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Started by Batsose, May 02, 2011, 06:59:16 PM

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Idea #1: Incest magic - one sibling meets up with a demon who promises varying powers if he can convince his sister to perform a magic rite that involves sex.  The power increases as the act becomes more deviant.  Need someone to play sister.

Idea #2:  A very proper upper class girl wants to rebel against her father, by trying to date a gangster.  She meets this guy in a low end bar and she does some very deviant acts with him.  She decides it is too much for her, but he begins to stalk her.  She goes to Shaman who conjures up a Trickster to protect her, but he has a very interesting price that involves doing various sex acts in public places.  He continues to protect her, but she has to keep pleasing him to keep him around.

Please PM if interested
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