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Author Topic: The Landlords [Seeking 2 M]  (Read 1393 times)

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Offline MystixLadyTopic starter

The Landlords [Seeking 2 M]
« on: May 13, 2011, 09:57:56 PM »
This play would be about a pair of twins. Their parents died when they were 14, leaving them a huge house with more than enough rooms for the two of them. The funds that their parents had set up for them were enough to pay off their school fee all the way to college but they had to earn more money to meet their daily expenditure. After some discussion, they decided to rent out the rooms in their house and their tenants happened to be two college male.

The older twin has a more open minded attitude and personality. She had taken a fancy in both men and twirled them around her fingers. The younger twin is an introvert who doesn't speak much. I will be playing both twins.

I would require two male tenants of the below personality:

Tenant 1
A playboy, the captain of the football team, who slept around loosely with any woman who will throw themselves at him. He had enjoyed lots of casual sex with the older twins since they lived in the same house but his secret fetish was to have a threesome with both twins. He would love to pin down the younger twin one day.

Tenant 2
Perfect student with a bright future and a devoted boyfriend. He became the official boyfriend of the elder twin shortly after he moved in. Little did he know that his sexy girlfriend was cheating behind his back right next to his room. What will he do when he knew the true colors of her?

The above are just brief bio of what I expect the tenants to be. You may add in more of your own ideas.

The story will revolves around the twins and the two tenants. The relationship chart is as follows:
Elder Twin
>> Girlfriend of Tenant 2
>> Sex Buddy of Tenant 1

Younger Twin
>> secretly in love with Tenant 2
>> target of Tenant 1

Tenant 1
>> Sex Buddy of Elder Twin
>> interested in sex with Younger Twin

Tenant 2
>> Boyfriend of Elder Twin
>> Thought of Younger Twin as his own sister

To apply, please post your interest on the thread and pm me with a bio of your character as follows

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[b]Age:[/b] (college age please)

Offline MystixLadyTopic starter

Re: The Landlords [Seeking 2 M]
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2011, 10:12:28 PM »

Name: Mabel Brown
Age: 18
Bio: The older twin. She is an active cheerleader and a sorority member in her college. Popular among the guys in school and rumors had it between the girls that she had slept with almost every member on the football team, including their coach. Despite her bad reputation, she always had a guy by her side because the rumors among the guys were that she was fantastic in bed and everyone wanted to taste a piece in her.

She was the one to suggest that they rent out the spare rooms to fellow schoolmates in college for extra pocket money. When the perfect student became her tenant, she was all out to get him to spite all the other girls in school. She was a manipulator who managed to convince him, by acting like a demure lady whenever she was with him, that all the rumors was false in school and she is devoted only to him and no one else.

Secretly behind his back, she was sleeping with the other tenant, a popular guy who is the captain of the football team. They had a no commitment understanding and purely enjoyed each other as a sex buddy.

Name: Michelle Brown
Age: 18
Bio: The younger twin. She topped almost all her classes and is a teacher's favorite. She had lots of friends in school and never turn down a friend's request for help in schoolwork. A librarian in the college, she loves spending her time in the school library, reading up to expand her knowledge. She was against the idea of renting out rooms to male schoolmates but her timid self did not allow her to rebuke her elder sister.

She was secretly in love with one of her tenants as she admired him for his knowledge and personalities. She was heart broken when she knew that he had became her sister's boyfriend. Even though she knew that her sister was cheating on him, she would never betray her by exposing her. She was a little afraid of the other tenant who were always teasing her making some personal touch with her.

Name: Timothy Howard
Age: 21
Bio: Tim has always been a smart, hardworking, and passionate person, even as a child. He has two younger sisters, one 1 year younger and the other 3 years younger,  and no brothers or older siblings growing up, making him somewhat of a role model to his sisters. His father worked at a computer firm, as one of the head program designers, and his mother was a teacher at a local private school. Both were catholic and as such Timothy lead a very sheltered and protective childhood. He was 'kept safe' from things that his parents viewed as 'dangerous' such as movies that were for older kids, even if he was one year younger; most video games; and even were selective of some of his friends. This lead to him being slightly naive when it came to judging people's character and has even lead him into trusting people he shouldn't have before.

Tim graduated from High School top of his class and applied to college as an Aerospace engineer, which he was accepted to anywhere he applied. Finally he decided on a college to attend and moved out into the dorms, for the first time he would be on his own. His first two years in college were spent mostly studying or meeting a few people, as he has a small group of very close friends. He also tutored and worked part time at the schools learning center to help out his fellow classmates. Still though he was slightly shy and though he had been asked out once or twice he had never really had a proper girlfriend before. He made a promise with himself that his next year he would do something different and break out of his normal routine, which was why he decided to live to move in with the two women, also it was cheaper than the dorms.

Tim was surprised by how much the younger looked like his youngest sister and even acted like her, so almost out of habit he viewed and treated her as such. The older on the other hand was beautiful and different than anyone he had met or spent any amount of time with before. She had plenty of nasty rumors floating around her, but with the way she acted around Tim he quickly throw them aside and began dating her. He still has no idea what is actually going on and potentially may be very heart broken when and how he finds out.

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Offline Marcus

Re: The Landlords [Seeking 2 M]
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2011, 10:15:51 PM »
Interested! =) I'll pm you with a bio

Offline MystixLadyTopic starter

Re: The Landlords [Seeking 2 M]
« Reply #3 on: May 14, 2011, 11:02:01 AM »
Thanks Marcus for PM. Anyone else interested? I'm still searching for interested parties.

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Re: The Landlords [Seeking 2 M]
« Reply #4 on: May 14, 2011, 01:56:41 PM »
Well which is taken because I wouldn't mind playing the other. I've had the best of both worlds for both boys so it's all good.

Offline MystixLadyTopic starter

Re: The Landlords [Seeking 2 M]
« Reply #5 on: May 14, 2011, 09:21:22 PM »
Both slots are still open as I'm still shortlisting.

Please pm me with a bio of your character as follows

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[b]Age:[/b] (college age please)

Offline MystixLadyTopic starter

Re: The Landlords [Seeking 2 M]
« Reply #6 on: May 16, 2011, 01:19:42 PM »
Now in need of tenant 1 to start the play

Online MagicalPen

Re: The Landlords [Seeking 2 M]
« Reply #7 on: May 20, 2011, 01:23:31 PM »
This game still open? I did send in a char sheet but have heard nothing.