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Author Topic: Sith Apprentices (F dom looking for M/F sub)  (Read 908 times)

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Offline elfguyTopic starter

Sith Apprentices (F dom looking for M/F sub)
« on: May 03, 2011, 07:01:18 pm »
Out of a class of 20, only 2 remained. That was the way of the Sith. That was the kind of elimination that typically happened at the Korriban Academy. The Sith Empire wanted only the best in its ranks, and those who came out of the Academy were those who had passed the tests, those who had survived. Now, the last 2 students stood in front of the Headmaster, eager to pass their last test. As he spoke, the old Sith made it very clear that only one of the two students would be coming out of this test alive, and succeed in becoming a Sith Warrior. The task was simple. Go into the ancient tomb of Marka Ragnos, locate the ancient sword of Varialas, and bring it back. Whichever student returned with it would graduate. The other one, should not return.

As the terms were spoken, Jaina grinned. The 21 years old human girl was cocky and had a huge ego, but with reason. She had been at the top of her class during this whole process, and had personally killed 4 of their fellow classmates in various past assignments. She looked at the other student standing next to her, giving her usual condescending look. She already knew how she would win this task. For Jaina, getting the sword was completely unimportant. The real point of this task is taking care of her fellow student. It was not enough to leave the opponent to a crushing loss. She would ambush him, overpower him, and show him that she's truly the best Sith there. She would abuse him, play with him, and only then, would she kill him with her bare hands. And she would enjoy it very much.

For this RP I'll play Jaina, a young Sith girl, and I need a M or F Sith which will go into the Tomb. The RP will start just before the ambush, Jaina having arrived first on the site. Jaina will quickly overpower your character and then proceed to abuse him in various ways. She'll slap him, tie him up, beat him up, have rough sex with him, and at the end, kill him, in a very sensual and kinky way.

If this seems like a fun role, apply within!

Offline Joslyn

Re: Sith Apprentices (F dom looking for M/F sub)
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2011, 10:58:39 pm »
I am very interested in doing this RP. :) Here is a character I came up with, let me know what you think:

Personality: Alisa Voidstar is—even by the standards of the Sith—a very unbalanced young woman. She speaks softly and has a reserved, almost shy manner. But at the slightest provocation or excuse, she will relentlessly attempt to murder anyone who stands in her way. She not only feels no remorse, but is confused by the very concept. She is always scheming, and enjoys using seduction to get what she wants. She is bisexual, and during her time training she has been very promiscuous.

For Alisa, hatred is a cold and silent affair—those who are sensitive to the Force can feel her rage and excitement, but her expression remains passive as she fights. The danger of being killed and the opportunity to slay an enemy both thrill her sexually. However, the apprentice does not have true control over her fear—rather, her arrogance is so strong that she refuses to believe she can die. Her other weakness is her lack of will—despite her determination to be a powerful Sith, a part of her longs to be conquered completely.

Background: Alisa was the first in her class of twenty students to take a life, and the incident set the tone for her training. During a lesson, one of her fellow apprentices mocked her for giving an incorrect answer. Without preamble, she drew her lightsaber and attacked him. He fought back, at first taunting her, but then begging for mercy when it became obvious he was outclassed. Alisa said not a word, and did not even sweat. After running him through, she covered her mouth with one hand and giggled slightly. She then apologized for disrupting the lesson in the same tone one would use to ask for a hall pass before finally returning to the circle and sitting down.

Description: A beautiful and seemingly delicate nineteen year old, Alisa prefers to wear a very revealing outfit that is entirely black. This includes knee high boots, a very short skirt with no panties—all the better to distract male (and some female) opponents—and a tube top. Though she is not above going into battle topless. She also has a belt which holds her lightsaber.

Offline elfguyTopic starter

Re: Sith Apprentices (F dom looking for M/F sub)
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2011, 05:21:34 am »
Sounds good! Let me know what your Offs are as related to this RP. I'll start the thread tonight in the NC section.