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Started by MagicalPen, May 06, 2011, 09:07:57 PM

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Have you ever wondered when - or how - man took to the stars and colonized other planets for the very first time? I always have, and there is little literature or movies on that aspect of human development. So I watching Battle: Los Angeles the other day and thought that was a great leaping off point. Alien invasion, defeated (partially due to luck) and eradicated, leaving behind tons of Alien Technology. This is where my story takes off.....

Its been 10 - 15 years since the Drones invaded and were defeated. Millions of lives were lost in those initial 24 hours - the majority of populations along the coasts. A global catastrophe that forever changed the world. Things looked grim until those famous moments in LA where the Drones were first defeated. It took nearly a month to eradicate all the threats around the world, as Armies lacking the technology to defeat the Drones needed to rely on outside help.

Amid all the death and destruction, however, remained an unwarranted gift: Alien Technology. The greatest technological advances in years lay at their fingertips. A new Coalition was formed amongst the world Governments, comprised of the smartest scientists in the world and an endless supply of funding. The general consensus was: when next? When would the next Extraterrestrial Attack occur? Getting lucky once was one thing, but one wanted to chance that. And with all this Alien Technology laying around, what better way to fight the next invasion then with their own weapons?

To say that things were rushed in reverse engineering the Alien Technology was an understatement. There were several 'instances', hundreds more of people and soldiers were killed trying to contain the worst of them, and everyone agreed that they'd have to take things slowly despite the 'eminent' risk of reprisal attacks. Military technology soon skyrocketed and the US pioneered a new fleet of Drones - essentially gaining control of all Air Aspects of Alien Technology.

And now, now we have arrived on the cusp of it all, the pinnacle point in human history: Mankind is about send its first Research Team out into the stars to investigate some habitable planets.

The Drone Technology allowed Mankind to send proves deep out into space, as a warning system of future Alien attacks. This was accomplished early in the years of great research. About 5 years ago, the first manned flight of an Alien-designed Spaceship took place, flying to the moon and back in only 2 hours. But now, now things are ready for the next step: Possible Colonization. 


Essentially, a game set in modern times, with some weird, not quite understood technologies, on a maiden voyage. What could possibly go wrong?

If interested, respond here.

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Evolution is an arms race


Open theme ? So none know what to expect ?


That seems like a good way to go. Although a little bit of planning would be good I think.
Evolution is an arms race


Read the Title :)  Into the UNKNOWN. Steeped with mystery. The characters are not going to know what to expect or quite where they will end up.

This is just to gauge interest. If 1 - 3 more people show interest, then i'll spend the time to flesh out the information a little more.

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Evolution is an arms race


I'm keenly interested.  Please let me know what I may do to audition should it come to fruition, and what I may do to help develop the idea further.








  She is one that often pressures for the ship being primarily used to hunt these new objects.


  Maps / ie "where are we?" stuff.


Aurani's guesses on uses for certain aspects of ships left behind by the alien race greatly aided being able to figure some core aspects of their technology so quickly. She soon became famous from being interviewed frequently to give her opinion to the public on what has been discovered, and her reasons for thinking so. Aurani's unusual insights into the mentality of the deposed aliens quickly elevated Archeology back into headlines, Xeno, being its grandest. For this reason she was selected to be on board in the hopes that she may do the same for what else the ship may find.

Although she often wears a body suit that glows in sections, its not for attention (although she certainly doesn't mind it). Firstly it acts like armor and a space suit and can be pressurized quickly by donning a matching a helmet and shoulder coverings. Something she believes she may have to be ready for on short notice.

Furthermore her suit constantly uses her energy to illuminate objects in different types of light. This is something she has requested for her eyesight has been enhanced with cornea implants allowing her to see a computer read out of properties of what she sees, ones which natural eyes could never know.


  - She has a spacesuit that's comfortable enough to wear.
  - She has semi-bionic eyes that can see ghost-like images of moving maps over her landscape, enable her to see in the dark, and see readouts of some materials properties of her surroundings.


Clever idea, Kate.

What is everyone else thinking about playing, role wise?  This is always the hardest part for me, and I would hate to copycat someone else's idea, especially since it would undoubtedly be done better than I could. 


You kinda jumped the gun there with the character. She doesn't quite work for what I have in mind. Like I said, think modern day military.

I will post more info later as far as what sort of characters I am looking for.

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Ship Name: The Galileo

Ship Crew:  26 Personnel

-14 'Space' Marines
Fire Team Alpha
2LT Peter Simon - Played by Eeyore
Sniper. #1
Rifleman #1
Rifleman #2
Rifleman #3
Comm. Man #1
Demolitions Expert #1

Fire Team Bravo
SSgt #1
Heavy Weapons #1
Medic #1 - Sarah Watson, by Branwen
Rifleman #4
Rifleman #5
Rifleman #6
Demolitions Expert #2

-2 Medics
Lead Doctor #1
Doctors Assistant #1

-4 Engineers
Chief Engineer #1
Engineer #1
Alien Technologies Expert #1
Alien Technologies Assistant #1

-3 Scientists
Xeno-Scientist Expert #1
Xeno-Specialist #1
Xeno-Specialist #2

-1 Ship Navigator
Petty Officer #1

-1 Communications Officer
Petty Officer #2

-1 Ship Commander - CO of the Mission, CO of the Marine Detachment
Commodore Konrad Roht - Played by Eeyore

Ship Technology: Human/Alien Hybrid
-1st Generation Hyper-Drive
-3rd Generation Sensor Array
-4th Generation Navigation System
-1st Generation Weapons System
-1st Generation Evacuation Pods
-2nd Generation Propulsion System
-2nd Generation Shields System
-2nd Generation Ventilation System and Waste Management
-1st Generation Science Lab
-1st Generation Green House
-1st Generation Medical Lab and Sickbay
-1st Generation Crew Quarters
-1st Generation Cyro-Hold
-1st Generation Cargo-Bay
-Classified Armory Berth

Crew Clothing and Technology:

-Standard Issue Marine Fatigues

-Standard Issue Marine Exoskeleton Body Armor

-Standard Issue Marine All Climate Headgear

-Standard Issue Armalite Combat Rifle + Grenades

-Standard Issue All Climate Boots

-Standard Issue Advanced Communications Gear

-Standard Issue Advanced Targeting System

-Standard Issue Advanced Air Filter

Standard Issue Uniform for Crew

White and Black = Scientist

White and Red = Medic

White and Navy Blue = Ships Crew (Navigation, Communications)

White and Orange = Engineer

White and Forest Green = Security or Military Pesonnel

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If no one else minds, I'd like to be one of the medics.  That's a role I think I can play with a fair chance of not screwing up.  Now if it's a comedy, let me be a Marine.  That'll be funny.


Some notes on Available Roles:

The Medics:

There is 1 Combat Medic and 2 Ship-board Doctors. The Combat Medic fills in when on board the ship and is also passed around between the two Fireteams, depending on Mission Assignment.

The Heavy Weapons specialist is essentially some one with a SAW. Can also be transferred between Squads based on Mission Assignment.

Essentially, all specialized roles can be passed around between duties.

The Engineers are split - all have general human technology knowledge, but only the Xeno Technology Specialists know anything about the Alien parts of the ship (and their knowledge is limited with that).

The Scientists are essentially the only non-Military personnel, all will have studied the Drones (Alien Bodies) extensively and will have their own pet projects going on onboard the ship.

If you are interested in any of these roles, state so in this thread or to me via PM.

Below, you will find my desired character sheet.

YOU MUST SEND ME YOUR CHARACTER SHEET FOR APPROVAL. DO NOT post character sheets here until I give you permission.

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Character Sheet.

Please keep in mind the information already revealed and the fact that the year is 2025.

Character Name:

Character Ethnicity:

Character Age:

Desired Position:

Character Description:
(Please write a description + include a picture)

Character Personality:

Character History:
(at least 2 - 3 paragraphs please)

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Hmm, mark me up for a scientist. I will get a profile to you soon.
Evolution is an arms race


Interesting tale and could become pretty amusing. I am definitely interested, sending in a character sheet to you then, Eeyore.

Interested in the Ship Navigator (Petty Officer).
I've taken the Oath of The Drake. Remind me of it if you think I act against it.


One thing I have noticed with the backgrounds is that there is almost no mention of the background information I have provided.

Every character here is over 15, so they've lived through the Alien Invasion (as seen in Battle: Los Angeles). We're talking the death of millions here. Anyone living along the Coast would have seen the death and destruction and would have survived it some how. I'd like to see some reference to it in these Character sheets. Its an event that has forever changed every ones lives.

It would have created Trillions of $$ in damage, scarred people for ever, killed relatives and friends etc. In the years since then, there is the world-wide-sense of "Whens the Next Attack coming?"...and a race to decipher Alien Technology in an effort to use it against them. At the point in our game, Humans have coupled Alien and Human Technology in the first spaceship designed for inter-planet traveling. How big is this? The biggest event in Space History since Man first walked on the moon. Success with this maiden voyage - which will test a host of Alien Technology - will forever change the Human Race. It will lead to advances in Planetary Colonization, Stella Travel, new Weapons, etc. A lot is riding on this voyage so only the cream of the crop are taking part. The large military presence - well, the reasons for it are Classified, so you'll have to wait to find out about that.

Prior to this point in history, only a Hybrid ship has been used, to travel to the moon and back in record time. It made THIS MISSION possible.

So keep those facts in mind when creating your character sheets. I'd like to see characters heavily influenced or touched by such events in this game.

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Character Name: Captain Peter Simon

Character Ethnicity: Caucasian, American

Character Age: 28 Years Old

Position: Head of the Space Marines Detachment, Fire Team Alpha Leader

Character Description: Peter is an imposing Marine, standing 6'3" tall. His body is muscled and toned, almost the perfect soldiers body, used to hardships and having to carry a heavy load. By no means a heavyweight with muscles, he also posses a lightness on his feet - almost like an NFL receiver - though this isn't useful in most situation.

Character Personality: Peter lives for the Army. Ever since the Aliens attacked when he was 13 years old, he has become obsessed with the Military and did everything he could to prepare himself for enlistment at the age of 18. He doesn't stand for nonsense and believes in doing everything by the book. He doesn't take flak from anyone and expects the best from everyone under his command. He has seen active duty combat for yeas and has a keen combat sense. He is used to making quick decisions and changing plans on the fly.

Character Background: Peter was born in New Jersey. He grew up playing soccer and running track. He also enjoyed reading, his lifelong goal of becoming a History Teacher the only thing on his mind. But all of that would change one morning, at the age of 13. That was the day the Aliens had attacked. Peter will never forget that day. It changed his life.

Up early for school, living in a suburb just outside of New York City, he had said goodbye to his dad as he left on his way to work. It would be the last time he ever saw his dad. An hour later, Peter was waiting for the bus when a large booming noise startled him. He looked up into the skies and saw what he thought were meteors crashing towards the nearby ocean, each one exploding for some reason hundreds of feet in the air, seconds before impact. But these were no Meteors.

They were Aliens. Not the friendly kind either, but ones bent on destroying everything. New York City was on fire. Peter ran home and watched the madness unfold on the TV. He knew his father was dead long before he was officially declared. His mother was heartbroken. And Peters childhood dreams were forever changed. From that moment on, he vowed revenge against the Aliens, and changed his career goals to joining the Military.

Peter kept up the long distance running, but also started working out with a passion. He needed to be the best that he could be. As the years passed in high-school, he pretended to entertain the idea of going to College like his mother wanted. But he finally told her that he was going to join the Army. At the age of 18, he applied for OCS and was accepted, and began his path in the Military.

After basic training and OCS, he was granted the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and was shipped off to the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He served several tours in each country, attaining the rank of Captain while also getting his Ranger and Special Forces Bars. The more skills he had, he figured, the better he would be when the Aliens came back. But since that fateful day, Alien Technology was being turned into stuff that Humans could use. With his passion, and a new mission approaching, he was assigned command of a mixed group of a new armed group, a new experiment, like something out of the Warhammer 40L universe - Space Marines.

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Character Name: Commander Konrad Roht

Character Ethnicity:
Caucasian, German Ancestors

Character Age:
35 Years Old

Desired Position: Ship Commander

Character Description: Konrad is 6'2" and has an athletic, toned body. His hair and features are all dark - dark black hair, hazel eyes, and a masculine jawline. The long scar over his left eye to left cheek and the one in the corner of his left mouth also help distinguish him from the rest of the group.

Character Personality: Konrad, despite his position, is a very quiet, reserved person. He is a man of few words but strong actions and disciplines those under his command with ruthlessness. Any breach of protocol and his iron fist comes crashing down.

Character History: Little is publicly known about Konrad. What is known is that he was part of a Special Forces unit at the time of the Alien attacks, and was scar-free before the attacks. He was also quietly awarded the Medal of Honor during the same period of time and received several battlefield promotions over the coming years. He has been out of the spotlight for many years, quietly moving further up the ranks, before re-entering the spotlight as the overall Commander of the Ship Galileo. No one but the US Chiefs of Staff hold rank over him in this matter.

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Has anyone applied for the lead doctor position yet? If not, what would the title of that position be? Also, what kind of doctor would most likely be chosen for this position?

This idea sounds quite cool. I'm looking forward to getting involved. :-)


Phanta - that should work.

Still accepting character bios.

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Can I please get a response from people who are still interested. Things are rather quiet and I get the feeling no one is interested anymore.

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