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Author Topic: Time Travel Romance or Out of Place Romance ( with pics)  (Read 728 times)

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Time Travel Romance or Out of Place Romance ( with pics)
« on: May 14, 2011, 10:38:09 AM »
Okay, I have confession.  I have read romance novels years ago.  It was at a little book trading store where the own held a whole wall of the store dedicated to romance novels because that is mostly of what women brought who frequented his store brought to trade for store credit.  Hundreds of paperback novels with scantily dressed men and women together in intimate poses with lots of sparkles, hearts, and imagery that would make your eyes hurt because its so sweet.  He had the whole genre split into different sections.  There was a section for Western Romances, Modern romances, and different time periods and areas.  But there was one section I visited a lot and that was the time travel romance novels.

Time travel romance where a man, but in often times, it is a woman, goes either back or forward in time to meet their soul mate.  Often, there are culture clashes depending on the time periods whereas the man/woman is shocked by how sexual free the soul mate is and/or their attitude toward their new surroundings.  Like in any romance, there are obstacles in the way:  a villain keeps them apart through either greed or lust or revenge, one of the lovers is engaged to another, one of the lovers is cold hearted and has to be changed by the soul mate, etc.  But in the end, they always, always, end up happily ever after. 

What I liked about the novels is the time travel itself, the woman (I prefer to read novels where it is the woman that takes the wrinkle in time trip) finds herself in different circumstances beyond her control and has to struggle to wrench control back to her way and sometimes having a man (the soul mate) can impede her or help her get her surroundings.  But the problem with that romance is that I already knew the ending.  They were going to end up happily ever after no matter what happened. 

I want to do a story where happily ever after is not assured.  Now, don't get me wrong, I like happy endings, I really do.  I get pissed off when the bad guys get away with it and the main character is worst off than he was at the beginning.  But I like endings that make sense.  One such ending would be that the "soul mates" don't end up together.  That the our of place female lead prefers to return to her time instead of pursuing a life with her intended.  Maybe she'll never find true love without him, but it would be HER choice in the end.  Sometimes contentment is the best you can hope for in life.

Now, the story doesn't have to be strictly time travel.  It can be from different worlds or dimensions.  Take a woman from a high advanced society with technological wonders and plant her on a primitive world where they still need blacksmiths to hammer out swords and such.   What I also like and would add spice to story is a love triangle.  Sorry, love triangles are one of the main reason I watch some animes and Japanese dramas.  Can't get enough of them.  Especially if the point of the triangle is a woman.  So take a woman out of her world and plunk her down in another world where two men love her and I am take a bite out of this story hungrily.   

Now these are mostly story writing ventures.  Not saying that there isn't going to be sex, seduction, or adult situations.  This is a story for adults.   

Now we come to the nitty gritty:  the setting.  I'm open to most settings, historical, fantasy, sci-fi, and even modern.  I don't have many in mind, but we can certainly exchange ideas through PMs. 

Here is a list of themes and story ideas.  These aren't set in stone, and I am open to ideas and suggestions. 

Character roles:

Rem Tess:  Me

Cowplayer: open

Victorian Age

The Emotions of Love


Jianne is one of the Talented, people born with a psi ability from telepathy, telekinesis, and even psychokinetic.  Jianne's talent is empathetic, the ability to sense the emotions of those around her.  In her day and age, people who are Talented are taken to schools that teach and train them to use their abilities for the betterment of mankind.  One day, a student, Jianne's lover, discovers that he can use his psi Talent to affect time and space.  However, affecting time and space has its price and Jianne is thrown into a vortex.  She finds herself in 1840's Victorian Age.  (either England or America)

the vortex drops her off in the garden of a manor owned by an esteemed doctor who notices the beautiful girl from his veranda and believes her to be a foreign girl who had lost her way.  He invites her inside for a meal and a bed for the night with the intention of taking her to the magistrate office the following morning, however a rain storm washes out the bridge making traveling to town impossible at least for a fortnight.  With no other choice, he entertains his unchaperoned young guest and finds her very intriguing with her strange mannerisms and her uncanny ability to sense his moods . . .



Malice is a member of elite soldiers known as the Cult of Skario.  It is there job to track down any traitors to the Imperial Family and serve to protect the Empire.  Malice has, without remorse, regret, nor sympathy dispatched hundreds of accused traitors and decedents; from the members of the Court to the commoners in their hovels.  Whenever Malice enter the room, all conversation stopped, eyes cast in her direction, fearful that she had heard a whisper of criticism against the Emperor and had come to take retribution against the complainant.  However, her ability to serve is put to the test when a powerful weapon is stolen by rebels and hidden at distant facility orbiting a dying star. 

Malice leads an attack on the facility in order to get the weapon back, but things go awry when at the moment, the star decides to go super nova.  Surviving the most powerful force int he galaxy was no easy matter.  What saved her life was that the ship was a prototype with powerful shields.  Putting all power to the shields, the ship wasn't torn apart, but it was propelled by the speed of light over thousands of light years.  By the time the ship was able to halt its speed, the power was drained with just enough to allow her to have a scant landing on a nearby habitable planet. 

That planet is Earth, 1948.  Malice is able to land the ship in the lake at the outskirts of a major American city.  Unfortunately, the ship landed the same time as a drug smuggling operation is underway.  The gangsters made the sad mistake of attacking and were efficiently cut down.  Malice hides the ship in the lake and departs, into a world that is vastly different than her own. 

A LAPD detective arrives on the scene.  Expecting to expose a drug cartel, he comes across what could only be described as a massacre.  Men, both strong and vicious laying on the ground sliced to pieces.  There was one survivor, a kid barely out of boyhood who wanted to run with the big boys with his arm removed.  Before he succumbs to his wounds, the boy mentions something about a woman and draws a symbol in the dirt with his own blood.  The symbol matches the signia of the badge Malice wears on her shoulder.  The detective is confounded by the clues and beats the street to find out what happened and who or what killed so many strong armed men with such ease?

Meanwhile, Malice is out there. . . .

NOTE:  Okay, this is a bit different from what I usually do, but I got inspired by L.A. Noire and wanted to do a story based in the 1940's.  The story can take place in any major city and we can talk easily about the story either through PM or IM.  This story can be violent so likely it will go to EX thread.

This is more of a detective cat and mouse than it is a romance, but needless to say, the main characters could easily meet and become attracted to each other.
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Re: Time Travel Romance or Out of Place Romance (with pics)
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2011, 02:57:28 AM »

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Re: Time Travel Romance or Out of Place Romance ( with pics)
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2011, 11:05:52 PM »
Updated last story with more details.