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Author Topic: All is fair in love and war [F seeking M]  (Read 1884 times)

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All is fair in love and war [F seeking M]
« on: April 22, 2011, 06:32:12 PM »
As you'll find out, a lot my ideas are open ended purposely. I'm setting up a template for what I envision between a particular pairing though it may be a bit fuzzy. I won't tell you how to play your character or how you should play. These are just ideas in hopes of stirring some inspiration. I value your input and communication. All of these pairings are between a male and female. My role is always the first one listed in the pair (Me x You). Also, I tend to take my pairings down a path towards romance, so if you don't fancy an occasional romance, I'm not the partner for you. Therefore, all of these ideas are preferably for the long-run unless otherwise noted. I realize, this is a lot to ask for some of you and usually things come up. Thus, I ask for serious roleplayers who is up for the challenge of long-term ideas, meaning I want some effort on your part to play these roles. I put a lot of thought into my ideas and characters, so please don't take it lightly. Otherwise, don't feel intimidated to ask.

FYI, my current posting rate is erratic, but I average about a post every other day. I tend to go away from the computer to busy myself over the summer with friends.  :-)

(Arranged marriage - princess x prince)
She was a princess soon to be wed to a prince of another country. While the countries’ relationship was neutral to tense, it was a necessary marriage to join forces against a common foe. Dragons were becoming a plague to her land, destroying civilizations without discrimination. It would only be a matter of time before the dragons reached his country. Although her country took pride in their infamous reputation of their strong warriors, it still lacked the perseverance to protect their people against the dragons’ numbers. The marriage symbolized a joint power to rally together and boost the morale of her people. They seemed to be the perfect, loving couple. After another battle took a turn for the worse, it came to the point that Council considered convincing women took up sword and shield, except traditionally, it was strictly forbidden to send women in the line of battle. Few women stepped up to the challenged and even fewer were physically or skillfully qualified for the task which did little to advance the country’s army. At the same time, the princess took the secret role of vigilante against everyone’s wishes. Where was the prince when the princess was gone? Too coincidentally, the prince was out when the princess busied herself with slaying dragons.  The prince also had a scandalous secret: he was attempting to control the dragons for his selfish gains. (On the surface, the two are happily married. How they are behind closed doors, we can discuss whether they hate each other, neutral, or just feel shy. As for my character, she will act as a sort of masked vigilante or maybe disguise herself among the soldier ranks. As for your character’s motives and the terms of their marriage, it’s up for discussion. Maybe her people have brute strength and his people are gifted in magic arts. If that’s the case, I imagine he is specially gifted with powerful magic.)
Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3
Possible genre/elements: open to suggestions

(Succubus x Incubus)
She just moved out her parents’ house to her own apartment for college. She didn’t have many friends nor had the social skills to make any. She was 18 going on to 19 without ever having felt a man’s touch. It wasn’t surprising to anyone since she was very studious and a homebody. As soon as she moved into her decrepit apartment, she started noticing things out of place…unreal happenings. Immediately after, her dreams became unusually complex and vivid. Each dream centered on a man who she didn’t recognize. Next thing she knew, the same man from her dreams was knocking outside her door claiming they’re classmates and desiring a new friend in a new place. Shy, confused, and awkward, it took several days for him to warm up to her before revealing his true identity: an incubus. On top of that, he was claiming she also had a second identity that he adamantly exhausted from her: she was a succubus. (The motive behind his search is up for discussion. Also, this is a modern setting.)
Pic 1 Pic 2
Possible genre/elements: succubus x incubus, non-con to con, paranormal, deflowering, teasing, seduction, bondage, power struggle, sex training, romance, pregnancy, all are up for discussion

(Adventure - Deity x Soldier)
She is the leading queen dragon of all dragons within the Mui Mountains, the most feared evil entity in the country. The talk fueled fables, superstition, and rewards. Many adventurers come to slay her for the title, the fame, and her powers. There's many legends and tales surrounding the great dragon because none have survived to tell the real tale. The King of Modnik has requested from his daughter's suitors to bring back the blood of the queen dragon. With this, he will allow for holy matrimony with his daughter and with his blessings for the man to accomplish the feat. When the next courageous soul tries his shot at slaying the evil dragon, it is far from what he expected. At the very center of the lair of dragons, there's a beautiful young woman. He comes to find out the queen dragon isn't a dragon at all, but a human. Actually, she's a deity in human form. She nurtures, cares, and protects the dragons of Mui herself even giving life to new ones. Most wandering adventurers that come have died by her own hand while others died from territorial and protective dragons. He came seeking blood for the sake of love, yet how could he bring himself to kill a woman? How far will he go for his love?
(Your character's background story is a little muddled since I didn't want to seem like it was set in stone. You could tweak the story as much as you like since it will indefinitely be your character that you control. As it is now, it has some hints of infidelity which I'm interested in, but there's more ideas to be had also. In the longer run, will they fall in love? Will he trick her into collecting her blood for the king? Possibly enslave the fearsome queen dragon?)

(Arranged marriage - Ninja x Ninja)
She’s one of the top ranking ninjas of the Karasu clan sent to the Haka clan in prospects of a peace offering and ultimately unite the two communities.  Her grandfather is the ruling fist of the Karasu ninjas and no one goes against his word, including his granddaughter. However, being sent to another ninja clan for marriage status is unacceptable.  She doesn’t go without a protest, however no one will hear her side.  It goes without saying, the ninjas of the Karasu clan don’t particularly like her either, being the Master Ninja’s granddaughter.  They believe her to receive special treatment, and conspiracy states she rose the ranks due to family status.  No matter her refutes and show of skill, there’s nothing she can do that will change their mind otherwise.  No one will hear her side, and thus, she’s sent away.
(The setting is Feudal Japan and ninjas are as skilled as their natural bodies let them.  There’s no magic or special techniques, but you could talk me out of it. This story can be simply my character and your character being caught in an arranged marriage against their will. He can fall in love with her or mutually resent her. Tensions would mount and tempers flare. The story can end up turning into something much bigger than their unfortunate predicament and turn it into a full-blown conspiracy which all depends, if we reach that far into plot development.  )

(NC - Servant x Patron)
She belonged to a samurai family in the early 13th century, when the samurai held aristocratic power and revered as military nobility, but also the power struggle between samurai clans. The Fujiwara were in the high class and well-known around the province. That is until everything turned upside down...quietly. All due to their immature lord disowning her father for another samurai. From riches to rags, there was not much hope for a future carrying She was to be sold to a brothel, but with too much pride and protestation she ran away. By a stroke of luck (in whose favor?), a patron of the brothel bought her as a servant and bodyguard.
(Your character would be buying this newly poor, but proud girl. It can be turned into a mind breaking situation or strictly light romance, possibly room for BDSM or a more complex situation than that. This takes a bit of knowledge of the samurai culture in Feudal Japan, but I'm no history buff myself, so let's not get caught in nitty-gritty details.)

(Temptation - Witch x Scientist)
She was a powerful witch that wasn't born as a witch which made her story all the more infamous. At the age of 13, after five years of self-teaching and solitude, she frighteningly excelled in the magical arts. Then Ragnarok picked her up. Ragnarok was an organization of the six most powerful, menacing magicians. However, she wouldn't stay for long. She had her own personal ambitions to take care of her own way. He was a scientist and professor at the Technology Institute for Weapon Users.  He was the pioneer who spearheaded many advance technology inventions and became one of the most sought out scientists of the century. To her, he was the one person who would eventually put a stop to her conquest of world domination unless...he joined her side. It was coming close to a full-fledged war between magic users and technology users where neither saw eye-to-eye, each believing superior to the other. By statistics, those behind technology outnumbered the primitive magicians. All magicians were associated with evil while techies were the good of the people in society. He was fighting for all good intentions with no wish for an evil takeover, but also pressured to engineer a trump card against the mages. However, she infiltrated the Institute disguised as an assistant scientist at his side. She discovered his strengths and weakness, his history of his research and the future of his plans, but foremost to seep into his mind so he saw nothing but her.
(This pairing is inspired by the anime/manga, Soul Eater. This isn't so much a dom/sub pairing, but a test of good/evil, a tug-of-war between them. Basically, my character will be building her presence in front of your character in hopes he would eventually fall for her no matter what. She'll be the dark to his struggling light succumbing more and more by the latent madness within him (his weakness). How he will react to her ardent seduction will be up to you. This development of ideas had been in discussion with a previous partner, but he dropped.)

(Apocalyptic - Survivor x Wanderer)
If you wanted to survive in this world, anything goes. She was hardly proud of the acts she did just to get by another day. Utterly ashamed and desperately seeking repentance, she pledged her loyalty to him, as if it was the only means to find salvation. For without him, the chains of karma dragged her deeper and deeper into her corruption. She refused to leave his side and devoted herself to protect him.
(This idea is inspired by Mario Wibisono's artwork. This idea is a bit incomplete mostly because I only figured out my character's side. I still haven't thought of how to incorporate my partner's side quite yet. I'm open to input and will be molding this as we go.)

(High school/school life setting - Delinquent x jock)
She’s the complete opposite of ladylike, practically walking around with the proverbial cock out. She was in every sense the stereotype of a “tomboy,” possibly the worst case in the school. She’s been a gangbanger since freshman year of high school and with an already increasing resume for petty theft. She's used to fights and it naturally became a defense mechanism. She’s one of the boys and definitely been around with them at least once through. However, contrary to popular belief, she doesn’t like the way she acts. She wants to be cute with fluffy hair, a petite body, perfect eyelashes: like a doll, the complete opposite of what she is. She wants to be cute and be seen as a lady except her tough exterior proves it difficult. Hardened and egocentric, she somehow unconsciously rejects the sudden change. Her usual bitterness to the Barbie archetypes is that of vulgar mockery for no real reason except her surmounting jealousy.
(This is an idea I’ve been tossing around for a while now and have different scenarios in mind. Possibly your character is a charming playboy who finds her the most interesting of the girls at school. Maybe he’s a gang member who’s taken an interest in making her a woman to be sold. Hell, he could even be the nerd of the school. The sudden motivation of your character won’t be some random encounter. I’m thinking her bullying goes too far with a particular girl or she’s simply caught in the wrong place at the wrong time alone. Maybe a weakness of hers is discovered in which your character decides to use to his advantage of some sorts. I see this leading to bondage, putting the reigns on a girl who usually is in control. For the most part, it’ll be consensual and light romance.)
My character: real (cosplay), animated (NSFW)
gang: her then everyone

Memories Die Hard. She's a freelance assassin who answers to those who pay the most and pay they will. She's made a name for herself after several years and displays her skills damn well. She got a special mission from an anonymous client, but his offer placed top on her list. He knew she was the only one for the job, rather he wanted no one else for the job but her. The name was different, but her face and birthmark on the back of her neck was unforgettable. The mission is accomplished and without a flaw to everyone's expectations. He isn't less than impressed and arranges to meet her in person. To his sadness, she has no recollection of him, the memories they shared together, their childhood, but that isn't an excuse to not keep her around.

They're friends, but not that close. She's shared a few conversations here and there at club events, but that's as far as their friendship goes. The moment she heard about her friend's fuzzy relationship with another club member, she became very intrigued, almost obsessively. As this intrigue developed, the more she learned about their relationship. Her sadistic nature comes out and something unknown to her compels her to step in between the two of them.

She is a student of a drunken boxing master, a martial art exploiting the movements of a drunkard in combination with precise techniques and utmost balance. Although its style stems from intoxication, her master always directed to never use the Drunken Fist while drunk. As an eager student, she’s already tucked the martial art under her belt after only six months partly due to previous Kung Fu experience. One night, she deliberately goes against her teacher’s words and drinks herself into a hot mess, just one swig away from blacking out. Walking home with a fellow student (or friend, or someone she met that night), she catches sight of some thugs harassing some girls at the park. (What happens next is up for discussion. This is supposed to comedic, so it requires a good sense of humor. Also, this is a one shot story I’ve always wanted to do for shits and giggles. The character(s) you want to play is also up for discussion.)
Pic 1 Pic 2(NSFW)
Possible genre/elements: one-shot, smut, modern, martial arts, non-con to con, bondage, play fighting/rough housing, gang bang, open to suggestions

She's just a bartender at a strip club. She didn't dance. No, that wasn't her thing. She just served drinks at the club and watched from a far. Surprisingly, she had her own handful of the usual customers that frequently flirted with her, but she didn't work to entertain libidos. So why did she work there of all places? A powerful rich man brought himself there to find out for himself. She knew he was the type of guy that always got what he wanted after seeing he came to a club with his own bodyguards. As much as she'd like to keep her club life out of her day life, she couldn't keep him off her mind. Then coming to work one day, it was completely empty with only him waiting for her.

Taken stories
These are here for reference.

(Taken)(Kidnapping - Arabian princess x Rogue)
Femi Yusri was the object of many suitors' eyes and held in high respects by the people.  Though she was an innocent and benevolent princess, not many could hold the same regards to her father, a  ruthless emperor, the sultan of Dakurh. Many times, he did not realize how much suffering he put his people through.  Many times, he believed to be acting by the will of the people more so turning a blind eye.  He had an Machiavellian approach to ruling his nation and believed the ends justified the means.  One day, while his precious daughter was strolling the bazaar, visiting the people, the Arabian princess was stolen away by a violent band of thieves and forever disappeared into the sands. Their leader claimed this was punishment, but there was another underlying reason. He wasn't any different from her other suitors for she has captured his eyes. In the meanwhile, she has been reduced to nothing more than their headquarters personal entertainment.
(Your character would be the leader of the band of rogues. Your motive for her kidnapping is up for discussion. It could be out of revenge, greed, or simply selfishness. I was thinking whatever the motive, the story would ultimately lead to an unusual romance between them.)

(Taken)(NC - Victim x Incubus)
Finally moving out of the parental home, she goes off to college living in the shabbiest apartment she could find. She couldn't afford much and her parents decided to completely cut off her funding to live the "college experience." The apartment was probably the oldest in the city, but the rent was the cheapest she could find. After a month of adjusting, she's beginning to like it and even be humbled by this experience except she's been plagued with weird dreams recently. A constant series of dreams make her question the paranormal activity in the apartment. She's always watched those ghost hunting TV series and was always a believer in the paranormal. Still, she always brushed off the idea of being haunted because she's always been a paranoid girl until one particular dream, she's sexually assaulted. Waking up the next morning, she practically wets the bed. Still in denial, she suffers similar dreams one day after the other. Then one morning, a knock comes at the door and the man behind it has a striking resemblance, but she's never met him before. Was she really being haunted or was she just being paranoid?
(Your character will play the incubus that comes into her dreams and "rapes" her. My character will have trouble remember the dreams in full detail, so all she has is snippets of how good and real they felt. I was thinking as an incubus, your character would be trying to take her soul, but stubborn as she is, she isn't succumbing so easily. Thus, he must manifest himself to personally allow himself into her life to take her soul.)

(Taken)(Comedic - Succubus x Victim)
She's a succubus and even the daughter of the Underworld Ruler to boot. As a succubus, her role is to collect the essence of youth from the men on Earth. It is the essence of human lives on Earth that keep the Underworld alive so to speak. The problem: she fails at her role. She's one of the shyest and prude succubi that has been around in a very long time. She's still a virgin after 19 years. Being the daughter of the Ruler himself, no one could figure out her issues. Partly ashamed and tired of his idle daughter, her father has forced her to live on Earth until she can make the quota of just one single man.

(Incest - Sister x Brother)
They were the children of a CEO that practically controlled the city, the headquarters of the most successful pharmaceutical research company. However, he was nearing his deathbed and very well conscious of it. Therefore, he was going to announce his retirement and live his remaining precious moments. Now, it was the moment of truth: who would take his throne? With one son and one daughter, it would be the most heated sibling rivalry campaign. She had her father's brains, but he had his heart.
(This is a different take on sibling rivalry. Both are potential successors to becoming CEO after their father, but operate differently. Their father won't be able to decide between the two, so they each campaign for the seat. This can turn out many ways from Light to Extreme. I'm open to input, but I have more ideas and details to add when there's interest.)

(Bodyguard x Demon)
She has been designated with the task of guarding his existence—not to protect him from harm, but to protect others from being hurt by him. Why don’t they just kill him? Well, it’s not so easy to accomplish a task with the artillery they had. The most they could do was seal his powers away, but even now the seal is beginning to wear out. Most of the common people didn’t even realize his malicious power sealed within him since his outwards appearance was very human-like. Thus, his true existence must be kept secret and guarded, very closely. (Inspired after reading the first few chapters of Vampire Knight. I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to be a vampire, werewolf, warlock, demon, etc. The setting is low fantasy, medieval village where my character serves the higher-ups who know of his real identity and threat.)
Pic 1 Pic 2
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Re: All is fair in the game of love - story ideas [F seeking M]
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Added a new story, reopened a story after my partner dropped out.

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Re: All is fair in love and war [F seeking M]
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Updated. Added two new (and different) stories: an incubus and a succubus.

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Re: All is fair in love and war [F seeking M]
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Hmm, similar namesake and similar interests. I'd be interested in developing something for your Incubus and victim idea, given the opportunity.

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Re: All is fair in love and war [F seeking M]
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Updated. Cleaned up and shuffled quite a bit.