Of Monsters and Magical Girls (NC/Exotic - f seeking M)

Started by Meliai, May 13, 2011, 08:55:40 PM

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Hi folks! I've been away for a while, but I'm back and craving something a little nostalgic. Magical Girls! The thread title probably tipped you off, huh? Anyway, I'm not really looking for anything too deep story-wise, just a thread or two where one or more of my girls battles and is inevitably subdued and raped by your monster character. Monsters can be anything you come up with, though I'm partial to tentacles and and somewhat drastic size differences myself. Nothing hotter than a big hulking demon that can lift you with one hand ;D. I'd like to avoid monsters that look more or less human, so no vampires, but I'm pretty open minded otherwise so feel free to run anything you're craving by me. Shoot me a PM if you're interested! I'll elaborate a little on the setting and characters below and toss out some ideas for scenes.

This “story” (it's really just a few characters and some loosely defined mythology) was all made up when I got to thinking about the general trend in magical girl uniforms towards the tight and skimpy. What if that's the whole point? The driving concept behind this story is that the world our heroines live in is constantly being assaulted by monsters, creatures of all shapes and sizes, slipping in from another dimension to harvest the energy generated by young human females. It just so happens that this energy is released in the greatest quantities during sexual arousal. No young woman is safe, unless her plight comes to the attention of one of the few girls gifted with the ability to combat the demons, a magical warrior known as a Ballad Knight. Imps, seemingly benign creatures from the same dimension as the demons, hunt down girls born with the untapped potential to wield magic and offer them power. Almost all eagerly accept, as magic is the only way to combat the creatures, but their powers are a ruse. The same potential that lets a young woman become a Ballad Knight makes her an irresistible target for the beasts, as the energy a Ballad Knight generates is equal to that of 50 normal girls. Magic allows them to fight back, but it is rarely enough to overpower the raw strength, aggression and hunger the demons possess. Some magical girls, upon learning of their true nature, attempt to abandon their “gift” but soon find this worse than the constant fights. If a Ballad Knight goes too long without expending magic, the energy within her quickly builds and builds, sending the young woman into a sort of magically-induced heat where she finds herself overwhelmingly aroused and unable to fight back as countless monsters swarm to her, the excess magical energy pouring off of her drawing them like moths to a flame.

Wands given to them by the imps allow Ballad Knights to transform into special outfits that allow them to use their magic - outfits invariably consisting of scandalously short frilly skirts, skin-tight corsets and thigh-high boots or stockings. If the prospect of of a magical buffet wasn't enough to instantly draw the attention of any nearby demons, the enticing icing on the cake certainly would.

Scenes can feature one or more of the Knights depending on the type of monster being faced, be sure to  let me know which you prefer.


Anna Wright - Ballad Knight Aria
Blond, busty and boisterous, Anna is what most people in Valentine City think of when they picture a Ballad Knight. Though the Trio all got their powers at the same time and Anna isn't any more powerful than the other two, she became the “leader” of the group, mostly due to the fact that she tends to be very, very loud. Anna is a bit ditzy and rarely thinks her plans through, instead preferring to rush in head first which tends to end rather badly.
Anna is straight, and has an exhibitionist streak a mile wide.
Anna has caramel blonde hair, often worn up in pigtails, and green eyes. She needs to be the constant center of attention, so tends to dress in tight, revealing clothes and loves everything about the Knight uniforms (aside from the fact that she isn't the only one who has one)

Rosa Vargas - Ballad Knight Cadence
The tough girl of the group, Cadence is probably the strongest of Valentine City's Knights but lacks the patience to plan out her attacks or coordinate strategies with her teammates. A bit of a loner by nature, Cadence prefers to fight alone though on occasion Melody will talk her into banding together with the others.
Roza is bisexual and has a crush on Ivy, though she wouldn't admit it. She deeply dislikes Anna and enjoys seeing her humiliated.
Roza's hair is dark brown hair and her eyes are blue. She dresses in as somewhat punk-y fashion and dislikes the frills and bows that cover her Knight uniform

Ivy Renolds - Ballad Knight Melody
Quiet and shy, Melody is the brains of the group, though she rarely speaks up and her ideas often go unheard. Though she prefers to work with others, she will occasionally venture out on her own out of sheer frustration dye to her comrades' unwillingness to cooperate.
Ivy is bi-curious, though she is a virgin when she first receives her powers.
Ivy has coppery red hair, green eyes and pale skin. She dresses very conservatively and is easily flustered when comments are made about her skimpy Knight uniform.

Lira Gray - Ballad Knight Sonata
Sonata is a special case, as she is technically on the same side as the monsters. The first girl in Valentine city to receive her powers, soon after the start of her mission she was kidnapped by the sorcerer responsible for initially letting the creatures into the world and sexually tortured until she became submissive and obedient to her new master. Now she works against the trio with cold, blind obedience, aiding the monsters whenever her master commands.
Lira is bisexual, with both masochistic and sadistic streaks. She craves abuse due to her training, but also enjoys watching monsters violate other girls and occasionally lends a helping hand despite the obvious danger of approaching a lust-crazed monster.
Lira has long black hair and icy blue eyes. She tends to dress in a classy, somewhat gothic-inspired style and takes pride in her appearance.

Rough Plot Ideas:
Feast - A particularly ambitious tentacle monster (or a pack of monsters, or band of orc-like demons, something/someone that could handle many girls simultaneously) seems to have hit the jackpot when he stumbles upon an all-girls school and the nubile young women within. He wastes no time before entwining his tendrils into every inch of the building and making a sexual feast of the girls within. Things go well until Cadence, Melody and Aria arrive to take him down; things go even better once the girls quickly find themselves at the center of the orgy.

Not so easy pickings - Late at night, a young woman walks home alone down an empty street, the perfect target for a monster out looking for a quick snack. She's grabbed and drug into the street's by the lustful creature, only to pull out a wand and transform into a Witch Knight, forcing the hunter to work a little harder for his meal.

Comeuppance - A rare occurrence goes down; Aria, Cadence and Melody actually come out victorious, defeat the monsters, save their victims and get away with nothing more than a few rips in their uniforms! Things don't go quite so well for Sonata however, as her so-called allies decided to take their frustrations out on her in stead. 

A bit of extra inspiration - all images are NSFW

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Definately something off the beaten track for me. I would love to work something out with you.