Looking for someone to play with my far-from-home poet.(Any gender)

Started by TheKnifeWon, May 10, 2011, 03:35:51 PM

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OK! So. I'm rebooting an old character of mine with a new name, new occupation, things that are more appropriate to the personality he's being written with.

The short: He's named Cassiel, and he has a young Nick Cave as a playby (this guy. . .voice is also important!). He's from a world that mixes technology and magic, because it has two races of humans--zal'Berei, who can use magic naturally, and zal'Kerei, who can't. Its advancements are mostly in the medical field, otherwise it's not too hugely different from Earth, other than cultural differences. He made his living as a poet. He's very sweet-tempered--slow to anger, quick to understand, cautious at times but ultimately rather trusting. Really, he's pretty innocent. Not sheltered, just good-natured.

His concept is that he's a poet, who's also a natural realm traveler. Basically, his people, the zal'Berei, go on a journey some time after puberty. One day they're doing whatever, then they feel a little funny and POOF!, they appear in a different world. It's considered a spiritual journey to experience that world, and learn the magic necessary to return home. Most zal'Berei don't remain on their home planet, because it's very small--around the size of your average European country, I imagine--and, well, they've got the entire universe out there for them! Cassiel still tends to appear places without intending to, though. He has a portable hole/portable dimension/whatever you call it that he takes around. It's the size of a walk-in closet and contains, honestly, whatever I think it should--but mostly clothing and reference materials that can be laughably inaccurate.

Anywho, I tend to default him to medieval-fantasy type places because I spent years playing there, and I'm used to them. However, I'd welcome any setting, even Earth, with the right characters and stuff! I have a passing interest in him meeting an android. . .basically, I want to brainstorm ideas! Contact me however it suits you--respond to this topic, PM me on here, IM me, doesn't matter. Thanks for your consideration.


You idea rather interests me but I'm guess it won't be compatible with the kinda stuff I like...which would involve my character's death at some point?  It's a long shot, just thought I'd give you a bite since the idea is hot off the press!  Take a look at my ons/offs and see if it could work.  My character can defiantly fit the "not menacing right away thing"!  Let me know either way! PM me for more info!


I'm sorry, no. Cassiel's probably too sweet for anything like that to make sense. I mean I suppose accidental death is possible, but 'raw lust' is not something that will ever describe him, haha.


I'm looking again! I've finally got a handle on keeping up with my RP. I actually wrote a post involving him changing clothes in a forest for someone who didn't like my post size or something, haha. So I'd kind of like to use that. It amused me. So, any interest, hit me up. (We don't HAVE to recycle posts, of course.) I also edited the main post to reflect the fact that I've built him up a bit better since then.


What sort of storyline/plotline would you be heading on?  Just an exploration?  The character sounds interesting.  But, I might be too dense to follow along such a fantasyscape---


I guess it would be exploration a bit, yes. For him. He's there to experience the world. I suppose I think of, uh. . .you know, he enters somewhere and there's some kind of craziness going on. . .impending war, monster attack? Or maybe something less violent, like the illness of a prominent townsperson or ruler or something. Just, someone to walk into a situation as an outsider and end up either offering assistance of some kind, or experiencing some much more serious shit than he's really built for. Alternatively, just grab a character you like, have them meet him and see what happens, haha. I like playing Cassiel as a personality and concept, but I don't know how to plot for such an unconnected character.

I've also considered that maybe I could do an RP where a friend from home tags along with him. Someone who's better at controlling magic, maybe? But I don't know where that would leave the story. . .like, wouldn't they need third or fourth or more characters to carry along the events in the new world? Hm.