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Author Topic: Listed Potential Deux  (Read 1098 times)

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Listed Potential Deux
« on: April 20, 2011, 12:52:41 pm »
About me:
I really enjoy doing Sexual RPs that involve Non-Consent, Enslavement, Domination, and Pet-Training. I don't play Subbmissive roles, and Iit's rare when I'm up for Romance. I have very few and ever shrinking limits. There isn't too much hat I wouldn't do in RP. I don't really have a favorite fetish because my interests change too quickly to keep one. I need Detail in RP. More detail here.

Who I'm looking for:
I'm currently searching for experienced role players, someone who is able to be Sumbmissive and Creative, and those who are literate in the English Language. Pretty much someone who has an understanding of Capitalization, Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation. I understand that nobody is perfect, but I still expect everyone to try. I still make mistakes while I rush. I also prefer a descriptive two to three paragraphs a post minimum. If there is something you have in mind that isn't in my RP ideas, let me know.

(The Survivalist)
Basic Setting:A world war is raging on, and the purpose of the war is far from sight. It is now simply bloodshed on a massive scale, for reasons decades forgotten, and civilization is at the brink of total collapse. Time peroid is flexiible, as is the disaters that were spawned by the war or caused the war, both can be discussed via PM.

My Role: For this setting I'll be playing a male survivor, a man who has been on his own for years. He will have combat experiance in or outside the military, and his first priority will be survival.

Your Role: Your character will need to convince mine that it's worth while to take your character along with him, on top of agreeing to obey orders without question when it comes to survival. Female partner prefered, male acceptable.

Required Kinks: Watersports (will be further explained in the story or through PM), Domination/submission, humiliation (light or heavy).

Unessential Kinks: Pregnency, size difference (1-3 feet), age difference.

(The Abusive Moocher)
Setting: Modern.
Required Kinks: Enslavement, Domination, Rape, Molestation.
Optional Kinks:  Pet-Training, Sexual Torture.
Desired Partner: Female
There is a young man who had psent his life mooching off of others. He asked for money from his family, but they  had enough of him and kicked him out. Seeing no other choice, he decides to move in with his girlfriend. He would force her to cook, clean, and even make her give him money. He would pretty much treat her as a slave while living in her apartment. When making her cook, he would always make sure she gets a very small portion since he doesn't want her getting fat. She is pretty much trapped in the house until it is time for her to work since he wouldn't let her leave otherwise. He would abuse her physically and mentally, forming her into something he desired.

(The Pet Trainer)
Settings: Modern, Fantasy.
Required Kinks: Enslavement, Domination, Rape, Pet-Training, Age Difference.
Optional Kinks: Transformation, Size Difference (1-3 feet).
Desired Partner: Female
There is an average young man who lives alone in a large two story house deep in the woods. He's been feeling lonely and has started feeling that there was something missing in the quiet home. He's been wanting a female companion, but he's been rejected constantly, as he's only ever been able to connect to his partners physichally. Feeling he has no other choice he decides to just take what he wants. He plans to bring a young female into his home where he will then train her to be his pet. Forcing her to walk on all fours, eat and drink out of a bowl, use the bathroom outside, sleep on the floor, ext, but he also plans to use her body any way he wishes.

(The Manipulative Young Man)
Setting: Modern.
Required Kinks: Domination, Manipulation, Molestation, Hidden Public Acts, Open Public Acts.
Optional Kinks: Water Sports, Pet-Training, Age Difference.
Desired Partner: Female
There is a young man who is talented is sexually seducing young women. He knows how to speak to them and knows where to touch their bodies to weaken them to his will. He enjoys toying with them, making them do what he likes. He would treat them as if they are his pets and would even make them give him money. He would make them feel secure before toying with them. He would force them into humiliating acts. Anything to keep him entertained. He would even introduce them to a new toy or new sexual fetish whether they like it or not.

Special Note For this story I would not keep my antagonist with one partner indefinetly, so I need someone who is willing to cylce through characters.

(The Combat Genius)
Setting: Modern or Fantasy.
Required Kinks: Domination, Manipulation, Molestation, Hidden Public Acts, Open Public Acts.
Optional Kinks: Seduction.
Required Skills: Writing combat.
Desired Partner: Female
A rather average and unassuming man gathers very little interest from the population at large, very few normal people know him even in his home town, and with his whole family dead there was nothing tying him down. The only people who know him are those that know his underground repuation, that he is one of the most feared fighters of the century.

Special Note For this story I would not keep my antagonist with one partner indefinetly, so I need someone who is willing to cylce through characters.
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