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April 12, 2021, 01:21:26 pm

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Author Topic: The Calvary Arrived! (M for F)  (Read 839 times)

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Offline Techn0logicTopic starter

The Calvary Arrived! (M for F)
« on: May 09, 2011, 03:58:28 am »
Well, it's been a while. Had a lot of rather painful nonsense that occurred in my life, but lately I've felt myself being dragged back into role playing as things finally die down.

I'll jump into a few basics real quick:
  • I'm looking for a few good paragraphs. In few, I mean about three. If you want to do more, wonderful. I can usually match.
  • Correct grammar and literacy at all times. We are not texting, and even then I'm compelled to write out my words. Also, never use 'ok'. Okay is preferred, at all times.
  • Don't be absurdly uptight. I understand I myself come off as such, but really I'm a nice guy. It's 3:00 AM over here, and I'm tired. A little humor here and there really lights things up.
  • Do not ask me if I'm interested in roleplaying. Come to me with a grasp of what you want in a roleplay, tell me a little about yourself, even give me an instant starter if you want.


The Mentor (Modern Wasteland, Violence, Possible Non-consensual)
Ever since the bombs fell years ago, humanity has been clinging to the remainders. major law and government had been abolished by lack of care, leading to forms of small confederate nations and rogue states in United States. Bandits and Gangs now occupy the gaping distances between communes, many surviving off the little farming left on the brutalized earth. Cities and towns of old have and are being scavenged for the necessities of medicine and basic supplies by those known as 'Scavengers'.

Her father was a scavenger, providing a living for their family along the east coast. The young woman would know little of the world beyond their meager farm, besides the artifacts her father brought. However one day, instead of her father another man arrived. He gave word her father perished in skirmish with raiders, and his last wish was to have this man teach his daughter the ways of scavenging, of survival.

What Would You Do To Survive (Futuristic, Consent/Non-consensual, Violence)
They called it a new hope, a chance at a real future. Earth was degrading rapidly, and over-population was abundant. Food and water was scarce, crime was rampant. Humanity needed a new home, a place to try again and fix their mistakes. They had discovered a place just like earth, far in the depths of space. A solar system similar to their own, they believed survival was possible. A hundred trillion dollar project, funded by all of earth's governments had created the vessel of their salvation. The size of a small country, it was designed with support systems that would last several hundred years, the expected length of the journey. They called this ship, 'Apollo's Chariot'.

That was fifty years ago. The ship had lost contact with earth only a few months ago. Panic and worry had spread throughout the million-strong populace of the vessel, who's destination was still far from their own location, they calculated. Social tensions and whispers of anarchy spread about the civilian districts, as many believed the trip was hopeless, and they must return to earth. Others believed that earth was gone, that the only path was forward.

Then to make matters worse, a anarchist group had sabotaged the engines, stalling the ship in dispose. Like clockwork, rebellions and mutiny quickly began to arise all over. Rank now meant nothing, as people began to form tribes and gangs to hold their territory. The mission was far from people's thoughts, as now they found themselves killing and murdering their fellow man.

The people seemed to slowly diverge to barbarianism. Women were treated as prisoners and slaves, in order to reproduce and multiple the numbers in the small factions. Men fought with guns to pipes, they raided and pillaged what they could, even cannibalism in some sectors was reported. As a man, one had to fight and kill. As a woman, well, they either came peacefully, or were taken. People quickly learned to cling to the strong, to the influential, less be ran over by those who wanted them for sex, food, or maimed. It was a test now, a test of everyone's will to survive.

Destroyed (Modern, Obsession, Non-con/con, Drug Use)
Her life was predictable. Since high school, she had toyed with the wrong kind of males. Abused and reused, her luck was less then fortunate with each passing relationship. Be it neglect, physical violence, and even mental, love was something that refused to show for her. Even as she sat at home, crying herself to sleep, she couldn't recall a single partner who treated her with what she desired. But there was one, one she herself neglected from obliviousness.

Her childhood friend, high school best friend, to now a distant memory. With every breakup in her teen years to every bruise, he was there to comfort her, to stay up all night with her, to hold her. Yet upon his revealing of feelings, she declined. Maybe she was addicted to abuse, but now she regretted it. She decided to go find him, to try and regain her loss.

What she found, was less then expected. A once softhearted guy, intent on a life of achievement, now lived in a crumbling apartment, living a terrible-waged job, which profit had gone to the purchase of drugs. Her first intention was to leave, to run. But she knew under it all lay a wonderful man, the only man she believed was still capable of giving her that love she desired. It ranged, on obsession.

I'll add more later, but if you have your own ideas feel free to PM me with them, or interest in my own plots.