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Author Topic: The Teachings of a Mother (Seeking F)  (Read 950 times)

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The Teachings of a Mother (Seeking F)
« on: April 16, 2011, 07:56:58 pm »
I am seeking a Mother/Son game.

The picture here is just my inspiration for the idea.

Names of characters are not set in stone either - simply used to make writing the idea easier.

I am looking for some one who can be Dominant or Switch. This does not mean BDSM (though it could). Also some one who can seduce and tease.

Drew is 17 years old, finishing up his senior year of highschool in a week. He has mixed feelings on college based on his HS experience and he has no plans for the summer. Physically, he is fit though doesn't play any school sports. He does ride a road bike (Tour de France style) which is also the only sport he follows religiously. On the other hand, he enjoys reading, writing, and video games and is often tinkering with electronics in his room.

Socially, Drew is a failure. He has a small group of friends he hangs out with but has never even kissed a girl. Not for lack of trying either, he just missed out on developing social skills as his family moved around a lot when he was little. The highschool was the first school he has spent more then a year at, so he Drew had finally started to come out of his protective shell - all be it at the end of his senior year.

It certainly didn't help that Drew was often teased by other guys. Mostly because of his drop dead gorgeous mom. She had been a model as a young adult and also married young and still had the body of a model. Drew did have to admit that he found her attractive, but would never let anyone know he felt that way about his own mom. That was wrong, or something. But she wasn't stuck up or anything - she was very friendly and down to earth and never brought up her modeling career.

Drews mom was still young and beautiful and loved the attention of other guys even though she didn't flaunt herself. She was also very attentive and knew that her son was having social issues. He'd never brought a girl home or talked about one and she was sure that he had become more guarded every time they moved. Whenever he tried to talk to Drew about it he always avoided her and then hid from her for a few days. She quickly gave up that approach. She started paying more attention to him as the year came to an end, trying to engage him in conversation. She even asked if he'd like to go on a vacation with her somewhere, but he had yet to reply.

Doing laundry one day, she peeked in through the crack of his door and gasped. Drew was sitting sideways at his desk, jerking off to porn on his computer. It came as a shock that he had to resort to porn to gain pleasure, but it also shocked her just how big Drew was...he clearly didn't get it from his father. Unable to help herself, she watches him for a few minutes, feeling the tingle between her legs as her nipples hardened. She quickly returned to her room so as not to get caught where she had to give in and touch herself for the first time in years (her husband certainly satisfied her). She also began to figure out a way to make Drew happy.

In the following week, she started to flirt with her son, offering him glimpses of her own body 'accidentally' to see how he would react. Drew certainly noticed and even jerked off while he watched his mom in the shower. He couldn't help himself - the real thing was far better then watching porn online. Little did he know that his mother had planned the whole thing and knew what he was doing. That weekend, during the last week of school, she invites some neighbors over for a little BBQ. Everybody crams into the hotub as the sun sets, enjoying its warmth as they chat and drink.

Drew, his quiet self, finds himself next to his bikini-clad mother and the neighbors slightly older daughter who was already in college. He suddenly feels a hand slip down the front of his shorts and starts to jerk him. Terrified as he grows aroused, he can't do anything with out drawing attention to himself. The neighbors daughter makes conversation with him and can be the only person touching him, but she doesn't seem fazed at all. Its only when she reaches for a drink does he realize that its not her - but his mother! He nearly cums right then.

But instead of jerking him off, she keeps him hard and aroused the whole time, pausing every now and then (to get a drink herself) but always returning, keep him in a perpetual state of arousal. Finally the guests start to leave and she asks him to stay in the hot tub for a few more minutes with her. The rest, they say, is history..

More details to be worked out with interested person. Please PM me if you are interested.
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