header is specifically for roleplays that are intended to, as the title suggests, go long term and involve multiple characters. I'm looking for partners interested in portraying distinctive characters in scenarios of varying degrees of smuttiness. Unlike my other ideas, I'm going to leave many of these open, feel free to shotgun some ideas with me.

Valley of Desire
Scenario: Our characters are out on vacation in a foreign land when they stumble into a mystically enchanted valley. The place is wonderful and seems a bit like a resort: beautiful villas, spas, running water - but no overt computer-based electronics work. Furthermore, they cannot escape the mists surrounding the valley. The valley is setup like an Eden, only every aspect of the valley is designed to stimulate some form of desire. The bath houses are filled with murals depicting erotic scenes. Wine flows from the pumps in every room. The berries on the trees are aphrodisiacs, etc. I'm open for this story involving a group of traveling friends, a family, or a mixture of both (maybe with a tour guide or two thrown in). I know this sounds a lot like a good group rp (and I've tried before), but they just tend to slow and bog down a bit too much. Come with ambition and ideas!

Scenario: Your character is an up-and-coming singer. Her band includes herself and, perhaps, a couple other individuals (to be determined). Our story would explore her relationships with her agent, bodyguard, fans, etc. We could break it down into "chapters" - starting with her just becoming famous (and focusing on her agent) and branch outward from there. I'm looking for both mental and physical changes as we go along; perhaps she gets into body modification, extreme fitness routines, or drugs, etc.

Superhero Academy
Scenario: Let's each pick 2-3 primary characters to attend a superhero academy (either a high school or college level). They might all be students, or a mixture of students and teachers. Adventure is definitely up for grabs, as are all the sexy elements one might expect.

Scenario: My characters are part of a single coven of supernatural beings (probably vampires). I'd be playing the leader and one or two other members. You'd be part of a rival group. We can explore Romeo and Juliette elements, politics, adventure and action, and events that pull the two groups together.

The Whole Clan
Scenario: I'd like to find a partner interested in putting together an incestuous roleplay featuring a single family, or an extended one. This roleplay can be hyper-modern, with realistic emotionality and growth and drama, or it can be sci-fi-esque or supernatural (each member of the family being a different supernatural creature, for example). I've got some ideas for each and am happy to discuss.

~NC/Kink/Smut Driven~
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The Family Swap
Scenario: Multiple-character story. I'd like to explore two small families (as small as just a father and daughter, or a mother and son) growing closer and ultimately deciding to swap or explore in their community. We could take a romantic angle, or just go pure smut: two military men with daughters decide to make an "arrangement" for example. Come with ideas.

Sugar Sitter
Scenario: My character is a wealthy older man with two children. Recently divorced, he needs a regular sitter. My character is probably either a politician or someone with equal pull, making him particularly appealing to your character who seeks both financial support and the status that might come with seducing him. 
Notes: This one could go quite dark – come with a few ideas. I’m open to playing a character who is attractive or one more realistic or ugly in this one, just let me know what appeals. 
Inspirational image

Rebel in Danger
Scenario: Your character thinks she's a rebel. She's been fighting her family's wishes for years, and now wants to get into fetish modeling - only things spin out of control.
Notes: We can go one of two ways here: your character might find a mentor (perhaps the photographer is an experienced Dominant?) or she might get sold into a sex slave ring. The mentor angle is a bit more long term, but I'm open to discussions.

Time for that Promotion
Scenario: Your character has married a gorgeous, handsome man with lots of potential. Unfortunately, he’s just not assertive or capable enough to truly satisfy your character’s need for upward mobility. This roleplay will mix a beautiful woman with various scenarios where she promotes herself and/or her husband through the echelons of power – perhaps starting in the private sector and then going political. It can be long term, or just include a really smutty encounter with a stubborn boss. I picture many (though not all) of the men she has to seduce as being older, overweight, and generally unattractive – just powerful. This is open for negotiation.
Inspirational image

Damn Brat
Scenario: Your character is a brat. She’s constantly challenging authority, wearing clothes she shouldn’t, and generally relying on her charms to get her way. One day, a man turns the tables and puts her in her place. Surprisingly, she likes it. This person could be anyone – a teacher, father (or father-figure), whatever. The emphasis will be on the bratty tension, even between sexual encounters; your character will, despite enjoying being claimed, continue to push boundaries and enhance/deepen the kinks and drama. We’ll just see how dark/dirty/indulgent this goes. 
Inspirational image

Father Figure
Scenario: Your character travels a lot, staying with hosting families within her organization. Publically, she’s wholesome, healthy, and active – a consummate professional. When she stumbles upon a family with a man who triggers her deepest, darkest fantasy, she cannot help but act on it.
Notes:This story may include faux-incest, or we might allow her to explore her fantasy with the first man, then discover she’s finally brave enough to approach her real father. Up for negotiation/discussion. 
Inspirational image
Inspirational image 2

Surprise, Brother
Scenario: Typical rom-com story: your character has always been open (or had a crush on) mine. My character might be an older brother, a step-sibling, or just a really good friend. One day, your character casually disrobes, revealing an utterly amazing body. Instantly, the relationship gets…interesting. Sexual antics come into play, but when your character thinks things are moving too fast or that the friendship/integrity of the relationship is being ignored (or, you know, incest comes up), my character goes dark. We’ll probably include some coercion and force in this simple story.
Inspirational image

Football Fan (Non-con)
Scenario: Your character is a fan or cheerleader of a particular player on a football team. When she sneaks in after a game to meet him, she gets an unexpected surprise.
Notes: Probably more of a one-shot, though I’m open to ideas that extend the scenario. We could, for example, make the scenario quite twisted: maybe he secretly records what happens and has a film studio help edit it together so only the pleasant parts of the encounter are shown. Or, maybe she tries to blackmail him or talk to him about what happened, or discovers herself craving his rough touch but being unable to admit it.
Inspirational image
Inspirational image 2

On the Farm
Scenario: Simple, one-shot style material: my character is a devil (or maybe even the devil) who comes into town to meet the local farmer’s daughter and seduce her. Perhaps his ambition is to make her into a succubus or just to corrupt her away from her family. This could go long term, though it is more intended for a smutty one-off. Let me know your interest and we can build from there. 
Notes: This one could go quite dark – come with a few ideas. I’m open to playing a character who is attractive or one more realistic or ugly in this one, just let me know what appeals. 
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Re: Dariusfallenstar Seeks (Multiple Roles/Genres, M for F)
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2014, 12:31:59 AM »
Currently Taken

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Vampire’s Fosterling
Scenario: Your character has grown up with a vampire as a foster-father. Having found her on the streets as a babe, he’s raised and educated her, all while withholding who and what he is (in this setting vampires can go out in daylight; they just lose most of their powers).  When your character comes of age, however, things begin to change between parent and child.
Notes: This can go a few ways. Your character might become aware of her foster father’s true nature and demand to be turned. We might do a gradual turning (like in the Tempted scenario), or he might make her “earn” it. We might also go for a faux-incestuous turn of events. Another possibility would be to have her captured by a rival vampire clan and used as a blood slave for a period of time. She wouldn’t be turned completely – like in the Tempted idea above – but we’d go full NC until her foster father saves her. 
Inspirationalimage 1
Foster Father
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Re: Dariusfallenstar Seeks (Multiple Roles/Genres, M for F)
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Updated taken threads.

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Re: Dariusfallenstar Seeks (Multiple Roles/Genres, M for F)
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Updated available threads.