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May 28, 2018, 12:29:59 AM

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Author Topic: The Leashed Dogs of War  (Read 720 times)

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The Leashed Dogs of War
« on: May 07, 2011, 12:36:09 PM »
"For the last time, Mordichae, it is none of your concern."
This dismisal by the Archbishop sat heavily upon the Ductus of the Wretched... not on his shoulders, but rather on his bile duct it seemed, for the statement made Javed want to hurl.
"That's unacceptable, Santiago," Javed retorted, "are we not equal in the eyes of Caine and in the matters of the security of the sect?"
The Archbishop grinned from atop his throne, fingers digging in irritation into the 'leather' of his high backed chair, "I suggest you take it up with Caine then, for you are far from my equal, childe. As for the security of the sect, were you not the very pack that housed Noah during the investigation of his treason?"
"We served the sect in doing so. We kept an eye on him and limited his ability to manipulate within the city. Furthermore-"
"Do you not have a psychic amongst your ranks?" Santiago interupted.
"...I... Yes, we do, but O can not be held-" he stuttered before being cut off again. The Ductus was visibly flustered, his mouth fish bowling for a moment before he could find the words to continue.
"and does she not, by your own admission, have a problem with respecting the privacy of others?" It was an accusation, that was certain, but not the damning sort... more of an idle curiosity.
"It's not so much a problem as it is an inability. Her madness, you see-"
"Her madness is inconsequential. Did she or did she not have access to this information whilst Noah was in your care?"
Javed's face went to stone. His posture corrected and his demeanor turned cold, "I suppose she did."
"Yes," replied Santiago, "I suppose so as well."
Santiago rose, standing at a height akin to Javed's, yet so much taller at the same time. His stature was that of a giant; a leviathan dream made flesh. "The Revenge Engine also assisted Noah in his efforts; two of the city's most honored packs, both serving to undermine the will of the Dioscese. I-"
"That is ridicu-" The back hand flew so fast, Javed didn't even realize he was slapped until he looked up from the corner he'd slid into. He reached into his torn and gaping mouth, whincing as he pulled a jewel from between his cracked and shattered teeth; The Archbishop's rings having left a souvenier behind.
"Do not interupt me again, Mordichae. Now, as I was saying; two of the city's most honored packs have done a great disservice to me and mine. There is no Blood Hunt at this time for a plethora of reasons, the least of which is my distrust, for while I do deeply distrust you Javed, you are still sect, and once a Blood Hunt is called, you and yours will be allowed to participate. Next, there is the possibility of our city being infiltrated by the Followers of Set. Even the hint of which is enough to have the hairs rise on the back of my neck. Evidence has been presented that makes it clear that this infiltration has already begun. I would hope that as the defenders of this city, the majority of the packs would dedicate themselves to protecting the home front, rather than scattering and squabbeling amongst themselves in hopes of sucking the traitor's soul. Should my Templars need further assistance, The Bullets from Heaven will be charged with that duty."
Javed couldn't keep quiet at such news. Immediately he sputtered at the Archbishop, one hand held over his flapping cheek, "The Bullets? They're greenhorns. They aren't even vested members of the ci-"
"Be that as it may, they proved themselves far more competent than The Wretched or the Revenge Engine in the matter of discover Kade's true colors, and they have personal ties to the traitor now that will give them both an edge and a dedication that your own motivations lack."
"What sort of ties," asked the Ductus as he picked himself up. His hand fell away, revealing the mess of his face, though even in the short time they'd been speaking, it had already mended itself to some degree.
"They have his childe. He was raped, in a manner of speaking, and the seed was given to one of the Bullets' ghouls. That is the personal tie."
"You don't think that may affect his loyalty?"
"Don't be ridiculous, Javed. My eyes have already reported that the vaulderie has been performed. Any ties to Noah have been severed by the ritual of our Sect. Now... be a good boy and send the representative of the Revenge Engine in on your way out." Again, dismissal. Santiago boldly turned his back to the Ventrue before seating himself again upon his chair.
"And Javed... don't do anything foolish."
It was with a venomous sneer that the Ductus replied, "Of course not... your Excellence."