Some one special (Seeking F)

Started by MagicalPen, April 26, 2011, 07:07:51 PM

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Ok, this lovely lady deserves her own thread.

Especially given the half dozen or so ideas that sprung up from looking at her. Err....take that as you will >.>

Several VARIED ideas. If one does not draw your fancy, go onto the next.

I am looking for some one to play HER. I will play the MALE role.

Who is she?

Idea 1: The Model

She is beautiful, gorgeous, seductive and sexy. She runs her own website from her home, taking pictures of herself in all states of address. To see you have to pay. And to reward her fans, she has started a little surprise for them. One lucky fan who enters the contest will get to go on a date with her.

Idea 2: The Mistress

A woman of power. Men of high standing have long sought her out. She plays her role well, but her latest admirer is the most powerful man to date, and married. Always in control, he is seeking to let some one else take control over him for the night. But he becomes addicted to it, to her, and can't let go.

Idea 3: The Mistress 2

Behind every powerful man is a powerful woman. His emporium only exists due to the behind the scenes work she does. He never asks and she never tells.

Idea 4: Mrs. Robinson

Mrs. Robinson is gorgeous. Every boy and man in the neighborhood is in love with her. Sam, 18 years old, is one such boy. Shy and conservative, he has never kissed a girl. He can always be found with a camera and is quite an accomplished photographer. His own personal collection of private photos includes shots of her, taken from afar - in her bikini, changing, etc. For his latest project he is meant to take pictures of people in various states and clothing. When Mrs. Robinson hears of his assignment, she is more then happy to offer her services to him, promising to provide him a photo shoot he will never forget.

Idea 5: The Porn Goddess

She has done well for herself. From the safety of her own home, she has become an internet porn sensation. Always strangers, rarely the same man twice. Its her dark secret. She is the desire of many men. But when her married neighbor discovers her dirty little secret by accident one night, he can't help but become a regular on her website.

Idea 6: The Domme

She is well known for her looks and her videos. She isn't the Leather-and-Chain type of Domme though, she is much more seductive, much more teasing. At least that is how she shows herself on the screen. She is looking for her next victim.

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