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January 18, 2021, 02:19:52 AM

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Author Topic: Mass Effect / Arcanum / Dragon Age / Fallout [F looking for M or F]  (Read 801 times)

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Offline loreTopic starter

Below are some of ma favorite game related scenarios. I am by no means a scholar on the lore of any of these worlds, and I don't expect you to be, but some familiarity with the setting of these games is required, and a love of them is appreciated :). If you too like these games and have other ideas, I'd be happy to hear them.

Under 'mood' I've marked a few keywords I imagine shaping the thread, but these are just suggestions and open to negotiation.

A human alliance soldier is the sole survivor of an attack on her unit by Krogan Mercenaries.
She's taken aboard their vessel but soon discovers that rather then being used as a negotiations
bartering chip as she suspected she'd be, she was kept as a means of satisfying the breeding
needs of their Battlemaster leader. She's presumed dead and the Krogan's ship's course is set
for Non-alliance space. No one is coming for her. This one's likely not for the faint hearted.
SEEKING: Krogan battle master [M]
MOOD: Rough, domineering, unconsentual   

Nora, a half elf technologically inclined entrepreneur and her half ogre companion James who, despite
his brutish appearance, is of surprisingly profound intellect and sensitively inclined, have been platonic travel
companions for several adventurous years. Their eventful journeys have taken a dark turn when the
intrepid pair decided to investigate the half ogre's origins, discovering an appalling breeding program
where halflings were forcibly mating human women with orgre men to produce titan servants with just
enough mental faculties to follow orders. The two are caught and thrown into a dark cell before the evil
enterprise could be exposed, however. James had always suspected her was the product of an unwillful union,
which played no small part in his keeping a safe distance from Nora during their time together, despite mingled
emotions of love and lust he'd harbored for her. He feared repeating the crimes of his father, but now, with death
looming immanently over the two, he cannot help but make his feelings known   
SEEKING: James, half ogre [M]
MOOD: Romantic, urgent, passionate

A human adventurer finally falls to the relentless waves of undead baring her from the goals of her quest.
Rather then kill her, the creatures take her to their dark elf mistress. The blood mage, whose powers have
been fueled and amplified by bargaining with a desire demon, welcomes the woman into the fold of her living
slaves, and wastes no time in beginning her dark training (which may or may not include breeding her with
corrupted war hounds).   
SEEKING: Bloodmage [F] or [M] ( I imagined this as a female role, but I am open to a male character taking it)
MOOD: Ritualistic, S&M

A wayward boomer can't believe her luck when she's ushered into a bunker with a pack of nightclaws at her
heals. She's soon terrified at the appearance of the ghoul that drew her in, the very face of tainted savagery
she'd been schooled to fear since she was able to grasp language, and soon discovers his 'kindness' wasn't
without cost. She'll be permitted to stay the night so long as she does as she'd told the entirety of her stay.
Not much of a choice considering the claws would surely not abandon the bunker's sealed entrance until dawn.
SEEKING: Ghoul (flexible on this. Could be a super mutant or rough looking wastelander) [M]
MOOD: slow, malicious 

Heh in writing these I've realized the multitude of possibilities presented by these game worlds. So please do hit me with any suggestions, ideas, requests you may have her or via PM. Take care!

Online Doomsday

I'd love to play your Mass Effect game; I'd been entertaining a similar game idea where the krogan discover that the genophage does not prevent them from mating with human females. I am also interested in the Dragon Age roleplay, as I just got done playing Awakening for the night. PM me if you want to set something up.