Pirates! [NC](F dom looking for M/F sub)

Started by elfguy, May 01, 2011, 06:27:54 PM

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"Go for it boys! Rip her apart!"

Jaina grinned widely as her ship came along the large merchant vessel. The smaller pirate ship was not big, especially compared with such a big ship they were next to now, but Jaina, the captain of The Seawitch, was immensely proud of it. It was fast, and it was extremely maneuverable. That's all they had needed to intercept the merchant vessel once they spotted it, and to board it successfully.

The pirate captain watched proudly as her crew descended on the ship, easily overpowering it's crew. Jaina's crew, all men except for her, were highly trained, and ruthless against their preys, like true pirates should be. As soon as she was satisfied both ships were securely attached to each others, she jumped down to the deck and crossed over to the other ship, pulling out her pistol, fully intent on participating in the loud, chaotic action.

From the very first shot fired, it was obvious the merchant crew had no chance. While most of her men handled the deck crew, Jaina headed down deck to explore some of the crew quarters. As she got to one of the rooms however, suddenly a cocky merchant surprised her, throwing a chair at her and hitting her in the arm, forcing her to lose grip on her gun, leaving her weaponless. But Jaina didn't need a weapon to handle a cocky merchant, and the only thing this cocky opponent had succeeded is pissing her off, and making himself into the target of her anger.

As they fight, it quickly becomes apparent Jaina has the upper hand, and she quickly pins the merchant down. Then, she decided to have some fun, and show him the cost of challenging a pirate. She abuses him, slaps and beats him up, then has rough sex with him.

For this RP I will play Jaina, the young pirate captain, and I need someone to play a cocky merchant who will disarm her, attempting to subdue Jaina, only to be beaten back and abused senselessly by the beautiful pirate.



I reckon I could take a shot at this :3 allready crafting a character in my mind