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Just A Few Notes...

  • Please be sure to take a look at my Ons & Offs Thread .  It will give you insight into what I like, what I don't like, and what I expect both from a roleplay and a roleplay partner.
  • While I try my best to post everyday, sometimes that doesn't always happen.  I apologize in advance if you have to wait on a post from me.  However, if you don't want to wait for a post, please let me know and we can end the game.  Please don't just leave me hanging.
  • As far as roleplaying goes, I prefer long-term games as opposed to One-Shots, and my favorite genre is romance, with a bit of action/drama thrown in.
  • None of the plots in this thread are set in stone.  I'm more than willing to work out specific details for each one.  If there's something that you'd like to change, feel free to talk to me about it.  As long as you're not wanting to change the entire scene completely and it's within the guidelines in my O/Os, I should have no problem working with your ideas.
  • If there is a story that you like and it says that it's already taken, please don't let that deter you from contacting me with your ideas.  Most times, I'd have no problem having the same story more than once.  I find that doing so can provide a fresh way to look at the storyline, and be exposed to different writing styles since each person is unique.
  • I do not play characters who are slutty, nymphomaniacs, prostitutes, exhibitionists or strippers. Just wanted to clear that up before we get into my story plots, many of which, as I have stated, are open for change and discussion.

Finally, if something in this thread strikes your fancy, either send me a PM or an IM and we'll discuss further.  I ask that you do not post in this thread so as to keep it neat and uncluttered.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and look through my ideas.

******In the following ideas, I'd like to be the one portraying the female character.  I do not have a preference on the gender of the writer for the male characters.  :) ******

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Scars Inside and Out

This particular idea is more or less a modern-day version of "Beauty and the Beast", which happens to be my favorite Disney movie.

...Layla was always the quintessential rich girl.  Good body, great personality...Her father was one of the state's most successful lawyers and spared no expense in spoiling his only child.  Everyone wanted to either be her, or be with her, the latter of which she took great advantage of.  Her bed was one of the most warmed on the planet.  "No" was not a word that she was used to hearing from someone in the male gender.

It shouldn't have been such a surprise to her when people did not want to hear the word "no" coming from her mouth either.  Her teasing had taken a turn for the worse when one night she ended up being raped and beaten by the boy she had gone out with.  It wasn't long after that incident that the weird phone calls and cryptic emails started appearing.  At first, she had tried to shrug it off, thinking that they would stop on their own.  However, the correspondence just seemed to get more and more violent and explicit.  The message behind them was simple.  If she told the police anything of what had happened the night that she was raped, she would be a dead woman.

Her father, wanting to keep his precious daughter safe, decided to take matters into his own hands.  He hired a bodyguard to watch Layla.  Her father was not a dumb man, if not just a little misguided.  He knew of his daughter's appetites when it came to men and sex.  He wasn't about to take chances.  So, he ended up hiring a man that was not attractive.  His face and most of his body was scarred from burns in a very bad accident.  His temper isn't much better, either.

At first, Layla isn't attracted to him.  But, as time progresses, she finds herself becoming so, and slowly starts to pursue him.  However, a lifetime in the beds of men has left her wanting something stable where she can settle down.  It's not just wanting a fuck-buddy.

** For this story, I'd like to pick it up the first time Layla meets her body guard.  I want there to be a good buildup, flirting, sexual tension and a realistic progression of their feelings.  Tortured characters are a favorite of man, so don't be afraid for the characters to have their own personal demons to be fought with each other.***
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The Beauty of War

Dynae was the young (early-mid twenties) queen of Argos, married to King Mykis.  Their marriage was arranged, and practically loveless.  The only thing Mykis has use of her for, is his bed, and trying to produce an heir.  However, since he is past his prime, the couple have trouble conceiving.  Affairs on his part ensues throughout their entire marriage.

During the Trojan War, the city is seiged and Mykis is supposedly killed.  The men of the great Greek kings finds Dynae hiding in the palace and bring her back to the King which they serve.

The gist of it is that the Greek king that captures Argos takes Dynae as his slave/whore/whichever word you prefer.  However, he finds himself falling in love with her.   She may have the same attraction to him, however, being that her now dead husband mistreated her during their marriage, love and kindness are not things that she is used to.

I see this as a building up of the plot, in terms of trust and romance.  There may be a slight smidgen of Non-Consensual things in the beginning as she will be resistant to his advances while she is a concubine.

I very want this to be a long-term roleplay, so I am open to various twists and turns that we may come up with.
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Operation: Dangerous Seduction

Jacqueline “Jackie” Duvall has lived a very hectic life so far.  Her father, Maximus Duvall is a politician running for a spot in the White House.  The not so bright lights of political corruption is something that Maximus has striven to keep away from his daughter, mostly because there is more to her father’s business than she knows.  Not only is he the sparklingly clean politician by day, but at night, he moonlights as dealer for the arms and drug-related factions.

The man means business and needless to say, should not be crossed.  He is not above killing anyone, and has done so on more occasions that he cared to keep track of.  His daughter is a separate case entirely, one that he prefers to keep separate from the life that he leads.

However, enter one Special Ops agent out to take him down and that changes everything, especially when said Agent makes his daughter the bargaining chip in this whole debacle.  Agent X (Whose name can be changed at your discretion), is not above using whatever means necessary to get what he wants, and that is precisely what he does when he kidnaps Jackie, in hopes of getting a confession of some sort out of her.

Things don’t go as planned when Agent X not only realizes that she doesn’t know anything about her father’s jobs, but when her father now has declared that his daughter has compromised his line of work and is now a target herself.  He has set out a bounty on her head, and there is no stopping him when he wants something.

Agent X, being the one that got her into this mess, feels that it is his duty to keep her safe, at least until they take her father out.  This proves to be not such an easy task, considering that Jackie is not the easiest captive to deal with.  The little spitfire is intent on making her Agent captive pay for his little mistake of kidnapping her with her harsh words and sabotage of his work at certain times.

But, what happens when the Agent is more than willing to let her have her tantrums, whilst ignoring her?  He doesn’t give her the satisfaction of getting to him, which infuriates Jackie all the more.  It makes her more determined to show the Agent that he does desire her, no matter what he says.  What Jackie didn’t count on, was the fact that in trying to prove that to him, she also proves to herself that she wants him just as much.

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To Love, Honor and Bleed

The world has always been a strange and mystical place through the eyes of Tori Gerald.  She had seen a lot of it because of her father's job which kept her and her family constantly moving from place to place every few months.  She was exposed to different people and cultures, all of which she embraced without a single hesitance.

What she didn't know was that the true test of her openness would come at the age of 21 when her father would ask her to marry.  He had managed to get himself into a bind.  The dealings that he did for his job made sure that he left a lot of unsettled people behind him and made a lot of enemies in the process.  One such enemy wasted no time in coming out of the woodwork when he realized that Austin's only child was of age.

Tori, apprehensive about the entire arrangement knew better than to voice her concerns to her father.  He would not listen.  His work meant more to him than anything else, and so did preserving her family's honor.  To her, it seemed innocent enough that she could function in an arranged marriage.  She had never had any hopes and aspirations of a fairytale romance.  Living in a broken home would do that to you.

The naive girl would soon learn that a fairytale romance would be the least of her worries.  Her groom, as handsome and charming as he appeared, was not someone that she ever thought existed.  Why?  Because the Vampires of the Undead didn't exist, except for the lines in a book.

This particular plot, there is much to discuss.  I won't discuss all of it here, but please note that I am not looking for vampires that sparkle, shine or otherwise resemble diamonds.  However, I am not looking for the soulless, violent, blood-sucking monsters that you would find in most online RPGs or in Anne Rice's novels.
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Not Knowing What You Were Missing All Along...

They grew up together.  Shared everything together.  Stayed affectionate and loving with each other.  No lines were crossed, though people did speculate at times on the nature and closeness of their relationship.  Then, she left for college and he left for the military.  Being twins, when he did that, it cut her deeply.  Naturally, Melanie felt that she was losing a part of herself.  He went away, and forget about her.  They grew apart, but she never quite got over him leaving.

Sure, he had come back to visit, but they never found themselves in situations that would allow them to be able to get back that closeness that they had when they were growing up.  Then, she received the postcard in the mail, saying that he was being honorably discharged because his tour was up.  He wasn't going to sign up for another one.  The news should have thrilled her, made her happy, but it didn't.  She was indifferent.  Things had changed and she wasn't sure that she could find the peace with him that she once had.  She wasn't sure how to react to him.

This is a simple, yet complex story.  Melanie and her twin, both in their early to mid-twenties are reunited after some time apart.  Ultimately, I want this to lead to a slow seduction on both parts.  Then, I think it would be interesting to play out aspects of their life, with the two of them living as an actual couple, trying to hide their relationship from the appropriate parties.
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Bitten & Clawed

Alrighty...So this is probably the only one of my ideas where there's no definitive plot to it.  I'd like to do a story between a human and a human shape-shifting wolf.  The guidelines for it are the same that are in my O/O thread or in the first post here.  I do only romance stories, though I wouldn't be opposed to having a little bit of Non-Con elements in there.  For example, an arranged marriage.
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To Hell & Back

This game's setting partially involves a prison in a foreign country, perhaps China or Japan.  The other half would be taking place back in the U.S..

Emma Matthews a student studying abroad there.  During the time she was there, there were a lot of groups revolting against the government, and therefore causing lots of terrorist activities.  This is the same group that captured the male character in this scenario.  In a stand, they start targeting random tourists in the country, and as a result Emma gets taken prisoner as well.

When Emma gets taken to prison, she gets put into the same cell as the male character.  What happens from there is to be seen.  But..the two characters are in prison and prison isn't fun so therefore each of them endures our own share of torture because of the terrorists trying to get information out of anyone from the U.S.

Because of the time Emma and her cell mate spent together, both characters start to grow close and dependent on each other, and eventually start to fall in love.

I would like the overall story between the two characters to be romantic, with the non-consensual stuff coming from their treatment in the prison.  There are a few more ideas I had for this, but I think this is a good start.

I am looking for the male character in this plot to be somewhat of a U.S government agent, rather than just a simple civilian, please.
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Happily Ever After?

Once upon a time, Alexandra was betrothed to a warlord brute.  Alexandra's father,  a power-hungry individual, only agreed to this marriage because Warlord Brute was one of the best warriors among his empire, and he thought that he could use Warlord's skill for capturing wealthy, land and glory for the empire. 

However, the Warlord Brute turned on Alexandra's father, forcing him to break up the betrothal.  Her father has now made a deal with the king of another nation, one who is stronger, and thinks would benefit him more.  He tells Alexandra that her marriage to Warlord Brute is to be no more. 

Alexandra is unconcerned about her father's affairs, and while she's being courted by her new betrothed, she and he fall in love.  They get married, and months later, Warlord Brute figures out that he'd been deceived, partly because Alexandra's father never told him that the wedding was off.  Now, he's come to claim Alexandra as his own, which isn't going to  happen, because she is very much in love with her new husband, and him to her.

***For this story, it will start right before Alexandra starts her courtship with new betrothed.  I am looking for someone to play the role of the "Bethrothed" in this story, and was thinking that we could both NPC the father and the Warlord Brute.***
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Remember Me?

Georgia Ansenne was the girl that had everything, including a fierce competitive streak.  Since high school, he was her biggest competition.   Georgia was the thorn in his side.  They ended up at the same college and the rivalry continued.  He was not happy when she graduated at the top of their class in Law School.

The one thing that he had that she didn't have was a best friend like his, until now.  When Georgia started dating his best friend, he knew he couldn't let it happen.  That was why he came up with a plan to put an end to things between them.  It was perfect...He would pay one of their office buddies to take Aspen out drinking and then back to their apartment.  He had then made sure Georgia walked in at the opportune time...To see Aspen screwing another woman in their bed.

What he didn't expect was for Aspen to take off after Georgia, both of them taking to the roads at speeds set high above the limit.  Aspen, who had been drinking, slammed into Georgia's car from behind.  The impact killed him and left her in fairly critical condition.  It wasn't until she woke up that they would discover Georgia's memory was gone.  All of it.  He, being ridden with guilt, felt an obligation to be there for her, and to help her recover from the accident.  Of course, he didn't tell her that HE was the cause behind the accident.  No, he wouldn't do that.

However, what happens when he starts falling for the woman he had hated all his life?
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The Life of a Recluse

For Gianna DeLaurentis, the call from the temp agency saying that they had found her job couldn't have come at a better time.  She had just graduated college three months ago and her bills were starting to pile up.  The conversation with her temp agency contact had been promising as the woman said that this job was a steal of a deal for someone in her position.

The temp agency had picked up a new potential employer, an ex-military operative who chose to spend his time away from others.  Gianna knew the person that the temp agency supervisor had been referring to.  Well, not personally, but she drove by his estate everyday on her way to class.  It seemed that the employer was in need of a live-in personal assistant. 

There were rumors going around that the owner of the estate owned his own company, but since he kept to himself, that was never really proven.  As his personal assistant, Gianna would be receiving free room and board at his estate, full use of the estate and the estate's staff and a monthly allowance in addition to her salary.  It wasn't an offer that she could refuse.

Upon her settling into her new job, she realized two things.  1.) Her new boss was a very jaded, bitter man.  2.)He had more facets to his personality than she had previously thought.

*** I am ultimately looking for someone to play the male role in this.  He should be anywhere from 30-38 years old.  Again, I am mostly into doing stories that are romantic, so I don't expect this to take any darker turns into things like rape, and BDSM.  What I do want, is a slow seduction for both characters.  Situations that cause them to realize their mutual attraction for one another, until it gets to the point where they can no longer deny what they feel for each other.  Of course, I more than welcome resistance to this attraction, and also trials and tribulations for the happy couple once they become a couple.  Those finer details, however, can be worked out on an individual basis over PM.***
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The Lies That She Tells...

Marie hadn't grown up in a wealthy family during the Victorian Era.  She watched her parents work hard for every little penny they had come by, and when she was of age, she worked for her own living and to help the family.  One such job was now taking her from Maryland, to England where she would become a governess at a poor all-girl's school.  She was not keen on leaving her family, but she needed the money and was keen on the opportunity to see the world.

She acquired her board for the ship that she would take to the Continent, and said her goodbyes to her family and her old life.  On the ship, she met a woman about her age, Giselle.  It was clear that Giselle came from wealth, and upon talking to the woman, her initial notions were confirmed.  In addition to being from a wealthy family, Giselle's attitude was less than desirable. 

Giselle was on her way to Europe to meet her fiance.  Well, if he could be considered that.  She had never met the man, and was only going alone because her mother had fallen ill and her father had insisted on staying by his wife's side.  This was merely a marriage of convenience for the family.

But, things fell bad for Giselle as she fell ill with malaria.  She died on the ship halfway into the journey.  Marie, who had always wanted a taste of the finer life, saw an opportunity that she could not refuse.  She would pass herself off as Giselle, since it was apparent that Giselle had never met her fiance.  Going through the woman's things, she found letters which told her what she needed to know.

She arrives in England and meets with the fiance, and things proceed from there.  But, guilt starts to creep in, and living a lie isn't always easy to do.  What happens when she is eventually caught?  Can her fiance look past the fact that she lied, and realize that he loves her?

*** I am looking for someone to play the role of Giselle's fiance in this story.  It would start upon meeting when she arrives in England and go from there.***
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Two Is Better Than One

I'll admit that I don't have a specific plot in mind for this one, but I would like to write a story in which there is a committed, polyamoristic relationship going on between three characters, two males and a female.  It's not just going to be about the sex, but rather about the relationship, with twists and turns for the couple.  I would love to brainstorm ideas and figure something out, as this pairing has been in my head for a while now.

There is a catch here in that the female character possesses and interesting quality in that she is a telepath of sorts.  She can hear certain people's thoughts.  Not the entire world, just a few select people.
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Her Immortal Rider

Ares is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  Seraphina, an Angel of the highest regard, is one of the last Keepers of Humanity.  If she falls, then the world will collapse and turn into turmoil and havoc.  This is exactly what Ares wants.  As a bringer of the end of days, he wants nothing more than to bring chaos to the world and watch it fall.  It is in his veins to act in this nature and doesn't think twice about it.

He is given the task of tracking her down and killing her.  When he finds her, she is not what he thought she would be.  She is enchanting and bewitching, and finds himself slowly falling for her.  This becomes a problem, because of the task that he was given.  When it becomes clear to his father, Lucifer himself, that Ares is no longer capable of doing what he needs to, he sends someone else out for Seraphina's head.  But, now, with Ares as her protector, it will not be so easy to kill the target.
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An Affair To Remember

Meghyn had always been excellent in school.  She breezed through high school and finished two years of college due to dual enrollment by the time of her high school graduation.   Before her 21st birthday, she was a graduate of Harvard, and her parents could not be prouder.  Well, sort of.  Her father, James, seemed to be put off that his oldest child did not see it fit to slide into the family business of politics.  Meghyn was more free-spirited, preferring to get into the medical field, and her father did not understand.

On the night of her 21st birthday, her parents threw her a lavish shindig that doubled as a graduation party for her.  Wanting to do something wild, she met one of her father's business associates, a man that was in his mid-thirties and the two of them slept together.  It was only after that happened, that she found out that her mysterious stranger was married with a family.   Now, she felt like a home-wrecker, and couldn't shake her attraction for this new man.

What happens when her mystery man realizes that he feels the same way about her?
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Modern Day Marriage Contract

Justin is a playboy.  Rich, good looks, heir to one of the biggest companies in the world.  (You choose your poison here).  He's slept with more women than any person can count and has never had an empty bed since he was of legal age.  His father knows he is capable of managing the company when he retires, but wants to see his son settled down with a wife.  That is his dream.  He knows, however, left up to his son, he'd never choose marriage, or even one woman to settle down with.

So... he decides to choose for his son.  He has a friend whose daughter went to school overseas.  Melanie has just returned Stateside as a new college graduate.  She is his choice.  However, his son does not know that, until the night of their first meeting.

Will sparks fly between the two?  Can Justin remain faithful?  Will they fall in love?
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A Lover's Education

Maddison is a graduate student in the History Program at Northwestern University.  Dr. Azrael Malach is not only the Dean of the History Department, but he's housing a little secret.   He's an Angel.  A Fallen Angel of Death.  His assignment?  Lead Maddison to her final resting.   Only... things aren't so simple when the good Dr. of History finds himself intrigued and falling hard for his student.  What choices will he make?  Can he carry on with his plan?
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Updates 11/20/2012:  Put in "A Lover's Education"
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