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Started by Keelan, May 08, 2011, 05:01:46 PM

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Hi, I'm looking to play another solo Mage game, and while I am the most familiar with Mage: the Awakening from nWoD, if someone is willing to teach me the ropes, I could easily find the materials for oWoD Mage: the Ascension and associated materials.  And yes, I do mean legal acquisition of said items.  I'm a huge fan of Mage, am in one game already but really would like to play another one if at all possible, and wanting to try a mage who is different from my others and... well, for nWoD I'm looking to play a Fate/Time/Mind Acanthus mage, likely Free Council or an apostate, and likely having quite a bit of fun about some town, or something of the sort.  Details are not set in stone, of course, and up for discussion.

Experience has taught me that starting with 0xp is not recommended, so it would likely be higher than that I'd think, and regarding any sexual elements... well, I only do Female/Female, Female/Hermaphrodite (aka. Futanari), and Herm/Herm scenes, and otherwise we should each read each other's O/Os for details.  Not saying sex has to be a large part of this game, but it is a highly probable element that can occur even in a non-sex-focused game.

Essentially, I'm looking for a game, and the details can be hashed out easily enough.  Just PM me if you're interested in running a game, and we can talk about everything else.