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Author Topic: Ideas!!! (Looking for M or F writers!!!)  (Read 2417 times)

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Ideas!!! (Looking for M or F writers!!!)
« on: May 11, 2011, 09:44:28 am »
The Sadist's Perfect Partner

I will preface this blurb by saying I am seeking someone, male or female, who can play a wicked, cruel, vile, two-faced and super dominant MALE. 

This male is a prominent figure in society, but the setting is fantasy-based.  In other words, this isn't Washington D.C. in the year 2011 and he isn't a "well-known politician."  Time period can be modern or not, but the setting is completely fabricated.  Requirements for looks: He is the unassuming guy, the guy you wouldn't expect to have a six-pack under a conservative shirt.  Lean, but not skinny.  Muscled, but not built.  Strong, but not the Hulk.  He is also quite charismatic, so there wouldn't be a scar down his face or other such nonsense.  He's a public figure, and needs to act like it.... when in public.

He has a dirty little secret, however.  The woman who is constantly at his side -- a lovely, young redhead -- is his toy.  Once the doors close on their wing of the house, she is no longer the doting, loving wife.  She is his thing, his bitch, his slut, or whatever other demeaning word he feels like throwing at her.  He likes to hit her, but she has several quirks that make this... pleasant for the two of them. 

1. She heals rapidly.  Why this is?  Who knows.  She's been that way since birth.
2. She likes it.  Like, a lot.

The sadist wed a severe masochist, and she came to him on their wedding night and begged for him to spank her with a studded paddle.  He has yet to find a pain she does not like, and he'd left her half dead by the end of the night.  When he loses control like that, she can't concentrate to heal, but the longer the wounds remain, the more she'll feel ecstasy. 

As a note: If he chops off her arm, it ain't growing back.  If he starts pulling out her intestines, they aren't going to magically put themselves back together.  If she loses too much blood, she will pass out.  I ask whoever takes up the mantle of this play to use SOME form of common sense.  I think this has the potential for story depth, since there will be parts of the story outside the bedroom, and an interesting dynamic once the door closes and they are quite different with each other.  No vore, scat, or other bathroom play.  This isn't about humiliation, and if he pees on her.... she will puke on him.  Fair warning.

Posting Requirements: Grammar is actually a bit more important to me than spelling.  We all make errors.  If you start typing YodaSpeak, I'll be turned off.  At least 100 words, preferably more.  I like detail, but sometimes quick posts do better to move the plot along.  I REQUEST that if you are no longer interested in the story, you tell me.  Don't simply abandon it.  After a month without a post, it comes off my bookmarks.

The Boy Next Door (Kidnapping/Rape/NC)

Let's take the plunge into the heartless world of the forced, non-consensual world of what most women fear: kidnapping and rape.  To make it even more interesting, let's make it a betrayal of someone she knows, someone she trusts and loves. 

Your role (Name TBD): While you don't need to be overly sadistic and flesh-peeling mean, you are not the sincere, caring, and compassionate person she thought you were when you were holding her after her cat died two days ago (little did she know, it was your fault it was dead).  It was when your fingers tangled in her slightly messed up blond hair that you knew she was to be yours, and nothing she could do would stop you from having her.  It didn't matter that she'd known you since you were both four, and you both grew up in the backwater, Southern town that preached manners and gentleness toward women.  She was going to spread her damn legs and offer any other part of her that you happened to want.  And you wanted it all.  Sky's the limit as to how kinky he is or what his sexual preferences are, but please see my O/Os for the things I would not want happening to her.  If you need clarification, please ask.

My role:  Olivia didn't feel herself special, and just wanted to live her life.  Her mom died six months ago, and her brother was still having a hard time getting on with his life.  Her father seemed to be coping, and she was finally at a point where she could trust the world again.  Bombshell, but not in a too-big-tits way, and nothing about her screamed fake.  She had known her best friend since they could first make actual conversation, and he'd helped her through her mom's death, and her brother's attitude.  He visited her at the diner every day, and he always ordered the same thing: the reuben with sweet potato fries, ice tea, no pickle.

The Altercation: It was a rather brutal Monday night, and she was dead tired when she got off her shift at midnight.  When she saw him standing there with a long stemmed rose, it made her smile.  It was only when she went to hug him that things went bad.  Very, very bad.....


The Master Is Not a Hero…. (NC/Exotic/Human/Bondage/Extreme/Many Possibilities)

Your role: You are a prominent Slaver with a house filled with slaves who have tasks from kitchen wench to pleasure slut to boot shiner.  Each girl is naked, save for a thin, colored chain hung loosely around her hips denoting what her task in the house is.  All girls wear their hair long to show status; the shorter the hair, the less status that girl has on the slave “chain.”  He has one “First” girl, the girl who sleeps at the foot of his bed at night, but there is no telling how long any one girl remains in that esteemed and honored position.  He is not a sappy man, but rather cold and calculating, gestures of affection few and far between – and when earned, they mean the world to the girls he bestows them upon.  The world they live in is a world where slavery is well accepted and understood, even revered as a proper calling and career path.  He is wealthy, his estate is vast, and his girls are beautiful.  The male slaves he keeps are not permitted contact (sexual contact) with his females, though he knows there are several who hunger for it.

My Role: When Daciana – Daci for short – came into her Master’s house, she was fourteen years old, and she was always given chores that involved kitchen duty, cleaning, market trips, ect.  Now she is blossomed into a woman, and the Master is beginning to notice her when she returns from outings with the other girls.  While all of his girls are beautiful, there is a spark in her dark eyes that catches him off guard every time he sees her, and he quite likes her ass.  Now she is eighteen, and it is time to promote her from errand girl to … personal slave. 

The Scenario: This story has many different possibilities depending on how their interactions go.  They might click really well, and she could weasel her way into his heart, past the cold exterior.  Or he could find she’d a perfect pain slut to use at his whim whenever he’s angry about business (He is most likely an ambiguous “shipper”).  It could turn into a romance, or a story of bondage and punishment and abuse.  She’ll most likely be nervous, but elated to be given her next chain, the chain that tells the world she’s no longer his errand girl.  I want this story to be plot driven rather than WHAM SEX.  I want there to be evolution between the Master and Daci.  There are many opportunities for NPCs from both myself and my partner with this story, and I’m looking for a more in depth and intimate (though intimacy and sap are two different things) encounter.

Please send me your visualization for the male in text form, and if you have a photographic inspiration that always helps.

Daciana has long, wavy black hair and rather unique eyes with white-rimmed pupils that fade to periwinkle blue in each iris.  With a full mouth and high cheekbones, her smile chases away most shadows, and her cheeks flush easily.  Standing at five-foot-seven, she is a slim hourglass with handfuls of breasts capped in cocoa nipples, a narrow waist, and flared hips that lead to the apple of her firm backside.  The chain hung around her waist is blue, matching the color in her eyes, and she is constantly touching it with long, elegant fingers that look like they would be excellent for use on a piano, or a harp.  The girl has long legs, dancer’s legs, and where some are waifs, she is toned and muscular, strong and fit.  With a gentle demeanor and soft voice, it’s no wonder she kept herself off the radar of the Master until now.   

It is a short description, and I have yet to find a suitable photograph.  If anyone is interested please let me know via PM.


Extreme RPs

I am not a huge fan of the extreme scenes because I have seen them done badly time and time again, but if you think you can show me that something extreme can be done well, by all means, send me a message. 


I will always be infatuated with the world of Gor, as played in AOL chatrooms.  If anyone on here is interested in a solo game, in any capacity, please let me know.  I prefer someone with a bit more experience playing in that setting, or at least familiar with the customs to some degree, though I wouldn't mind taking on the dominant role to show someone the ropes.  This isn't really a definite story pitch, but more a "Hey, I want to do this."  If interest, details can be worked out.  I only want ONE Gorean SL, please.  As of 9.12.2011 I do not have a specifically Gorean SL, and this is still open.  The setting can be anywhere from Turia to Ar to Hunjer in the north, and the possibilities are endless.


The Vampire and the Demon

This SL is actually the rebirth of something played out ages ago, but can take any number of twists and turns. 

A Little Bit Of Background:  Voltaire, Georgia is a one road town where everyone knows everyone, and everyone feels it their obligation to know what everyone's business is.  There is a single grocery market, aptly named 'Harrison's' after the original owner Paul Harrison -- who died in 1982, a pub called the Symposium, a one-Sheriff police station, and several other small-town assets.  The town itself isn't a beach town, but it boasts a rather nice man-made lake called Lake Florence where there are several sprawling estates that remain in old Southern style and have not yet been demolished for more modern, eco-friendly solar-panels and fake turf.  While not prosperous, the town gets by on the successful shipping company run primarily via rail(something the town does have)-- Taggart Shipping -- and other shady benefactors no one thinks to question as long as the police department is paid and the school remains in session.  There are several big names amongst the townfolk of families that have been there for "centuries" -- Magi, St. Sebastian, St. Croix, Divine, and others.  No one knows much about these families other than that they are 'old money' and where there is old money there is power the simple folk don't want to tamper with.  Voltaire... is also know as a nesting ground for the supernatural.  Vampires, demons, werewolves.  Other variations of beings no one quite understood.  They all live in quiet hatred of each other, existing together because they have to, but secretly at war with those of their own kind behind closed doors.  The Sheriff himself is a werewolf, and who knows what the nearest DA is. 

What I'm Looking For: I'm actually looking for a more... romantic turn to this story.  I'm looking for someone, male or female, to play a male demon who becomes infatuated with my female vampire.  He is from one of those elusive "old money" backgrounds with the large estates on the lakeside, and they struggle to remain casual with one another, but eventually they can't.  Her nature is to use him for food, and his is to corrupt her to evil, but they both end up developing feelings that go against their base natures. 

May Include: Elements of supernatural (demon/vampire), blood (vampire), light bondage, roughness, but should also entail a strong intimacy and romantic connection between the two characters. 

There is no set end to this story, nor does there have to be.  As long as my partner is creative it can continue with twists and turns.  In the original SL, the demonic entity convinces the host to commit suicide because he fell in love with the vampire female.  That is a final end, and if you wanted to *end* the story, it would be one way to do it.  There are so many ways to go about it, and so many options.  I'm looking for someone who will give me detailed posts with a length of more than 300 words (average).  Please see my posts for examples. 

The Sorceress & The Shapeshifter
Fantasy/NC to Consensual/Exotic

The story is loosely based on White Wolf’s Exalted setting of Creation, but because not everyone is familiar with the game, I am not making it an Exalted game.  The elements are as follows:

My character: Zatara Capulare is a Sorceress granted power by a rather specially crafted amulet worn around her neck at all times.  Without it, she cannot access the dormant power within her.  Long, dark hair, tanned complexion, piercing green eyes, and an enchanting smile, Zatara was once a quite prominent Courtesan in her Master’s household in a Southern city before it was confessed to her that she was her Master’s daughter, and he bestowed the amulet to her as a token of trust and family – her link to her power.  She left home not long after to travel the world with three companions, none who she was very close with.  They traveled to the far North, where there are always threats of avalanches.  That’s where you come in.

Your Character:  Your character’s name is Nimbus.  He is a Shapeshifter who has the ability to turn into a bird large enough to carry a man, and other animals as well.  When in human form, he is an imposing, dark-skinned man with a myriad of silver, tribal tattoos on his torso.  He prefers solitude, and his people like to have one mate.  As for other personality traits, go with whatever suits you. 

The Scenario:  While traveling, Zatara and her companions are caught running away from an avalanche, and Nimbus just so happens to “save” her.  He knows immediately that she is a Sorceress of the Jade – the small faction of those who carry the amulets.  He saves her by catching her when she is about to fall (while he is in his bird form), and takes her back to his mountainside cave.  He removes her amulet while she is unconscious (she passes out once she is on the bird), and the only way for her to leave…. is a long way down. 

More Details:  While this is essentially a kidnapping and NC scene, it is not designed to remain as so.  He is not a monster, though there should be tension at first.  There should be a conflict about him trusting her enough to give her back the amulet (the Sorceresses are not trusted).  It can get as kinky as you feel comfortable with, but please see my O/Os for what I do not want happening.  I’m requiring generally longer posts (250+ words), and all standard grammar and punctuation rules apply.  If you happen to know about the world of Exalted, these two characters are actually from that game.  Zatara is a Solar, and Nimbus is a Lunar.  If that means nothing to you, the plot can stay exactly as it is. 

As of 9.12.2011, no one has bitten at this idea, and it still remains something I would like to explore.

The Human Dog

I have nothing against a good Beasty story with the right partner.  I’ve actually been craving the scenario of a man keeping a woman as a “dog” along with one or more other large (actual) dogs.  While being his, she’d also be used by the animals.  The story would begin well after she was broken, perhaps with disobedience on her part for a punishment scenario during the story.    Her captivity is a secret, a huge taboo and highly unacceptable.  What gave him the idea to take her and sculpt her into the perfect human dog is unknown, but she serves him well.  Further details can be decided upon if anyone is interested.  Detailed writing is a must – 300+ words please.

The Scandal of the Governor's Daughter (Title Not Permanent!)

The Idea: The Governor's daughter is a beauty with long, dark hair, rivetting green eyes, aristocratic features, and a mouth sinfully full.  Whenever she makes a public appearance, she is dressed in lovely gowns with a corset that accents her breasts and slim waistline.  She knows how to smile, how to charm with her lilting southern accent, and how to remain demure in the light of the public eye -- for her father's sake.  Her name is Eleni Aubrey Mascow, and she is the only daughter of Governor Drake Mascow.  Though she is only in her seventeeth year, her father has insisted she marry the newly appointed Commodore (Name is up to you).  He is quite the nasty figure, but also efficient and able at his job.  He is handy with a saber and quick with his tongue.  His physical appearance is also up to you, though words like 'strong' and 'large' will fit this character rather than 'mousy' or 'weak.'  He is adamant that he will marry Eleni, though he is a decade older than she.  The main story is about the relationship between the two.  He is not a faithful man, quick to anger, and dominant in all ways.  How physical he gets is up to you.   She is supposed to remain pure until her wedding night, but--

The Scandal: Eleni has taken up with a pirate.  He is young, about her age, and the two have been having a sordid and intense love affair for half a year.  This story line will require either one or two players.  One if you (he or she) will take up the mantle of playing both the villain (Commodore) and the love interest (young, charming pirate).  Two if there are two interested parties.  The pirate's role is not as large, and I'd PREFER only one person playing both parts. 

How I RP: I don't decide on the ending.  I also don't like to over discuss things.  Discussing details at the beginning works out well for me, but constant questions will sour the experience.  I am trusting you as my partner to move the story as it should be.  The world we're playing in is a fantasy world, named if you want it to be.  It's NOT MODERN.  Think Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Requirements: I have no length requirements for this, but I will need enough in the story to move it along.  Sometimes, long posts work.  Sometimes, a four sentence paragraph works.  NO ONE LINERS.  It will NOT be sufficient to propel the SL.  I want to co-write with someone.  This is not about sex, though sex may come into the play.  It's about a relationship.  It's part romance, part NC, part I don't know what.  Give me something fun and I'll return it.

As a Note: A very good example of how I like to role play is in my "A Change of Position" thread between myself and KneeltotheWhip.

Please feel free to PM/IM with other ideas as well!
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Re: NC Ideas!!! (Looking for M)
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Re: NC Ideas!!! (Looking for M)
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Re: Ideas!!! (Looking for M or F writers!!!)
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Re: Ideas!!! (Looking for M or F writers!!!)
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Re: Ideas!!! (Looking for M or F writers!!!)
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Re: Ideas!!! (Looking for M or F writers!!!)
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Re: Ideas!!! (Looking for M or F writers!!!)
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