some lovely ideas, here// F Dom looking for M or F

Started by mistressemmeline, May 09, 2011, 02:45:35 AM

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Hello all! I'm new here an interested on starting some one-on-one roleplays if anyone is interested. To see what I like, check my on and offs and PM or post here if you're interested ;)

Oh, Miss May! (Looking for F sub or M sub/dom)
Either modern or 19th Century setting. Miss May is the richest girl in the neighborhood, living richly off her Father's well-earned cash. She's known to be an ice-queen with a temper and it doesn't look like anyone is going to tame her anytime soon. Miss May is not all she seems, though - she's got a very dark side and she wants to explore some of the things she's been thinking about for a long time - and her money will get her a long way. Due to some impertinence from your character, she decides it's time to show that she's not all talk. But in getting what she wants, will she continue on the path of alienation through her rough exterior, or will someone be able to show her that love has a place in her life as well? Has potential for a female or male sub, or a male dom who puts up one hell of a fight. Also potential for it to go a bit more vanilla towards the end or to become quite dark. Position filled

Heaven's Light (Looking for F or M sub)
A fallen angel who thinks that there's more to the world than the goodness of God has left heaven in pursuit of more carnal urges. But with each step towards her descent into what seems like hell, she wonders if it's really what she wants after all. Will a certain angel she's enslaved be able to convince her otherwise? Same as the other, can go vanilla towards the end or darker. Really looking for a struggle between the allure of the BDSM culture and more loving, soft sex. Position filled

Songbird (light, romantic, looking for M) - CRAVING!
Actually looking for a light, non-BDSM story here, with a bit of cheesy romance. Set after WWI, a composer (M character) has returned from the war and has secluded himself away outside of the city in a small home. F character becomes his cleaner. At first he doesn't like her or want to talk to her, slowly build up to being friends and healing together after the war. That's just basic, we can work out more from there, but I'm really craving this at the moment!

Hopefully these make sense, but if you need more clarification, just ask.
More to come soon!
~ Mistress Emmeline



Would you consider doing Songbird over e-mail?