Holding back the Dead (m priest seeking f nun)

Started by Jester, April 18, 2011, 05:21:41 AM

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Father Anthony Stonehill had been the Priest of Peacehaven for five years. He was a much loved man who had tended the local congregation well. He was known as a man of peace and tenderness as well a huge heart.

He was loved by his congregation, peers and was the talk of the local Nunnery. Father Anthony Stonehill was a good looking man, well built and in his mid thirties. He exercised regularly and were it not for his vow of celibacy he would have been very popular with all the married women.

However Father Anthony was in love. Not just with his god. But with one of the Nuns. It was an unspoken love and one that he would never be able to take advantage of.... until the dead came.

I would like to play Father Anthony as a troubled hero. One of the few remaining men in Peacehaven he has to fight the undead whilst also being tormented by his own demons. He is in love with a Nun but also prone to perverted actions. Will the nun return his love? Will she stand by him as he fights the undead and his own demons? Or will he succumb to both?

I am looking for a Nun to play opposite Father Anthony. We may need to play npc's as well and the story will start the evening before the world changes. I am wanting this to be very sexy, kinky and perhas a bit cheesy.

I would like to have the nun change a lot and for them to gget very frustrated. i imagine the nun dressing in a bikini because her habit is ruined for example. I also want him to find it difficult to suppress his wilder urges. We can discuss those though.

Please get in touch if you are keen.   


makes sign of cross Forgive me Father for I am about to sin...PMs you