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Author Topic: Fandom Perversion [F seeking M/F]  (Read 2287 times)

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Fandom Perversion [F seeking M/F]
« on: May 07, 2011, 01:31:26 PM »
The last time I posted a 'looking for' request it was apparently too vague, as most of the responses were not particularly appropriate to what I was looking for.  Thus, while I--somewhat reluctantly--will still field requests for related ideas, this time around I'm going to be a bit more specific in my search.  The usual caveats apply: English literacy required, any kinks listed for the specific scene are non-negotiable, and please stop asking me for my AIM/MSN/whatever because I am very clearly searching for a play-by-post partner and not an AIM buddy.

Sailor Moon
Tsukino Siblings (incest, shotacon/ageplay) - Usagi's younger brother Shingo is in the throes of puberty, and his sister still hasn't learned the wonders of modesty, temperance, or abstinence.  What's a young man to do when his sister traipses around half-naked and leaves her door half-open while masturbating?  The answer should be obvious. In Progress

In the Name of the Moon... (shemale, bondage, anal, rape) - Usagi has broken into Rei's secret stash of doujinshi to 'borrow' some for the last time--and not just because she stumbled across her secret collection of transgendered porn this time, either!  Rei has a 'surprise' for the pretty princess, and she's going to make sure she learns a valuable lesson about respecting the privacy of others...

Harry Potter
Polyjuices (shemale) - Hermione didn't see the harm in it: she'd just brew a polyjuice potion to turn herself into Harry for a bit so she could get better acquainted with the form and function of a young wizard's 'wand' first-hand--literally.  Per usual, though, the brew goes awry: when she changes back, a part of Harry hangs around--again, literally--and she hardly feels comfortable taking the problem to the Potions professor or infirmary.  Not knowing who else to turn to, she asks space-case Luna for aid, and quickly discovers that the blonde doesn't quite have the social wherewithal not to ask some very embarrassing questions.Negotiating

Twincest and the Tribulations of Time Travel (gangrape, quasi-incest) - Hermione knew it was against the rules to use time travel to double-up on her workload, but she never expected a bunch of sniveling Slytherin students to be the ones to figure it out.  Captured--twice over!--and forced to endure their predations in exchange for keeping her secret, Hermione learns the real reason she was warned never to make contact with one of her past selves during jaunts through time: you can end up really fucking yourself.Negotiating

Monsters and Mythical Creatures 101 (bestiality) - As a mudblood, a complete know-it-all, and the pre-eminent overachieving nerd of Hogwart's, Hermione attracts more than her fair share of bullying.  To be fair, throwing her books into one of the monster pens shouldn't even qualify as 'bad' on the daily scale of hazing.  To be fair, she also should have read ahead to the chapter on hippogryph mating seasons and the proper methods for appeasement of the proud magical beasts.Negotiating

Final Fantasy
Code of Conduct (gangrape) - During an early AVALANCHE mission before Cloud joined, Tifa finds herself cut off from the rest of the group and cornered by Shinra Security Forces.  Thankfully, the rebels haven't made enough of a name for themselves to be of interest to Shinra, Inc. as of yet; unfortunately, they also have carte blanch when dealing with scum from the slums...

Reparations (gangrape, bestiality, shemale-optional) - No one's particularly happy with Yuffie for stealing their materia, and even less so for having to save her from the lecherous clutches of Don Corneo.  Of course, she didn't think she'd be getting off that easy, did she?  (Or will she?)  To earn the trust of the team, she's going to have to submit herself to their punishment.  (Transgender Tifa or Aeris optional.)

Bounty (gangrape, anthro) - Fran and Penelo have been captured by bounty hunters who intend to use them as bait to get to Balthier.  The sky pirate won't be along to rescue them for a while, and there's no sense letting a perfectly good opportunity go to waste...

Ride the Lightning (bestiality) - The aid of an Eidolon does not come cheap, as Lightning soon discovers that Odin (or rather, Sleipnirr) has his own ideas of what constitutes a successful 'Gestalt Mode'.

Consolation Prize (shemale, rape, exhibitionism, gangrape-optional) - Tatsuki has been a thorn in class 'lesbian' Chizuru's side for too long, always the barrier between her and the E-cup goddess Orihime.  Now, with Orihime gone to Soul Society and Tatsuki's arm broken from a judo tournament, Chizuru's ready to vent some long-held frustrations right where everyone can see it.  (Optionally, this could turn into a gangbang if Chizuru gets the boys of the class involved.)

Trapped in the Closet - Ichigo's out on Hollow-hunting business, and Kon has his body.  When Yuzu comes to clean his room, Rukia wisely decides to pull Kon into the closet with her to prevent him from preying on Ichigo's underaged sister.  Unfortunately, now she's stuck in the closet with him, desperately trying to avoid discovery in the compromising situation by Yuzu.  Kon wouldn't be the sort to take advantage of the circumstances, though, would he?

Fish and Houseguests (gangbang) - Rangiku has some very questionable company over, and after she passes out from over-imbibing they quickly grow bored with her.  Her hostess, Orihime, however, is sober and very much conscious, and of roughly comparable measurements to boot.  They seem interested in a little more than her chocolate-glazed rainbow trout dinner, too...

Hollow (rape) - After constant abuse in and outside of his training, Ichigo finally finds himself overcome by his inner Hollow mid-training with spitfire Hiyori.  To her surprise, the experienced vaizard finds that his full-Hollow form is more than a match for her, in more ways than one.

Ero Jutsu (shotacon, gender-bender, just plain naughty) - Konohamaru is getting to be about that age, and his 'mentor's' sexy-jutsu training is really starting to cross the line.  Blame it on Jiraiya for teaching 'Naruko' that there's more than one way to pay for training.

Nine Tails (gender-bender, shemales, ganbang) - Normally, kitsune are known for being rampant and wanton, that's for sure, but the word that follows those adjectives isn't usually 'destroyers'.  The kyuubi is exercising influence of Naruto--or rather, Naruko, as any kitsune prefers the female form--and it's up to Konoha's medical ninja to try and reign the tailed beast in so Naruto can regain control.  Unfortunately, Tsunade, Sakura, and Ino know of only one way to sate the rampaging beast.

Waking the Demon (quasi-bestiality, rape) - Naruto has gone into rampaging four-tailed mode in his fight with Orochimaru, and now Sakura is doing everything she can to try and calm him down.  Including a few things she didn't know she could, and had no intention of doing; apparently the kyuubi isn't just an indiscriminate killer, though that may be of little consolation when you've got a fiery red chakra-dick all the way up your ass.

Mass Effect
Afterlife (drugging, gangrape, exhibitionism, xenophilia) - Commander Shepard learns the hard way that humans should never drink at the Afterlife.  And that when they say Turian bodily fluids are incompatible with human biology, they mean it.  And maybe even just what a 'quad' is.

Vorchabait (bestiality, rape, exhibitionism) - Wrex does not take the news that Shepard chose to destroy the research into a cure for Krogan infertility well.  The audience at the vorcha-fighting pit, however, are more than happy to welcome their first non-vorcha participant in the dogfights.

High School of the Dead
Dressed for the Occasion (gangrape) - A tanktop and blue-and-white striped panties are not appropriate zombie-fighting attire, as Saya learns the hard way when she finds herself isolated and overwhelmed by Them.  At least the properly-clothed victims get eaten.
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Re: Fandom Perversion [F seeking M/F]
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2011, 11:59:28 AM »
Tacking on a few more ideas here, with a reminder to read the introductory warning in the first post:

Persona 3 Portable
There's Something About Mina (lesbian, shotacon, robots) - Minako Arisato (the female protagonist) has a way with words...  or something, at any rate, as her magnetic personality seems to attract every boy, girl, and quasi-sentient entity (dogs, robots, humanoid manifestations of Death, and extra-dimensional residents inclusive!) within a hundred mile radius.  Unlucky at life, lucky at love--isn't that how it always goes?

Port Island Adventure (gangrape, exhibitionism) - Yukari had the bright idea to just go ask the gangsters, addicts, and dropouts behind Port Island Station what they knew about the disappearances of Gekkoukan High students.  Junpei is officially fired as a bodyguard, and Yukari is officially vetoed from coming up with any more plans.

Take Koromaru for a Walk? (bestiality, shotacon) - Ken walks in on Minako when she's in the middle of 'establish a social link' with Koromaru.  There's no good way to explain to a kid that age what you're doing with the family dog, so she opts for the bad way instead..

Teen Titans
Introspection (shemale, twincest, bestiality, gangbang) - Raven plunges through the looking glass into her inner world to confront Rage, soothing her inner demon the only way she knows how.  Unfortunately, she forgot to take good accountability of her other facets, and now Lust has the reigns of her physical body--not at all to the dismay of her very surprised teammates.  (Non-optional: Shemale Rage.  Optional: Shemale Starfire.)

Did I Just Fuck My Own Ass? (shemale) - During their body-swap experience, Raven makes the mistake of asking Starfire which emotional cue is tied to shooting laser deathbeams from her eyes.  Starfire, as always, is only too happy to demonstrate; Raven is slightly more conflicted about her friend using her borrowed body to suck alien girl-dick.  Being the recipient of the fellatio certainly adds a discernible bias, though.

Offline Jefepato

Re: Fandom Perversion [F seeking M/F]
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2011, 12:27:02 PM »
The "Tsukino Siblings" request sounds interesting (Shingo does have to be 16 at minimum per site rules, but I think we all know that sixteen-year-old boys have enough hormones to refloat the Titanic).  Are you envisioning a scenario in which Shingo is clumsily aggressive or manipulative or...?

Offline HikariTopic starter

Re: Fandom Perversion [F seeking M/F]
« Reply #3 on: May 08, 2011, 12:36:57 PM »
That's negotiable, with the exact parameters of the scenario adjustable to fit different approaches.  As an example, if you wanted to play him as clumsily aggressive the set-up for the scene could be that he comes in to wake her up and discovers that she sleeps only in skimpy panties, putting him in a rather advantageous position.

Alternatively, if you wanted him to be more manipulative then he could catch her climbing in through her window as Sailor Moon late in the night, giving him leverage against her.  (Though, honestly, that level of coercion probably isn't necessary against Usagi.  Threatening not to share his birthday cake or withholding access to his video games would probably be enough leverage against a hedonistic ditz like her.)

The situation could also be more of a mutual/level ground type of thing.  As an example, she could be taking a shower late in the night after returning from a youma-hunt, only to have him stumble into the bathroom on a midnight pissing excursion.  Conversely, he could just unwittingly walk in on her when she's masturbating.  (Or catch her masturbating and quite wittingly pick his moment to walk in on her.)

EDIT: Oh, and as far as ages go, I think it's generally best to leave it unsaid in any scene involving teenagers.  Though 'shotacon' should be warning enough that people who don't like the idea of underage teenagers getting frisky should stay away, it's still easier just to omit numbers anytime under-18 play is involved, in my opinion.
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Offline Jefepato

Re: Fandom Perversion [F seeking M/F]
« Reply #4 on: May 08, 2011, 12:51:33 PM »
A little of both works for me, if you're interested.  Some casual manipulative behavior is certainly par for the course with Shingo (and also hilarious), but I'm not good at playing up really nasty manipulation.  (Besides, Shingo being a fanboy for Sailor Moon while taking advantage of her secret identity is a lot more entertaining than serious blackmail.)

Re: edit, I more or less agree.  It's just that the age minimum is one of the site's most solid rules regarding content, so it seemed risky to leave it completely unsaid when dealing with a character who's definitely too young in canon.

Offline HikariTopic starter

Re: Fandom Perversion [F seeking M/F]
« Reply #5 on: May 08, 2011, 01:02:50 PM »
That's fine.  I'm certainly open to suggestions, if you have your own ideas for how you'd like to set the scene up, or a specific preference for one of the bare-bones ideas I've thrown out.  To be honest, hardline manipulation would probably be difficult to manage on Usagi anyway, since it implies a certain cognizance of the whole situation that she generally lacks; she's enough of an instant-gratification obsessed airhead that she wouldn't (at least initially) understand that being blackmailed for sex is something she should be deeply upset or offended by.

Offline HikariTopic starter

Re: Fandom Perversion [F seeking M/F]
« Reply #6 on: May 09, 2011, 04:49:27 AM »
Edited the first post to reflect changes to the status on a few of the scene ideas.  I will not accept further requests for a scene In Progress.  I will accept requests for scenes I'm Negotiating as they may fall through in working out the details, but once they move to In Progress I will stop negotiating the scene idea with anyone else requesting it, so do so with full awareness of that fact only.

A few more additional ideas added to the pile:

Sailor Moon
Snake Demons on a Train (gangrape, orgy, exhibitionism) - The Inner Senshi are trying to track down a youma that's been feeding on the energy of humans by making them exhaust themselves in gratuitous, no-holds barred orgies of unchained lust.  The mission goes more than a little bit awry when they board a subway train in pursuit of the youma, only to find the crowded cars full of passengers have already fallen under its thrall.

Soul Eater
The Eight Hundred Years Itch (paralysis, rape) - During their initial encounter, Maka finds herself paralyzed by Arachne's venomous curse and at the mercy of Giriko.  Unfortunately for her, eight hundred years of seething with rage and resentment have left the living weapon with very little mercy to spare, and at least one seriously unrequited desire...

Free-Dom (anthro) - Free's been in prison for a long time, and while Eruka Frog may not be up to the standards of Medusa or Arachne in terms of seduction, when he wolfs out his instincts tend to take over.  Any port in a storm, right?

Heart of Madness (anthro, gangbang, hallucination) - As the black blood draws closer to the sleeping Kishin, the power of madness over those trying to stop his resurrection grows stronger by the moment.  His is a madness that abolishes all fear, and without fear of the order or its repercussions, just how do Kid and Black*Star view Maka?  Even worse, the black blood inside Maka has driven her to the point of complete insanity, beyond recognition of friend or foe, right or wrong, and beyond the fear of any consequences...

Teen Titans
Queen Bee (gangrape, bondage, shemale-optional) - Raven is captured by the H.I.V.E. and quickly finds out that being the queen bee isn't all its cracked up to be as a regular who's-who of Titans villains run a seemingly endless train on her.  (Optional: Shemale Jinx.)

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Re: Fandom Perversion [F seeking M/F]
« Reply #7 on: May 09, 2011, 03:04:56 PM »
would like to play In the name of the moon.

Offline dirtyd

Re: Fandom Perversion [F seeking M/F]
« Reply #8 on: May 09, 2011, 06:07:45 PM »
The "Tsukino Siblings" request stand out for me. Out of the above ideas, Shingo catching Usagi in the shower or getting out and drying woks  best in my opinion.

Keep the great idea coming.