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Author Topic: A Few School Themed Ideas [M Seeking F]  (Read 944 times)

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A Few School Themed Ideas [M Seeking F]
« on: April 24, 2011, 03:42:43 PM »

A few school themed ideas in here, it's a setting I've always enjoyed, and these ideas are ones I'd really like to play out.

I'm happy to play with anyone that is interested, however I'd like the roles to remain heterosexual. I'm not expecting pages and pages of writing in reply to my posts, however a bit of detail is desired. My ONs and OFFS are in my signature, so do feel free to read them, hopefully it will give you a better idea of what to expect.

The roles aren't set in stone in terms of how they would be played out, however at the same time I'm not looking for massive changes from what I've written out either, if that makes sense. I'm perfectly happy to accommodate for particular kinks and fetishes that one may wish to be included, so long as it fits with the RP and isn't upon my OFFs list.

If you're interested then please do send me a PM.  :-)

(Just a quick note, the names aren't fixed, and are used to help me describe the role better.)

I Need Help With My Homework
Michael was never really that popular at school, sure he had friends but they were all like him, a bit geeky, afraid to talk to girls and not very cool. Sarah on the other hand was one of, if not the hottest girl in their year at school. Wherever she went she had the boys lusting after her, and the girls secretly wishing they could be her. As of this it was a surprise to say the least when seemingly out of the blue Sarah came to Michael after one class asking if he could help her with her homework. You see, Sarah was spending her time doing other things rather than work, what she needed was someone who could do her work for her, enter Michael.

Sarah wasn't stupid, she knew that she only needed to flirt a little and make him think there was something in it for him and she'd have him in the palm of her hand, and that's exactly what she did. Poor Michael was so blown away by the fact that she was wanting to spend time with him that he fell for her trap just perfectly. After their first meeting Sarah sent Michael home with a boner and a promise not to jack it off, for he'd get a wonderful handjob from her should she get a good grade on her homework, it wasn't like Michael was going to say no to that now was it? It went from there, everytime they would meet up Sarah would make an excuse to not let him cum, be it the grade wasn't as high as she had hoped, or some other petty reason he was too horny to realise was not true, instead just having to endure day after day or her teasing tortures.

Most boys would of just jacked off, but Sarah had planned for that, if she even expected he had done so then she would never talk to Michael again, and he certainly didn't want that. Sarah would regularly check up on him, making sure he was still stiff and denied, not to mention giving him handjob for doing the homework, but he just hasn't done well enough to earn that orgasm he so desperately craves.

High School Seduction
Every school seems to have a girl labelled as a cocktease, and this one was no different. Her name was Emily Webster, and she was everything a boy could want in a girl. She was pretty, funny, sweet, cute, and damn sexy to top it all off, the kind of girl most of the guys at school fantasised about to be blunt. Most girls seem to get labelled a tease if they don't give it up after the first date with the football player they're out with, the difference with Emily was, she actually was a tease. She loved nothing more than to get a boy all hot and bothered, and then send him home like that, however the guys she seemed to end up dating hated it, and she was getting quite fed up with it. That's where Michael came in, he and Emily had known eachother for a while, their parents had been friends for a number years, and they'd gone through junior schools together as well. Michael wasn't like the other guys she had dated, he was sweet, he was kind, he'd do as she said, he'd be ideal for what she wanted. Basically I'd like for Emily to come onto Michael, flirting subtly at first, but as their relationship begins to build the teasing intensifies, and so does her control over his cock. As time goes on I'd like it if she could introduce Tease & Denial, and Orgasm Denial, basically getting Michael very excited when they're together and not getting him off very often. Other kinks and fetishes can most certainly be included too.

A New Way Of Teaching
Ms Holliday was a well respected English teacher in one of the finest private schools in the country. She had been teaching for over ten years at this particular school and thought she had seen pretty much everything in terms of student behaviour. There were the kids who flourished, those who needed some pushing, some who tried their damn hardest but never clicked, and those that were trouble. All could be dealt with in various ways, and through her years of experience she nearly always got the best out of her students. There was one type of student though that just annoyed her like nothing else, that being the one who knows how to do the work, yet just isn't interested in doing it properly, instead doing just enough work to escape any kind of punishment or telling off and sailing through with minimal effort. Why it annoyed her so much she didn't know, it just did, and whenever she came across such a student it usually became her mission to try and turn them around and sort them out. She had a 100% record so far with such students, but things weren't working with her lastest student, Steven Tomkins.

Many times already she had confronted him, tried to do things to get him to put in more effort to his work, yet the same thing would happen everytime. Steven would do a few good pieces of work, but by the following week he would of already slipped back into his routine of doing the absolute minimum. Ms Holliday was close to pulling her hair out over it, watching as the cute young man just sailed through classes without a care of what the work was about, instead just more interested in when the lesson would end so he could get off home to do other things.

After marking another substandard assignment Steven had handed in she sat dejected at her desk, she couldn't discipline him, after all he'd gotten a pass, but he could easily get top marks should he put in some effort, and it was getting to her. As she ran her hand through her hair an idea hit her, no way could she do that. She'd read about it in a piece of erotic fiction online, it was wrong, impossible, wasn't it?

What I would like to happen next is for Ms Holliday to formulate a plan to seduce Steven, and basically use her womanly charms to coax him into doing his work better. it could start with some flirting and gentle teasing, but I'd like it to be pushed along to the point where she has him wrapped around her little finger, being in total control of his orgasms. She would then deny him sexual relief despite teasing him, telling him he will only get it if he continues to perform to such good standards. She could arrange for them to meet after school, or even at private locations as things move along. I'm open to them perhaps even becoming an item of some sorts over time, but throughout she will tease and deny the young man to he fulfills he potential.
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Re: A Few School Themed Ideas [M Seeking F]
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2011, 05:10:39 PM »
Added idea 3. :)

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Re: A Few School Themed Ideas [M Seeking F]
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2011, 11:12:28 AM »
Revamped idea 1!